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Continuing another author's' story?

Just wondering what the etiquette is for continuing another author's series?
Really enjoyed this series:

However the author doesn't appear to be writing anymore, an the last story was published 5 and a half years ago.

I was just wondering, if its permitted, would another author like to continue the series from where it left of?
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Generally, it's a very iffy area. I would probably refrain from such a thing unless you have express consent.

As far as etiquette is concerned, even if I abandoned a story, I would still be annoyed if I heard someone else took it back up without trying to contact me about it.

If you like the premise of this story, why not create one of your own based off of it? Of course, credit for the original idea should be added in an author's note at the beginning.
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Thanks, wasn't sure what the etiquette was.

Hope the author returns!
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Do not do it unless you have the original author's permission. I mean, seriously.

The thing about stories is that they're very, very personal. