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Gender: female

Age: I prefer to play teens early 20s, but I'm adaptable if a scene really catches my eye.

Orientation: straight

Power Exchange: Not really. I prefer men who are assertive and dominant, but not capital-D Dominant men.

Race: white

Body Type: short but voluptuous, but of course, it's fantasy, so I'm willing to cater to different tastes

Alternate Species/Fantasy Races/Mutations: these will be handled on a case by case basis.

Settings: I love the details of the real world, but a good story in another realm could be fun.

Likes/Kinks: sexy clothes, lingering glances, coy smiles, clever banter, passionate kisses, rough gropes and tender caresses, sloppy blowjobs, hard fucks, gang bangs, some force,

Mild Turn Offs: bondage, anal, whipping, etc

Hard Limits: toilet play, animals, extreme BDSM

Availability: on average, I should be on daily, but there will be some days I'm not and other days I'm on many times.

Comments: threads please

Standard/Favorite Character: I love to play the inexperienced girl discovering her inner slut
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Really Experienced
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PM me for it That was an easy read wasn't it?

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Gender: Female...since that's what I am

Age: 18-30...

Orientation: Heterosexual...I can do bi if there is a threesum

Power Exchange: Innocent little school girl to sex-a-holic co-worker...

Race: White? idk that's all I've ever done, but I can branch out some

Bodytype: Hourglass shaped with C to D boobs is normal...If my character calls for a small-breasted skinny girl that so be it. Just nothing unrealistic like size tripple Q...come on really guys

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I've never personally done any, but things like magic or powers would be okay

Settings: Historical, real life, edited-reality (i.e. place where sex is considered socializing)

Likes/kinks: I prefer to be younger than my male partner. Kinks would include student/professor, babysitter/houseowner, secretary/boss...second-degree incest like sister's boyfriend, or stepfather...

Hard limits: anything gory, gross. WILL NOT do abuse, rape, anal, piss/shitting or anything unnatural.

Availability: When I'm on I'm on. I might take a break every now and then, but I'll always let my RP partner know first
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Being around for quite some time, it seems I didn't made an SRP profile. Some of my tastes could be looked at thorugh the links in my signature. But I made my mind and now I'm doing this profile, hoping it will help me find the right partners to build nice stories.

Gender: I'm male and usually play males only. But I find the idea of playing a woman really interesting and exciting. maybe I'll be not really good at it, as it would be hard to express some sensations, but I could try it with a nice scene.

Age: no underage, let's say from 18 to mid 40's, maybe a bit of 50's.

Orientation: I'm straight, and I'll play straight males. Even if the scene implies a FMM 3sum, I won't have anything with the other guy. Like I said before, I may try to play a girl, and from there I could play girl-on-girl.

Power Exchange: IRL I'm not really into those, I'm not sure which side I'm on and I think I can play any.

Race: i'm caucasian but I have nothing against any race or type or origin.

Bodytype: I'm tall and solidly built, perhpas a little bit overweighted. but I?m ready to imagine myself in a wide variety of appearances ofr the sake of a good story

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: no furries and nothing too far from humanoid. Elves, faeries, vampires, and the like, it might work. But no tentacles or animals or that stuff.

Settings: Really open minded... That's the best in RP, we can go to many different settings.

Likes/kinks: I love many many things. Standrad and more vanilla stuff is welcome. Sexy clothing and underwear is perfect. teasing, seduction, public stuff. oral is among my favorites (both giving and receiving) and anal is good too. Uniforms, outifts, that is nice. And from there a wide world of fantasies opens.

Hard limits: Underage, blood, animals, hard pain and torture, violent humiliation, shit and pee.
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Gender: Male.

Age: Up to 50- something

Orientation: Hetero.

Power Exchange: I tend towards the dominant side. Will sub for the right story idea.

Race: I'm a white guy, and would play one as a normal human.

Bodytype: Willing to do just about any body type

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: Elves, orcs, other humanoid races work.

Settings: Dark fantasy, post-apocalyptic, sword and sorcery, sci-fi. Willing to other settings if the story sounds good.

Likes/kinks: Maledom or equal power.

