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Old 04-02-2013, 02:40 PM   #10676
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Hello, I just turned 18 on March 24, so I decided to go ahead and join this website/forum. I'd rather not give out my real name on here, so if y'all want, y'all can just call me Kitten. Anyway, I am currently in an exclusive relationship in which I am the sub. Also, I am kind of new to the whole D/s thing, seeing as only recently admitted to myself that I am into it. I enjoy pet play, bondage, and spankings, along with many other things...I don't really know what else to say, so I guess I'll be going now. :3

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I guess I should say hi and say who I am. I am Ann. I am a Midwest chic with what is becoming a major kink fetish or perhaps obsession is the better word. The whole bdsm lifestyle intrigues me a lot. I am curious about the being tied and spanked thing. I am trying to experiment with it right now. I kind of want to try some anal but am nervous about it. I am open to anything that keeps the sex life from getting boring.

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Hi, my name is Vicky. I am 19 and currently at college studying art & design. I am very new to this lifestyle as you can imagine. But I have a wonderful loving Master/Boyfriend, who is considerably older than myself and his experience is opening lots of new doors for me
the only way to a woman's heart is along the path of torment. I know none other as sure.
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Hi I am BBW242788 and I am new to this lifestyle. It has interested me for awhile and I am not starting to explore my side as a sub.

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Hi, I'm marionred. I'm a sub and an editor who works with words daily. I live in central Florida and I'm still looking for the right Sir.

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My name is Christina I'll be 25 in a few days an I'm a mother, a student, an a bi sub!
I was on here once before an obtained a wonderful yet first master ... We had a wonderful relationship that grew into love ... He was good to me a lil too good an I became scared ... scared of my feelings for him and the feelings he opened me up to, scared of his age, scared of the distance, scared that'd I'd never see him, scared of everything ... I was going through a lot in my life at the time and it didn't help my terror an I ran away! I abandoned him like an ass! Things are better in my life now I have an amazing bf one who actually enjoys being apart of this part of my life ... He's a truck driver though an I've been given the ok to be with other women an I would love a mistress!

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Smile Very New

Hello I'm very new to this lifestyle. Reading alot and trying to figure out I like and don't like. I'm a sub. I live in Glendale California.

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Hey, not exactly new but my face might be.

28 straight male, D, been around the block a couple few times and into this life for many years. That's about all for now.
'In the Service of General Cuckoo'

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Hi all

Just found this site and decided to give it a whirl. I am a Dom of 30 years experience, and also a kinky, rubbery fetishist as well
I enjoy many activities from bondage to breath control. I also believe the most important element of any relationship is communication and trust, once this is established the only limit is the imagination.

So, hopefully, it will be great to meet a few new people and get a different perspective on things from the folks here.

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hi i am 24 new on this...just realize i was interested in bondage so thought of getting to know more

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Hi, my username is SubmissiveLatin. I'm a woman looking to finally indulge in her BDSM curiosity. I've long been turned on by the lifestyle and am at the point where I'm ready to explore past the restricted pleasure found in the drawer of my nightstand. I've noticed how warm and inviting the Literotica community is and look forward to being a part of it.

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Hi..i am 24. I never been in relationship and I still new to the whole thing. I just recently realize i into bondage. is always nice to have someone new like me together learn.

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Hello, I've been reading literotica stories for a while now and though I'd take the next step. I'm a twenty year old female and I think I might be a sub, but want to learn more!

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Welcome to Lit! I would be happy to help you learn. Message me anytime.

Originally Posted by daws92 View Post
Hello, I've been reading literotica stories for a while now and though I'd take the next step. I'm a twenty year old female and I think I might be a sub, but want to learn more!

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bleurin is offline
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hi!I am new on this and very shy...have been reading lit stories and hoping to get to meet new frenz

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Hi, new to this. Wife and I tried tying her up, playing around. We had a lot of fun. Looking to learn more!

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Hi there, I've been an anonymous literotica reader for nearly a year now and finally decided it was time to join the community. I'm posting here because I've enjoyed BDSM stories, but haven't ever ventured into that domain beyond... well, stories. Would like to learn more and connect with others who find it hot.

I'm pretty bossy and ambitious in my everyday life... but I think I might be a sub? Don't know yet.

