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Congrats New Zealand

Same-sex marriage passed NZ Parliament today, 77 votes to 44.
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The video is so moving and delightful
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Awesome. I met a minister and the chief lay person of an Auckland Episcopal Church years ago, and I remember talking with him about New Zealand and i was kind of shocked in a good way. I always thought New Zealand would be very Catholic and very conservative, and he said while that is true of some of the older people, there was a strong libertarian streak there, and that the younger people basically had turned off the message of the churches with sexuality and such.

The sheep must be very proud of their people (I think New Zealand has like 50 million sheep and only 10 million people), they must have trained them right.....(I take this with humor from the America's cup, years ago, where the winning Kiwi team's yacht club had a 56 Mercury as its yacht club office, and they sai d they had to win, because the sheep would never let them forget if they lost....)
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This is fantastic news! Just heard from a friend who lives over there.
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I was so proud that day.
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