Hard limits: Vampires or werewolves. Furries. Bodily wastes. Gay or futa. Incest.

Availability: Once or twice a week.
My SRP Profile

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SRP Profile

Sexual Preference: Yes. That's a good answer. But it depends on the character. I enjoy playing almost anything given the chance, so both male and females have an equal chance. Is there a preference? Nope, not really. It's more about the actual character than based solely on their gender.

Types of Characters I play: I will go ahead and say the types of characters I play can vary widely. I can play anything from shy and demure to psychotic serial killer that is stretching your skin over a lampshade frame. I love trying something new, but even then some things might be consistent. If a character I play shares one quality it would be imperfection. Be it a simple quirk or something much grander, I love flaws. They really are what makes the character believable and more realistic.

That said, I will gladly play both sexual roles, male or female or something in between. I'm not biased on gender and if the situation calls for it will gladly take up the mantle.

Races I play: Well, that's a deep subject. Anyway, I can and will play almost anything within reason and logic to the story and setting involved. I don't have a particular favorite.

Favorite Genres: In no particular order, fantasy, Science Fiction, Post-Apocalyptic, Fantasy Western, Space Western (Shiny), Survival Horror (Zombies, etc.), Romance, Supernatural, Modern Fantasy, Horror, Slice of Life, and I'm sure I'm missing something! Note I enjoy humor and try to add it when I can, even in dark themes, which would make it dark humor I suppose.

Special Note: As of right now, I have gotten a little too addicted to Modern Fantasy and Supernatural genres. If there is anything I am looking for in particular it is right up that alley. This can change of course, but I will update accordingly if it does.

Disliked Genres: Mostly historical and the like. Alternative versions of history now, that's different. Throw in a few Nazi bastards running amok and you got my attention.

Turn Ons: The biggest turn on is someoneís mind. I love creativity, decent grammar, and the ability to get a point across. I love interesting characters and concepts and real personalities. I enjoy sexual metaphors and figures of speech. Also, contributing to the writing process is a massive turn on. As for sexual situations, I do not have a giant list of kinks as there is no one thing that I enjoy. It depends entirely on the situation for the thread. I'm big on humor, people are imperfect and sometimes dumb. Funny things happen, sometimes good sometimes bad. I love humor, in writing and in conversation.

Turn Offs: The easiest way to turn me off is with bad grammar, badly constructed sentences, one-liners, first person writing, and vulgar language. By vulgar language I mean the use of what I consider derogatory words to describe a sex scene. The words cock, cunt, twat, tits, any slang of that type while describing the scene is an instant turn off. That doesnít mean I donít expect these words to come up, especially if someone is talking but it has no place in the description of a scene. Other specific turn offs includes the common gutter trash, scat, vore, gore, pissing, anything extreme including BDSM, minors and most scenes of dominance or submissiveness. Another thing, giant pet peeve, is other people writing how my character reacts about that. Just don't do it. Play your character, I play mine. That's the point, right?

Availability: I am active in the middle of the night in the Central Standard Time region. I can post several times a week though sometimes the schedule will get hectic and I won't. I try to keep my partners posted when I am not able to post for more than a few days and like the same in return. Communication is key!

Thanks for reading. If you got this far then you should be interested. If so, drop me a PM and see if we click. I'm always looking for more ideas so if you have one that you think I might be a good fit for let me know. I don't bite (that hard) and never without provocation.

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LassardLost's SRP Profile

General Background: I am cerebral and sensual. I like plot and subtleties of relationships. I like sex (shouldn't have to be said). Most of the time I prefer sex within context: a good, creative story, well developed characters and so forth. Of course being male, I also don't mind the occasional quickie but it's not my modus operandi. Good grammar is a given. If you write "I put my tongue around u oh mm mm it feels so good" I will leave immediately (usually it won't get to that point because I choose my partners well - most of the time).

Sexual Preference: I am a male and I play mostly heterosexual. I also - at request of a (female) partner who I like - will play multiple male characters and do MMF scenes but I prefer one guy, one girl most of the time.

