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Five Years Gone...( Closed for Deeva...Non Con R.p.)

Funny how five years can change a man. Especially five years in jail, sitting there waiting the emotions building to a fever pitch. Most sitting behind bars are guilty of their crimes but I am not. Why in the fuck would I embezzle 500,000 dollars from the company I loved and busted my ass for. Shit I got a 50,000 dollar bonus last year alone off of one contract. I had my money and earned it legit not slinging drugs or hustlin like some of the boys in my old hood. But I was the only black man that was on the fast track in a company ran by white motherfuckers. So I got backstabbed and tried and convicted for something I didn't do. Five fuckin years of my life gone, but not wasted. Since I have been on lock down I have learned from the old heads. I did my own research on my case and found out that there was a few of those rich son of a bitches on the take. So I am gonna get even a bit of revenge on the one motherfucker that put me here the District Attorney.

While I have been incarcerated I learned a few things about the local D.A. Funny what you learn in the joint when you all have one man that sat across from ya in court that put a lot of inmates in jail. Turns out that motherfucker is dirty as shit. I kinda kept to myself in the joint but I made some good allies in here. Talking with this one and that one gathering all of the facts I can. Five years I sat back and read up on this sleaze bag. So when I get out I'm gonna get my bit of revenge and expose that motherfucker for what he really is a crook and a fraud.

Jamal Johnson was a smart man on the fast track at his old job. Getting out of the ghetto when he was 15 to live with his grandma in the country he traded the gang life for country life. It was a switch for Jamal but one that he needed or he would have went down a dark road that most hustlers and gangbangers see the grave. So he finished school and went to collage where he learned about computers. He was amazing behind a keyboard and could do things that would make the best scratch their head. At twenty two he graduated and was head hunted by a company in the city. The huge paycheck and bonuses lured him in and with in 3 years Jamal had a nice size nest egg sitting in a overseas bank account from all of the bonuses he collected finishing up projects early and stepping in when the company called on him to fix a fuck up one of the others messed up. Jamal knew that made him stick out but making and banking the kinda money he was well worth it. Untill the day he was arrested and locked up for embezzlement. Jamal knew he was innocent but being a black man in a white mans business who else was they gonna blame.

The day Jamal got out of jail he did what everyone does of most of them anyway. Went home to see his family he heard through letters that his grandma was not doing good and needed to see her before anything else. But that revenge was always on his mind. Burning in the pit of his gut now that he was out he could start to form a plan to get his revenge on the district attorney. Not an easy task but one Jamal knew he had to do.

After a few weeks with his grandma in the country Jamal went to the city and made some phone calls. He still had a large chunk of his bonus money from his job tucked away in off shore accounts. Originally his motivation for not banking it in the states was out of sight out of mind and when a rainy day hit he would have it. Well it was time to pull that money back because it was more than raining it was a downpour and that money would come in handy to get him set up to start his revenge.

It was about a month later that Jamal had his own place out in the country. Far enough to make a 30 minute trip to the city but far enough away to have peace and quiet. Jamal still had no real plan how to get his revenge. He knew where the D.A. lived and what he drove. He even knew what the D.A.'s wife drove and what she did for a living. Through associates he met in jail the D.A. always had someone keeping an eye on him. It costed Jamal a little cash but well worth it to have a set of eyes on him just to catch him when he slipped up. It was only a matter of time before Jamal heard that in fact he was slipping up. It was then when the intel started flowing in Jamal knew that the D.A. was dirty very dirty. Jamal knew this guy had to be taken down a peg or two and fall but not jail time. Jamal wanted to make him suffer Jamal wanted to ruin his life as he knew it.

( warning this is a Non Con role play. If that offends you then you may want to stop reading now. If you enjoy this type of thing well read on this is my first attempt at this type of rp. Thanks for reading along. )
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Brooke put the top down on her Panther Black Audi R8 Spyder and stashed her camera bag on the front seat, strapping it in the seatbelt. The Nikon D800 was her prized possession. It had been a gift from her husband for their tenth anniversary and today she was taking it to a shoot for the first time. She felt like a kid in a candy store. Giddy didn’t even begin to explain her excitement. There would be four models today at the studio. There should have been five, but her assistant called her earlier to let her know one of them was sick and couldn’t make it. Whatever. She could make do with the four that had arrived and were currently in hair and makeup.

Photography was her art. Nothing had ever induced such passion in her as catching something incredible on the other side of her lens. The fact she got paid for it was an added bonus. Not to mention, if she hadn’t followed her dreams and had her first showing at Vander’s Art Gallery, she may never have met her husband.

Eleven years ago on opening night, Brooke had been a complete nervous wreck. Her hobby was no longer just a hobby. It was out there for the world to see and critique. It both terrified her and excited her. She was approached mid-evening by a sleek, sophisticated man in an Ermenegildo Zegna silk suit and tie that was obviously made to fit his tall and lean frame. The moment he inquired upon one of her photographs she had stammered a bit, but he placed a calming hand at her elbow and walked her towards the one he was admiring. His love and knowledge of art impressed her as much as his clean-cut, debonair appearance did. He won her over when he purchased the first two pieces she'd ever sold professionally. Finding out later on that night that he was a lawyer in the most respected and notable firms was the proverbial icing on the cake.

Their courtship had been a whirlwind and it had been easy to fall in love with such an intelligent man that was on the fast track to success. Over the years they both worked hard on their careers, though their relationship suffered a bit, they fell into an easy rhythm that was comfortable. He spent a lot of time at the office, and she spent her time at the studio or on location for her latest photo shoot. They of course had date nights a couple times a month when their schedules permitted, but usually when they went out it was for an event that coincided with one of their jobs.

On the outside looking in, they had the perfect marriage.

On the inside, Brooke could admit to herself it wasn’t easy being a District Attorney’s wife.

But after being married for over a decade to William Alexander, Brooke was okay with how her life was going. They lived a charmed life, money was never an object and she never wanted for anything. A mere mention of something catching her eye and William would gift it to her. It was his way of making up for all the hours he was never around. It used to bother her, but now she enjoyed her freedom and tried her best to stay out of his spotlight as much as possible, focusing on her own career instead.

Pulling into the parking lot at the studio, she felt that same familiar excitement in the pit of her stomach like she always did when she started a new project. Today she had three lovely ladies and one very handsome gentleman that would be her muses in front of a dark, grungy scene dressed in steam punk type attire. Her art had taken a bit of a darker tone lately. It seemed her own moods reflected in her photography. But so far, her agent was loving this new side of her.
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