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New York Post

This picture was in the New York Post yesterday. I read the Post every day, and they have a noted history for pushing the envelope with racy, sexy, and controversial headlines and pictures. But I was still a bit surprised at this one.

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Yummy. I love apples.
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I admit it, I sometimes flirt around the edges of cannibal fantasy. I never want to kill the whole woman though, just carve off a few tasty slices from the cheeks with my ve-ery sharp Chef's knife of Teutonic manufacture.

*zeep zeep zeep* [/butcher's steel]
six foot five with my feet on the floor. hey baby what you waitin for[/i]

i hate you gringo sex perverts. you scums are not welcome in our country
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Originally Posted by rosco rathbone View Post
... my ve-ery sharp Chef's knife of Teutonic manufacture.

*zeep zeep zeep* [/butcher's steel]
You have Wüsthof cutlery, too? We lurve ours very much. Using them, in comparison to using "ordinary" knives, is like using a steak knife rather than a plastic spoon to cut [whatever you're cutting].
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