Types of Characters I Play: as many of my partners tend to like a submissive or a more submissive-inclined female role, I usually play the complement. That means outside the formal D/s world also. I've actually found that I do have a strong Dom tendency in me, however I think I am truly a switch, and can find pleasure in both. But generally speaking I really enjoy a variety of characters and am always open to new ideas. I can (and have) play/ed: a partner in a romance, an owner of a harem, a member of a harem, a neighbor, a wealthy businessman, a guy who turns into an alien every time he has sex, a Medieval King, a Pharaoh, a spy, an assassin, a vampire, a vampire slayer, a regular joe, a dominating slave master, a Sith Lord, a professor in the midst of a sci-fi murder mystery... You get the point!

Races I Play: anything really, doesn't matter. I'm an ethnic mix myself, half white half mystery meat.

Genres I Play: Science Fiction, Modern/realistic, Master-Slave, Dom-sub, Romance, Supernatural, "traditional" RP's (I mean "new neighbor, doctor-patient", etc.), post-apocalyptic, Fantasy, etc.

I am very open to all kinds of RPs essentially.

Note: as I work in the healthcare field I really love meeting and RPing with others in the healthcare field - doesn't mean we have to RP within that setting, but it's always fun to RP with someone who is in the field, even if we're doing so in the Land of [Fantastical Kingdom].

What I Won't Do Under Any Circumstances: Incest, and anything related to animals.

Long-Term vs Short Term: my ideal is finding someone that I get along with and have a long term RP partnership with. I really enjoy multi-part stories. I am sometimes open to a "quickie" (a one time traditional "teacher-student" sex scene, with minimal plot, for example), but these are usually limited by how many "proper", plot-filled RP's I'm playing. If we have a great RP together it doesn't mean I expect we will be RP partners forever, but if we like to play with each other it's only a good thing

Turn Ons: it's all about the connection with my RP partner. Also I really like to know when my partner is being impacted by my words - whether she is stimulated, and if so, if she is doing anything about it. It's a huge turn on for me. (Though it's not a deal breaker if someone is uncomfortable with it). I've found that I can actually enjoy in the roleplay world a non-con component. Nothing extreme, but I have played scenarios that involve kidnapping and "breaking in" a slave, and enjoy those. I can be very cerebral, romantic, etc, but I can also just want to play a character who uses his partner in any which way he pleases, and that can involve some bondage, mild pain, and other things (humiliation, public sex, etc).

Turn Offs: The easiest way to turn me off is with bad grammar, badly constructed sentences and ultimately lack of investment and interest.

Availability: My schedule is erratic and sometimes intense due to my work but I am usually able to write every day or once every other day depending on how many RP's I'm involved in. If I find a fantastic player and a fantastic story I will dedicate myself completely to that story and exclude others. That's rare. I don't do more than four at a time. I will always let you know if I expect not to be able to write for more than a day.

I like posting on here (SRP forum) the most, but can also play via email and YIM. I do like to connect with people over yahoo chat to get to know them even if we will ultimately RP on the forum.

Please feel free to PM me with any ideas - if something really grabs my attention (and of course we can talk and flesh out details) we'll have a really good time together!


My SRP profile.

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Gender: I'm a male and will only play males. I will play (and have played) multiple guys within a single scene, so that's not a problem for me.

Age: I'm in my mid-20s, but I'll play anything 21+.

Orientation: I'm straight and will only play straight in my scenes.

Power Exchange: I can go either way on this.

Race: I'm white, but I enjoy playing black for my black man/white woman scenes.

Body Type: I can do pretty much whatever here.

Alternate Species/Fantasy Races/Mutations: These aren't for me. Sorry.

Settings: I'll only do modern-day scenes.

Likes/Kinks: Incest, older women/MILFs/even GILFs if they're attractive (Jane Seymour and Linda Gray are my two favorites), women keeping their clothes/heels on during sex, women in heels, cheating/adultery, interracial hookups, dirty/"Mommy" talk, hair pulling, some spanking, public scenes

Hard Limits: Underage (I'd actually prefer all characters be 21+...I hate the "innocent" character who's discovering sex for the first time or whatever), rape/noncon, BDSM, anything that goes in the toilet, humiliation. Basically, if it's not in the likes and it's something you'd like to explore, please ask first.

