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Looking for a female roleplaying partner to write with. I'm not quite as prolific a writer as some of the others on here, but I can still write posts of decent length and detail, and I don't particularly mind writing or reading shorter posts either.

Also, if you like the ideas below, but would like to change some details, feel free to do so. I'm not fixated on the details so much and like to leave freedom for interpretation on your own part.

Stories that I am interested in roleplaying:
-I am the prey / summoner of a succubus (or some other demoness), in a fantasy or modern setting. This could involve me inheriting some artifact that the succubus is bound to, or perhaps a summoning ritual gone wrong (or right), etc. (Filled for the moment, unless we can think of a unique twist to make it diferent.)

-Hot girl/geeky guy. The girl is hot and popular but is in danger of failing her classes. When she tries to offer the guy money to tutor her, he rejects her because he's been the butt of jokes from her friends for a while. So she offers sex instead, teasing and seducing him until he agrees.

-Something involving Poison Ivy, Catwoman, or Harley Quinn from the Batman series. While finding a partner who could write two or even all three would be a godsend, I know that that's probably too much to hope for. A single or multiple partners would both work here.

-If you have an idea that's not posted above, send it anyway. If it's fantasy or science-fiction related, or just generally geeky, or involves femme fatales of any kind, I'll probably be intrigued at the very least.

PM me if you're interested or have a new idea or would like to discuss changing around some of the details. Good grammar and spelling is a plus!

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Due to whatever reason some threads have come to a halt so I am relisting them with a few others. Always needing a good male Co writer. Pm any interest or questions

Also if any of my Co writers notice their thread here and are still wishing to continue writing please let me know and I will delete it from the list.

Thread ideas
1. Chances and Fate (Working title)

2. Haven based idea Would prefer knowledge of the show and character personalities.

3. Setting things right back home

4. Heart Over Orders

5. Love's Fatal Inspiration

6. The Lady and the Pirate ~~

7. Biker idea Basic SOA knowledge would be a plus.

8. The Lady and the Lawman Love of Western movies a plus
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Love Conquers All

This idea is about a male werewolf who looks to be in his 30's but actually he is over four hundred years old. Since vampires live much longer lives, but every one hundred years there is a full moon that is colored red. That is when he has no control over his changes, the red full moon is the mating moon where all werewolves claim there mates and get the chosen mate pregnant. The male werewolf had a mate one hundred years ago but was killed by a hunter. So he wants his best friend to be his mate.

When they have sex he will bite her marking her and it will also turn her some what into a werewolf, she will run faster, better sense and long living. Everything but the transformation, he is the leader of his pack that his friend knows nothing about. But the night of the full moon, he calls his friend before the moon comes up and asks her to come up. The changes are painful but sex makes the pain not happen, so the idea is for him to take her when the first signs of pain occur and his werewolf smell will tell him she is pregnant.


The Secret Circle

A guy who has a coven he is a leader of a group of people into Wicca and he has found a girl who just moved beside him and he can feel that she has the power he will need to achieve the goal to become the most powerful person in the world but it costs him his humanity and he will end up turning into a demon. But by the time the changes happen they will be very close and slowly turning into lovers since he wants to be king with her as his queen tho she has no idea she has magic in her

PM if interested.
Ideas Needing A Player

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i read a story on lit that was so fuckin sexy and any guy who wants to play it with me, let me know


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I am looking for a literate female who can commit to writing 2-3x per week (although I can write as often as once a day if you'd like) for this thread:


If you would rather RP over email or IM, I am willing to try to work that out as well. Looking forward to a great RP!

