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A Wife's awakening

Could someone please explain why and how it is possible to have my submissions rejected 4 times now .
Yes the first 3 were rather crudely written, but then it was edited by a professional writer.

Once again I submitted it and yet once again it was rejected, just what has a man got to do to be published on here?

Steve burrows
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No, no one but the Web site editor can tell you why based on what you've posted here. A reason for rejection is given. What is the wording of the reason given? Post that. No one here can help you without being given a starting point on what the issue is.

If you like, after noting the reason for rejection, you can PM me for an e-mail address and then e-mail attach it to me (in Word), and I'd take a look at it to see if I can see the problem.

Did you see evidence that this professional editor was as advertised, by the way?
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Hey man, rejection hurts quite a bit. There's nothing worse than having something you worked really hard on panned.

Good news, is that I think anyone here is willing to help you. Why not do as sr7 said? Mention what the site editors said and we'll go from there.
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