Availability: I should be on frequently throughout the day and most nights.

Comments: I'll only RP in threads, but will gladly discuss OOC stuff through PMs. Nothing turns me off more than poor spelling/punctuation/grammar, so please make an effort to do those things well. I can live with the occasional mistake, but too many will kill my drive.

Anything else you want to know, please ask!
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Yes, but-
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My RSP profile.

Was wondering where I posted this stuff but looks like I found it

Grammar matters. Punctuation matters. Creativity matters. If you find this to be too taxing, feel free to find another partner.

Gender: Male.

Age: I prefer to play men 25 years or older. But if a role calls for it in an RP I like I have no problems playing younger.

Orientation: Straight.

Power Exchange: Trying to explore my Dom side as much as possible, sub isn't for me.

Race: Preferrably caucasian, but willing to experiment.

Body-Type: I like to RP with a powerful muscled body (although not grotesquely so). This is also negotiable or dependent on setting/scenario.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I prefer to play humanoids, like vampires, elves, dwarves, demons etc.

Settings: Modern, historical, fantasy, sci-fi.

Like/Kinks: I'm into bondage (giving), spanking (giving), blindfold (giving and receiving), varied positions, massage (giving and receiving), rape and noncon, also kidnapping. Old/young. Ask me if you're uncertain. Light violence like slapping and hairtugging. Knifeplay (not actually damaging anyone.)

Strictly taboo (non-negotiable): Brutality (Heavy violence like striking with fists, kicking, using weapons for harm). Scat, piss, vomit. Spitting. Beastiality. Paedophilia. Incest.

Availability: I live in Norway. We're on European Standard Time which is GMT +1. I will not always be on at the same time you are, so threads might take a while. But I promise to answer as quickly as possible. That being said, I also have a life outside the net.

SideNotes: If things are unclear, don't hesitate to PM me.
Da jeg kom tilbake hadde noe uforutsett inntruffet.

My SRP profile:


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Gender: As I'm female I tend to only write as female characters. I can write male NPCs at a push but I wouldn't like to offend any guy with my poor ability to portray male counterparts.

Age: I'm in my early twenties and tend to stick between the ages of 18 - late thirties as I think I do them justice. I'm not picky when it comes to my writing partner's age nor their character's age so really this part is extremely open.

Orientation: Straight or bisexual/curious are my main focuses when it comes to my character's orientation. I like to experiment with this as much as possible as I go through phases of preferring straight and then preferring bi encounters.

Power Exchange: I've played as both Mistress and Submissive in the past, I can't really choose as to which one I prefer. I guess it all depends on the scene/plot and then it's really up for discussion as to what my writing partner prefers.

Race: I'm not particularly fussed for race. I'm white and would hate to offend anyone of a different race if I were to try out writing as such but I'd be up for giving it a go. As far as my writing partner goes, I don't mind what race they are.

Body Type: I guess being slim my natural instincts are to write as girls that are also of a slim and toned body type, but I have nothing against bigger builds and wouldn't mind writing as such if the occasion calls for it.

Alternate Species/Fantasy Races/Mutations: As well as modern life, I also like things that incorporate dystopian fantasty, gothic horror and modern sci-fi. Races such as vampires, shifters, elves, succubus' etc all tickle my fancy.

Settings: I like to experiment with different settings as much as possible. I'll write modern day settings of course but sometimes writing too many of them becomes a little tedious for me. I like to bounce ideas off of my writing partner so if you ever have a setting suggestion don't hesitate to contact me, as long as I know the basics (if it's a historical setting you may need to give me some background as to how people act, speak etc) but really I'm open for any setting possible.

Likes/Kinks: I'll probably forget some while I'm writing the list so do check back from time to time to see if I've added any new ones!
  • Spanking
  • Fingering
  • Dirty Talk
  • Ass play
  • Teasing
  • Body worship
  • Tattoos
  • Rough sex
  • Humiliation
  • Public indecency/sex
  • Threesomes
  • Bondage
  • Nipple teasing

Hard Limits: Golden showers and any kind of toilet play doesn't appeal to me at all.

Availability: I'll probably be on a few times a day depending on what I'm doing irl at the time.