Filled, thanks for the great responses.
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Hi, looking for a female for this RP.. I was wanting to do a Private Investigator story based in the 1930’s. The case will be focused upon a jewel heist of the blue moon necklace from it's owner Jason Kain from the Emerald and Diamonds Casino in Reno NV. The story will be a cat and mouse chase with emotions building up between the characters. If interested please pm with what role you would wish to play and a brief character description focusing more on personality than history, for history can come out during play.. Thank you in advance

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looking for any lady of lit who might be interested in doing a role play set during the cold war. We would play as sleeper agents from russia who must pose as a married couple while also performing secret agents given to them by the KGB if any one would like to know more i would love to talk to you

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I am interested in doing a story with a male, dominant co-writer. I have a few story ideas that might be fun. I prefer medium-length posts (maybe 2 paragraphs) and good spelling/grammar please. However, I am reasonably flexible on the story concepts, and like a writer who is able to surprise me.

Generally I like to toy with reluctance without doing true non-consent. Along these lines:

* Cute young policewoman has a sister with a drug habit. The sister can't pay and the drug dealer requests the cop's body in exchange to have the debt waived. Implication that if she doesn't, the sister will go to prison herself, or worse. Cop willingly submits into the hands of the criminal, who naturally ensnares her more and more.

* Preppy young student rejects all men who try to date her. But her dreams become increasingly vivid and realistic. It turns out that a couple of guys have figured out how to control her dreams. They begin to insert themselves into the dreams, becoming increasingly dominant and nasty to her as their power becomes secure. Because it is 'just a dream', she gradually surrenders more to her submissive fantasies. And then they start meeting her in real-life...

* A modern-day witch tries to summon a demon to send against someone she despises or who wronged her. The demon agrees, but happens to be an incubus, and rejects all her attempts at payments aside from sexual payment. At first he just wants 'an embrace to seal the pact', but that kiss turns into a lot more. He uses mind-influencing (not mind-controlling) powers to turn the tables in his favor. Eventually, he breaks her down until she is just his bitch. Once she is his slave, perhaps he sends her to the man who insulted her to submit to him, too.

Let me know if you're curious. I can post quite regularly.

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I am currently looking for a female to fill the role in a story I want to start. It's about a guy who after his step sister finds out how well endowed and how good he is in bed, she comes up with the idea to turn him into a porn star and be his manager, so she can get 50 percent of all of his profits. She sets up the shoots and such and also makes sure to keep him on top of his game. Really hope a get a pm for a female who would be interested in this.

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double post
Ideas Needing A Player

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Time to make some magic

*Removed due to theme issues*
I don't think you will be disappointed... Try me... The worst that can happen is it won't work!!!

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Here's what have in mind I know i've posted it so I'm going to give it a bit of a change,

I need a female partner for an affair based thread. You can be whomever you wish but you're a commissioned officer in the military. If you're not savoy or well versed in the military don't need to fret, we're not going to go into much detail about that, but you're married with an awesome husband whom is everything a woman could want, tall dark, handsome, a excellent lover with a great, well paying job. You're blessed with natural beauty, a promising career, and a great apartment, however, deep down, there is a naughty seed that is slowly blooming. One day you deecide to go to the club and it all comes out. As it progresses you have one affair with a random guy and then it gets bigger and better, different men, more men, and you keep it secret from your husband, however, you realize your neighbor across the street has been watching.

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A quick thought:
for Valentine's day, Alexa gets all dressed up for him in the most seductive, naughty lingerie she can find.
He forgets what day it is, brings a couple of the guys from work home to watch the game.
After the initial shock and confusion... a little gangbang.

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Looking for co-writers, both male or female.

Specially looking for writers who can't post everyday. I can't either (right now I have to rely on wifi coffe shops ) so if you are looking for someone who doesn't care if you need to take some time to answer back... i'm your girl

I'm always looking for new and exciting ideas. I'm mostly into anything except hard BDSM and incest (though this latter I may try, given some circumstances...)

I prefer 3rd person stories and long and complex paragraphs and settings.

So if you need a co-writer like me, just PM me and we can try and find a story together
Katharine Le Fèvre
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Originally Posted by RockGod235 View Post
I've been inactive for a while due to work, however it now seems I have some free time on my hands to start roleplaying again.