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new and exciting

Hello all my name is MrRobinson I am a 31 year old male

I am married to a wonderful women and have been for 8 years
I have always been interested in the Dom/sub relationship
It fascinates me and I have been reading and researching for years
And the more I have and the more I come to understand the complex dynamics
Of a Dom/sub relationship the more I desperatly want to explore it
I have tryed to introduce my wife to this very gently and slowly but
She has no interest at all se wont even let me blind fold her so it has become
Increasingly hard for me and I have been searching for a long time for a place like this
Many forums are fillied with fakes and trolls and I have never felt comfortable there
To open up untill now this seems too be a truly understanding place
So what am I Rambling on for well I want to be tought and learn how to be a truly understanding and caring Dom and hopefully this will give me a better understanding and view from this wonderful community so if anyone has advice it would be wonderful thank you for taking your time to read this

Yoyrs truly MrRobinson

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Greetings all. My name is Karina and I'm a 20 year old student here in the wonderful state of New York. I've been living in the states for 9 years now. I'm well versed in several languages including Russian, Spanish, Latin and of course English. I have a wide variety of interests witch include reading, video games and martial arts. I've never been a part of an online community based around BDSM. I thought this would be a good start. I'm looking to research more into being a masosub and talking to some of you very lovely people. I'm willing to share stories and learn more about this lifestyle.
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Hello! I'm staying anonymous but I'm a 20 year old female with an insatiable sex appetite. I like torture, being dominated, ass and tittie smacking, pinching, biting, licking, sucking, humiliation, dares, and pics

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I'm 20 years old and live in Australia...... I am new to BDSM and have had no experience...... I'd rather remain unknown in name but if you want to get to know me more, send me a private message......

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There is no need to give ANYBODY on here your real name. That's why we have avatars or nicks, whatever you want to call them. I'm DVS and that's that. I guess there are a few who know my real name, but I never post it in an open forum. It's just one more way I stay private. My line of work doesn't allow me to be very open about things.

I know there are some people who are OK with giving out their names as well as showing their real faces, too. If they feel they can do that, that's OK. Just keep in mind that anything you post in this forum can be seen by ANYBODY who might come here to view it. You don't have to be a member here to view the posts.

I'm pretty anal about staying private. I think most people here want to stay mostly private, too. Now, giving out first names might not be too bad, though. OK, I'll play along. My first name is Elmer.

So, this is Elmer saying welcome to everybody new here. Post fun stuff on the cafe and serious BDSM stuff in the main BDSM Talk forum. Check out the library, too. There is some great stuff in there.

Ha! Fooled ya, didn't I!!! My name isn't Elmer. I won't be giving out my name on this or any forum.

Electroplay is a shocking experience! My humor can be, too!
But my posts are all totally PC!! Well, kinda sorta

Devious Stories
Rules are not meant to be broken!
Some of my tunz are here, if you care to listen => currently 20+ songs and more to come
Is Raw Anal Lust a desire of yours? The full story "My New Boss" begins here<=
and here is the latest installment ==>08/17/10

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Hello all! My name is Mr. Chaos. I am a 19 year old university student in California. I recently found out that I have an extreme interest in BDSM, and specifically being a Dom. I enjoy the community here on Literotica and hope to be a part of it. If you have any questions or wanna talk, feel free to PM me.

New to the erotic writing game!

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Welcome to Lit

I hope your a member for a very long time.

The Collar and Its Meaning

A collar in BDSM symbolizes a commitment that has often been compared to a wedding ring. This type of commitment comes in other forms, such as a brand, a tattoo, a piercing.... Each symbolizing the pledge of the Dominant to their submissive to Protect, Love and Cherish them. When the submissive accepts the collar, the submissive surrenders to the Dominant and makes a promise to be devoted and loyal. The collar is to be worn in the presence of the Dominant at all times. When apart, all the submissive needs to do is touch it to be reminded of the bond they share. Each collaring is a unique symbol of Love, Respect and a bond between two people who care greatly for each other.


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Hi everyone! My name is dangersexqueen. I am one of those people that someone meets and then have all kinds of havoc trying to get me out of their mind. I know this because I have had my share of stalkers. .. I have always been a little controlling and every now and then ... when I trust someone... I will be submissive. It is not often that I am.. I have a fetish for life. To live and let live. To enjoy this life as much as I can and have as much fun as I can while I am doing it. If you buy into the horoscope.. I am a very strong , sensual , scorpion. There are few things that are off limits to me sexually. Because I like it like that.

I love sex and I cannot tie it to THE emotion. I have never gave sex to try to garner someones affections. I gave it because I am a sexual being and I deserve to be happy and make someone else happy too. I have enjoyed reading through the forums and I am not going anywhere for awhile.

You all have a great day. I know I am ..
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