Comments: I'm a really nice girl just looking to write some stories with a few people. If you like what you've read so far then please don't hesitate to PM me and I'll get back to you as soon as I can!
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Honeyeyed SRP Profile

Note: I can be flexible with race and appearance.

Default Character

Gender: Female

Age: 18-22

Orientation: Straight

Power Exchange: Submissive

Race: Asian

Body Type: Petite 5'3" curvy figure with dark wavy hair
and golden tan skin. She has almond shaped eyes framed with
long feathery lashes and pouting rosy lips.

Alternate Species/Fantasy Races/Mutations: Case by case.

Settings: Anywhere, everywhere.

Likes/Kinks: Tall dark handsome men... powerful passionate men... being rendered helpless... intelligence... luxury...
non-con, sci-fi and fantasy, spanking, dirty talk, mild humiliation,
breast play, body worship

Mild Turn Offs: Incest, bad grammar and spelling.

Hard Limits: Same as everyone else.

Availability: This could be your one chance...


Standard/Favorite Character: I like to play the independent female who
acts tough but really is naÔve and innocent; in fact virginal.
She'd never go for the good guy and likes her men a little rough,
something she won't openly admit. I can try to play other character types but
if I don't enjoy it then what's the point?

sweet passion. fire. release. escape in a secret fantasy...SRP

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Not reposting it, but just bringing it back to people's attention that I'm looking for new players, as per SRP on my signature.

My SRP Profile

I am a roleplayer - no more no less

My kinks are very specialised - I need to be painfully dominated

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There is a Seeking RP thread, just FYI.
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Originally Posted by SortOfBeautiful View Post
There is a Seeking RP thread, just FYI.
I know - I just don't have a fixed idea to put on there - so thought I'd wave my hand around on here and see what happens
My SRP Profile

I am a roleplayer - no more no less

My kinks are very specialised - I need to be painfully dominated

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GENDER: Always Female

AGE: 44


POWER EXCHANGE: Almost always submissive, sometimes balanced

RACE: White

BODY TYPE/APPEARENCE: Tall and slim Characters average around 6ft 2" in height and 132 lb in weight. Have mid back Currently Bright Pink . Piercing Green eyes.

ALTERNATE SPECIES/FANTASY RACES/ETC: Usually play human But am always tempted to try vampyre.

SETTINGS: Modern, Future, Fantasy . Best at space settings (Mass Effect or Star Wars), post-apocalyptic (Fallout), WWII.

LIKES/KINKS: Female Domination, Heavy bondage, Torture Hypnotism, oral, romance, foreplay, Blackmail non-consent, flirting, non-human, Aliens , fantasy creatures. Baby girl. Cuckold. I`d like to explore some of these facets. with some one that Likes the idea of secretly owning a Married wife..

NEUTRAL/CURIOUS: Group (M/F/F), erotic horror, Hypnotism Blackmail and slavery

HARD LIMITS: underage, scat,

AVAILABILITY: Almost every day.

I am married with two kids both grown and flown. He`s away a lot. I dont do cam mic, pictures as these are to us at least considered out of bounds and crossing lines. That said the rest of my life on line is open to adventure.
The mind needs training the body may follow

My SRP profile
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Really Really Experienced
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GENDER: always female

AGE: is 25 but willing to play 20-30

POWER EXCHANGE: submissive but willing to do vanilla now and then.

RACE: white wouldn't know how to write another ethnic group without offending someone

BODY TYPE: since I'm a BBW I tend to play that way normally ocassionally will play slimmer but still with large breasts.

ALTERNATE BODIES: humanoid types only cat girl angel vampire etc.

SETTINGS: fantasy, Sci fi, romance, supernatural, and realistic.

LIKES/KINKS: light bdsm, noncon/reluctance, nonhuman, aliens, true love, bondage,

HATES: scat, watersports, extreme hardcore scenes.

AVAILABILITY: usually on a few times everyday.

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Gender: Female (and only female. I can't even imagine what goes through a guy's head)

Age: I prefer to play characters between the ages of 18 to 22, but I can definitely write as an older woman if the situation calls for it.

Orientation: Straight!

