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Needed: Creative Kinksters

This isn't exactly a "personal ad" so I hope this is a good place to put this (if it isn't a good place I have no doubt I'll be directed to a more appropriate forum):

I am picking up my husband from the airport tomorrow and would like to surprise him with some kinky self inflicted body art (D/s relationship). Please give me some kinky names or statements to write on my body - if its not obvious please also let me know where you think it should be written on my body. With his permission - pictures to follow. Thank you!
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These boobs are yours on your chest
this is yours with an arrow to your ass written like a tramp stamp
wear a choker type necklace with a clip. Leave a leash in the front seat of your car
owned by with his name written on your body.
just some hints
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You could

try an "EASYPASS" logo across your butt cheeks.
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A self-tied rope corset under your dress...
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I know too late, but I was watching a show the other day and a lady was wearing a tight t-shirt that aid 'Stimulus Package' across her chest. Made me laugh and might be good.
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