My idea for a storyline is Sci-Fi based, with a strong theme of slavery & BDSM, so if you don't like to play rough then I wouldnt bother reading the rest . If this has caught your attention then here is a simple synopsis of the story:

Setting:It is far, far into the future and mankind has spread across the stars under the rule of a single government known as the Commonwealth. Although the Commonwealth is a mighty and brutal empire, some human led planet colonizations have claimed independence. Although free of the Commonwealths merciless regime, these colonizations are also free of the Commonwealths protection by law and have forfeited their rights as Earth Humans. Because of this, citizens of these independent planets are preyed on by slavers.

Having no affiliation with the Commonwealth, means a captured slave then legally becomes a slavers property. Because of this loophole in the law, slavery is common in this age. Whether it be Gladiatorial arenas, brothels, house-slaves or pleasure cruisers, slaving is a profitable business.

Characters: As for characters, I will play an up and coming Slaver among a few minor roles (Ship Crew/Clients). My main character, Salo Karess has only been in the business for a few years however he is already earning a name for himself as a respected "tradesman". He has a reliable ship and decent crew, with a knack for taking risky journeys to find the best catch. He may be handsome, well presented and self indulgent like any other rich mans son, however he is a man not to be trifled with. When it comes to his business, he is ruthless.

Naturally, I need one female to play a captured slave so if interested, do PM me. From there on we can discuss the basics of the plot as well as the details of our characters. Is your character submissive, and completely at the mercy of her new brutal master and his clients? Or maybe she is the strong willed type, needing to be broken in?

All I ask is that you be able to write decent quality posts (Two paragraphs at minimum), with decent grammar.

Alternatively I also have the idea that perhaps the female role would be that of a Mistress/trainer. Salo may still hold a firm grip over her, yet he respects her as a business partner.
Still searching for a female to fill this role
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Searching for writers

A couple of ideas that came to mind:

For Charity & Pleasure ~ My character would be the best friend of a wealthy girl. They have already finished college (so they would be around 23-25 years of age) and it is time for the annual auction the wealthy family does, proceeds going to charity. This year, the charity chosen is one close to my character's heart, so she volunteers. The price to the highest bidder? A two week stay at a resort (of which we can sort details out in pm) and the company of my character.

No, she is not required to be a sex slave as part of the auction, so who are you? And do you think you can seduce her? Is your character the charming man that hides dark secrets and fetishes? Is he the sweet romantic artist that finds his muse? PM me and let me know!

For A Century I Wait ~ In case the title wasn't a give away, yes its a vampire story. Your character would be the vampire, one that imprinted with a human female (Imprinted would mean that he chose her as his companion, and comes with added complications which i will explain by PM). Once he realized this woman would give her life for him, he had a change of heart and disappeared from her life, in his mind saving her and allowing her to live a normal, human life; to her, he would've abandoned her.

Years passed, and he learned she married and had children. He felt her untimely death sometime later, like a blow to his sometimes unbeating heart. Some more years passed and, at a chance meeting, he meets her daughter, now grown and adult, feeling a familiar stirring in his heart. What is his plan?

PM me for interest.

As always, if you have an idea youd like to swing my way, feel free to pm me.

To parties interested; Please be aware that the background story and the build up is as important as the sex for me, so it wont be a quick jump to the dirty dance. Also, I would prefer someone that can post at least two paragraphs per reply.

Thank you

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Wolf In Human Clothing

A demon king was not happy with his subjects all the women had thrown themselves at him. So he goes to the human world to find someone to connect with, just to get away. He had no idea he would become good friends and fall in love with. But he knew that if he had sex, then while he has sex he will turn into his true form. So basically it is based on blind faith, but one day he no longer can take it and ends up having sex with his best friend. Wanting her to become queen.