Power Exchange: Submissive is my favorite but I can definitely write in a thread where the power exchange is more or less equal. I can't bring myself to play the dominant character though. Sorry!

Race: Caucasian, but I can definitely try to play as another if it suits you.

Body-Type: Well developed characters. I have large breasts (not to brag or anything) so I have a tendency of playing characters who are endowed there too (okay, maybe a bit more than myself but still). However, I tend to mold my characters to whatever suits my RP partner.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: Um...not really my thing to be honest, but I'd be willing to play as a fantasy race such as elves or halflings (seeing as I'm a huge LOTR fan). Other than that, I have no idea, you'd have to contact me to find out.

Settings: Modern, fantasy, sci-fi.

Like/Kinks: I like some bondage (nothing too extreme though), spanking, hair pulling - rough sex in general. Humiliation and especially public display are huge kinks for me. Noncon/reluctance can work well too.

Hates: Brutality (Heavy violence like striking with fists, kicking, using weapons for harm). Scat, piss, or anything disgusting really. Oh and of course anything against Lit rules.

Availability: A few times per day.
"Find ecstasy in life; the mere sense of living is joy enough."
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Gender: I'm male but enjoy playing both male and female characters.

Age: Typically characters between 21 and 45. I prefer the 30s/40s age range though where sexual desires are either deeply repressed or fully blown in the characters.

Orientation: I can play heterosexual, bisexual or lesbian characters.

Power Exchange: I enjoy writing from both the both Dominant and Submissive perspective. I find both equally exciting and love exploring the inner feelings of both.

Race: I'm white and typically roleplay as either a white man or white woman. However, I'm very comfortable exploring/writing with characters from different races.

Bodytype: I'm tall, slim and in good shape as I work out regularly and play a lot of sport. I'll typically adopt a similar physique in my male characters to my real-life physique.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I'm not really into sci-fi/fantasy when it comes to erotic writing. I prefer real-life type situations.

Settings: As above, these tend to be real-life/everyday settings - bars, bedrooms, kitchens, shopping malls etc. I like to keep these creative, evocative and realistic to add to the shared experience.

Likes/kinks: I have both a submissive and dominant sexual nature. I'm equally at home being on the receiving end of a truly sadistic mistress or administering some rough punishment of my own to a helpless slave. Of most importance to me however is a writing partner who is creative, intelligent, willing to push limits and has a good grasp of grammar and punctuation.

A few enjoyable kinks for me (by no means an exhaustive list):
- BDSM (Dom/Sub)
- Humiliation/Punishment/Rough Play (choking, slapping, spitting etc.)
- Feet/High Heels/Toes (especially involving cum)
- Wife/Girlfriend situations (gang bang, public humiliation, wife swap)
- Cuckoldry
- Anal play (fistings/strap-on/rimming)
- Leather/Latex/Costumes
- Golden showers

Hard Limits:
- Blood
- Extreme physical brutality (broken bones, permanent damage etc.)

Availability: I'm +8 ahead of US Eastern seaboard time and +3 hours ahead of British Summertime. I'm online frequently. There is an example of my writing on my profile - 'Perversions in the Penthouse'.
"Death is not the biggest fear we have; our biggest fear is taking the risk to be alive...the risk to be alive and express what we really are" - Don Miguel Angel Ruiz

Both the Avatar and Profile Photo are of me, shot by a talented photographer friend of mine.

My published stories:

Passion Fruit (BDSM)
Perversions in the Penthouse (BDSM)
Sex, Thighs and Videotape (Exhibitionist & Voyeur)
The Footjob (Fetish)
Seven Days (Public Shame)
Kelly's Fuck Date (Cuckold)

My Writers Profile

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Gender: Male

Age: I'm 41. Willing to play 18 to 118 (but might be appalled if you chose a scenario featuring a 118 year old. :-)

Orientation: Straight.

Power Exchange: As a teacher, I am often typecast as the dominant male. Understandable, but I love mutual sexual interest and agression. If you are game, I would love trying to play the passive partner for a change. ALWAYS consentual!

Race: caucasian. Will play only as white (to not offend with cultural stereotypes). I am willing to play with any and all races.

Body Type: tall, athletic (soccer coach), averagely endowed! :-)

Alternate Species/Fantasy Races/Mutations: i prefer fantasies based on realities.

Settings: Place setting - anywhere. Time setting - present (history has some appeal)

Likes/Kinks: seduction, foreplay, innuendo, teasing. I love pleasuring the woman I am writing with based on her reality (usually this involves career-based scenarios). Exhibitionism (at least the threat of getting caught). Infidelity. Making love over fucking. Light and playful bondage.

Mild Turn Offs: certain kinks. Threesomes (i prefer focusing on one woman). Pain.

Hard Limits: bodily functions. Force. Humiliation. (Find someone else.)

Availability: I should be on at least once a day.

Comments: i write mostly in first person (primarily to be more invested in the seduction and arousal). I do need to work on my third person writing skills though. We can write on forum, through PM, or on yahoo messenger. Your call.

PM me to discuss ideas!!!
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Gender: Female, but could try male or shemale

Age: Can try and play whatever

Orientation: Bisexual

Power Exchange: None prefered, can switch this up

Race: I'm white and but am flexible on this

Bodytype: I'm 5'5, 110 lbs, long brown hair, blueish green eyes, B cup. But willing to play other bodytypes.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: Not really my thing

Settings: Prefer to keep it in modern times.

Likes/kinks: I prefer my partner to be younger, I like build up to the sex. I've also discovered recently that I enjoy roleplaying as a celebrity, there are a few favorites that I have but would maybe be willing to branch out. I like assplay, I'm pretty kinky and open to a lot, so don't be afraid to ask.

Hard limits: Blood, incest, other than that i'm open to try whatever

Availability: Usually am on once a day at least

Additional comment: I only RP through pm, I know that a ton of people hate that but I don't use any IM's and am too self conscious about my writing to post it in public, so yeah probably won't get to many takers on this.

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hi we like your profile would you like to engage with a horny uk couple 44 and 46 experienced in slut training Thanks
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SRP profile for: DefiantDemure

Gender: I only play females, mostly because that's what I'm most educated in also because I don't think I could be successful playing a male role.

Age: usually 18 - 28 is my rule. I prefer to play the younger of my partner, because its what I relate to best. But who knows, I could be persuaded otherwise, never be afraid to ask.

Orientation: straight.

Power Exchange: I like playing the submissive role usually, but again, I could be persuaded to try something different.

Race: Usually Caucasian, it depends on the type of role play.

Body type: depends on the roleplay. I like to keep it natural though, I've never met a six foot tall natural blonde with bright blue eyes and DD breasts with a natural tan with an amazing white smile. I'm sure they exist, but its rare. I like to play natural with small special qualities, like my nose or eyes. It does depend on the roleplay though.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I don't know, honestly. I've never explored that side of roleplaying.

Likes/kinks: Dirty talking, being out of control, humiliation, mixtures of pain and pleasure, anal play, incest, bondage, name calling, spanking, and probably other things I can't think of at the moment.

Hard limits: scat, underage, golden showers, animal, blood play, knife play

Availability: I should be able to post once every one or two days, depending on real life matters.

Side notes: I hate to be a bother, BUT, there is something that is very important to me. My writing partner MUST be able to do these things ;

- Keep me in the loop. If you're going to be busy for a week or two, just send me a message.
- Try to write a good sized chunk. I'm not interested in spending time writing a long post just to see a two liner response.
- Spell check is a god sent, use it. The occasional mistake is fine, of course.
- I don't rush to the sex. Slow build up, character development, all that stuff is important to me.

NOTE: I'm new and still learning! Please be patient with me
I'm happily engaged. Before you send me a message, please know I'm only interested in friendship.
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Gender: I only play male characters.

Age: 18-40.

Orientation: Heterosexual

Power Exchange: I prefer to a neutral power distribution although I do like a strong woman, I don't mean in the physical sense.

Race: I'm white myself so tend to just play that.

Bodytype: my characters usually tend to be slim to medium build, 5'9"-6'2". This isn't a hard and fast rule though.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: If I feel in the mood I can do alien/fantasy species/furries.

Settings: Usually modern or futuristic settings.