The Breeder

So I got an idea based on the movie species, the guy would be an astronaut and end up having some thing go into him. He comes back completely different, his personality is rather rough. Though he knows what is inside her and has the urge to mate, though the babies don't get born instantly just perhaps in a few days. He goes to his friend needing advice but his need to mate makes him have sex with his friend, when he sees she can handle it he will continue to use her. And will also get another girl pregnant wanting to control the world. And he ends up changing while sleeping with her.

The Mass Effect

My idea is based off the video games Mass Effect, I kinda had two versions one would be based off the Illusive Man or a different species which I think would be cool. Like a Turian, or even Salarian though I know there emotions don't exactly. If you choose not to be T.I.M you can pick any guy from the mass effect series or just make an original character. I prefer a different species. So I will give you both ideas so you know whats going on.

For the Illusive Man (T.I.M) He has fallen in love with a girl of his late friends, her parents died and due to how aggressive the man is. And also his age factors in his worries. But after they establish a relationship, and she is hired by T.I.M. due work closely to T.I.M. Perhaps he wants the perfect life, the money, the power and also have kids one day. He could become indoctrinated with the tech in him, but she keeps him sane.

And my other idea where you can be different species or a canon from the games, they are two best friends and enjoy one anothers company. But the guy has fallen in love for her, but due to him not being human he is terrified he would reject her. Again can be an OC or Canon.

Pen Pals

My idea for this is for two people to have met over the internet, and have been talking on and off for a couple years. They become rather close, and they have spoken over the phone. But they decide to meet in person, my idea is for perhaps the guy have something different about him. Could be burned, or disabled in some way. Something with him that makes it hard for him to meet new people, due to his appearance. Can even be over weight.

PM if interested.
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hey i am thinking of an srp about the show stargate atlantis . an affair between col shepard and tayla . if any girl is interested , pm me .

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I've started writing my own stories and I'm finding it more difficult than I wanted to write the "pure sex part". I usually try to focus in the setting and introduction that I don't always get to the "sexual part". So I wanna find some co-writes (both male and female) who can help me develop my skills in this part of the story. So, I'm starting a series of straight to sex stories (probably something as simple as a girl picking mates for quickies in a bar) and I'm looking for as many co-writers as I can find. But I'll be quite picky, I need writers who are quite skilled in vocabulary and who can write well, I want to learn from my co-writer so please, help me! Please don't answer to this call if your are not going to be careful with your writing.

PM me if you are interested and I'll soon start the threads.
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Old west

Im looking for a female to post on a semi-regular basis. I'm interested in many different styles of rp and most story lines however lately I have been stuck on a particular fantasy from the old west.

In this story :

I am the lone ranger type living most of my life outside of the civilized world. No one knows what happens out on the planes so no one knows if I am the dusty enforcer of justice or the well dressed smooth talking bandit. Needless to say I create no small stir when I ride into the small Texas town and start asking for a room for the night.

She is the daughter of the only doctor in 100s of miles. Wealthy beyond belief, especially considering the small western economy, she is the epitome of high class. But secretly she is restless with a curiosity and passion that often gets her in trouble. As her dad must travel great distances for uncertain amounts of time, she has taken to working in the local store and staying in it's spare room, not because she needs the money, but because she wants to stay close to her only friend, the store owners' daughter. But something she has never confided, even to her only friend, is how tired she is of the same small town and the same people and how desperately she wants to see the whole wide world.

Feel free to im me or contact me however suits you.

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Hey everyone! I'm seeking literate male or female writing partners (anyone who can form a well-written paragraph and posts of a decent length) for some of the many stories that I have running through my head right now.

A Clean Slate - Filled

Laurel Kingston had everything she could ever want: a billion dollar inheritance, the position of CEO at a Fortune 500 company when she turns twenty-five, and a drop dead gorgeous fiance. Then tragedy, in the form of a car accident, strikes and Laurel is left in a coma. When she awakens, Laurel doesn't can't remember her fiance, her life, not even her own name. Thrust into a world of luxury that she knows nothing about, Laurel doesn't even know if she wants to go back to the life she once had. Then she finds strength in an unexpected place.