Likes/kinks: passionate, spontaneous sex, teacher/student, employee/boss, risk of getting caught having sex, dirty talk (non-insulting), spanking (light and playful), lolita - younger woman seducing an older man, erotic massages, oral.

Hard limits: No minors, scat, animals , necro, vomit, urine etc

Availability: I'm usually on most days at varying times

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Gender: Male

Age: 18-50(ish) - Im 33 so I'm most comfortable with that age group

Orientation: Straight

Power Exchange: In a nutshell, I'm not submissive

Race: Caucasian

Body Type: Since we're fantasizing, I think it really doesn't matter, you always imagine your partner as your ideal, be it ideally chubby, or ideally fit, etc. I'm 6`1`` tall and reasonably fit with 90 kg - don't know how much is that in pounds if you really need to know

Alternate Species/Fantasy Races/Mutations: I have no idea how this works, I'm willing to try anything, though

Settings: Anything goes! I slightly prefer modern settings though, things which most of us are very familiar with - workplaces, social functions, everyday situations, because its well... familiar to everyone, so everyone knows their way around.

Likes/Kinks: Talking through the whole story, building it up, as slow or fast as it feels right. I don't have any particular kinks, but I'm interested in anything that is not part of my hard limits

Hard Limits: Short version anything illegal. I don't care if it's legal somewhere else, so no minors (under 18), no non-consensual sex, no bodily fluids of any sort and I'm not interested in causing or experiencing severe pain

Availability: I'll try to post once a day, if not more often. If we have an RP going and Im not going to be there for some time, Ill notice you in advance.
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Gender: Male; it's what I know best. I like exploring, so I don't mind puppetting female secondary characters.

Age: 18+ I probably won't do well with characters beyond 60-something because that's twice my own experience.

Orientation: Straight. I wouldn't mind puppetting a secondary character, though.

Power Exchange: I'm interested in the psychology behind power exchange, so I like to play the dominant. The Master watching over the mice running through the maze. But really, I'm here for intellectual stimulation I'd be interested in any dynamic that might get the creative juices flowing.

Race: Does it matter?

Bodytype: Normal, or what the story requires. Since I usually play dominants, my default is a tall, fit man. Which works for me, because that's what I'm used to being.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: Furries make me furious. OK, ribbing aside, I don't have any particular interest in alternate species. If they can spice up a story, great. Like playing a sorcerer, for example, who can use powers to influence...something. If it's germane to the story, and enhances the story, I'm all for it.

Settings: I love historical settings, often with some mysticism thrown in. I also love generic fantasy style settings that are medieval with some artistic licence/fantasy race characters. I also love gritty, realistic contemporary settings. Futuristic/sci-fi stuff is hit and miss for me. I'm very flexible about setting if an idea grabs me though; after all, the idea is to explore new things.

Likes/kinks: I'm not much into "everyday" scenarios; the point of fantasizing for me is to go beyond the limitations of real life. If I can and want to do it in real life, then I probably will and don't need to fantasize bout it. I'm fond of taboo ideas, challenging social preconceptions and pushing the boundaries of power exchange.

I also really enjoy RPs featuring nonconsent and dark, violent storylines. My hottest buttons are definitely intelligence, inventiveness, verbal humiliation/mockery/contempt/mindfuckery/corrosion of self worth and domestic type violence/battery/choking. I get far more turned on by the ideas and emotions behind the actions, more than gratuitous descriptions. It's only fun if I'm fucking your mind.

Hard limits: Minors, scat, animals/furries/whatevers, necro, vomit, drinking piss, foot worship, graphic gore, and atrocious SPG, rushed/unedited posts.

Availability: I try to be on at least once a day during the week. Sometimes I become unavailable over the weekend, other times I have even more time. But I have a pretty erratic schedule so I can miss a day or two. I'm more focused on the quality of content than quantity; good things take time, and I'd hope to write with people who are patient, and be patient to them in return.
Do you like kinky, elegant fun? Then check out my Tumblr.


*Terms and conditions my apply. May contain nuts, sarcasm, cynicism and other things not suitable for minors or the easily offended. Batteries not included. Thank you for preferring Braschi posts.
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