Your character can be a friend from her old life, a new friend she makes, a doctor/nurse, Laurel's fiance, or any number of her staff at home or her employees at work.

This will be a long-term, romantic RP with a lot of focus on character development and plot.

The Witching Hour - Filled

Sophia Duncan owns a small Occult bookstore which she inherited from her extremely eccentric aunt. While she doesn't believe in witches and the supernatural, Sophia can't help wondering about the mysterious stranger who comes into the shop everyday. Her interest is piqued further when she finds a photo of the stranger with her aunt, a photo that is over fifty years old.

This is a vampire RP where your character will play the role of the vampire. I'm looking for a long-term thread with character and plot development.

Love Letter

Escaping an unwanted marriage to a brutal man, Elizabeth flees her Boston home for the wild west. Along the way she meets up with a group of women intended to be mail order brides. When one of the girls dies, Elizabeth takes her place and finds herself falling in love with the cowboy, who thinks she's someone else.

Looking for a male to play the cowboy. This will be a long-term RP focused on plot and character development as well as sex.

Chicago Noir

Set in 1945 Chicago, Faith Chambers is a seemingly innocent waitress at a hole-in-the-wall diner. She has built a friendship with a married, hard-nosed detective who frequents the diner. Occasionally he will discuss his cases with Faith, who is always willing to lend an ear or an observation. But when the detective starts to hunt down an assassin who is targeting the bigwigs of Chicago politics, Faith might know more than she's letting on. As the two delve into the case, they begin a whirlwind affair that could end in tragedy if Faith's secret is revealed.

Seeking a male co-writer to play the detective. This is a long-term, character and plot driven RP.

If you're interested in any of these ideas send me a PM.
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Thread idea:

I was thinking of maybe writing a thread involves me being in a band. For this, I would need one dominant male writer, who can either play as another band member, a fan, the manager or maybe the neighbor who has to handle the noise? (Maybe one of these could be a family member, if you're someone who enjoys a bit of incest in these stories)

Obviously I haven't written all the details out. Hence why if you're interested, you should PM me so we can work it all out.


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My idea is for a British man to have a heart shaped birth mark on his face. But has some of the mark on his ear lobe and also. On his arm, many people see him as a freak. But one day he meets a young girl. Eighteen and he is thirty, who sees the beauty in him. But he sees demons, and is afraid she will think he is nuts. The girl is from America and sees things no one but her new friend sees.
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Seeking a couple of to ideas.

First is a simple girl(me) who gets marooned on an island during a class trip, I could be a student, a teacher, a stewardess, or a chaperone who survives with only a a girl/girls, or guy/guys. She becomes the others sexual slave, a virgin her self she comes to live and cherish her master/masters. I want to take it from the initial wreck, a little of the island play and the aftermath, well what will she do once we are back safe is she still a pet is she cast aside? Or what?

Second is a lovely tale of an innocent girl who has left home for the first time to attend college. She is solemn and keeps to her self, her roommate, a fellow student or one of the many fraternity or sorority desire to use her, and take the virgin geek girl and make her part of a unique party either a rite of one of the social clubs or a tradition for the college

Third is a lovely tale of a woman obsessed with fantasy stories and ends up getting transported to a fictional land. Here she will have to survive and seek a way to go home. This is a broad story idea, might even take multiple characters here as she will face many different people so I'm all ears on ideas for this one.

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Sci-fi Themed RP

I've been away from Lit for a while, working on a few projects on my own and keeping a couple SRP's going via email, but now I'm ready to dive back in. For the past few weeks, I've been craving a sci-fi role play (light on the science), and would love to come up with an idea with another writer. I'm open to suggestion.

- Dani
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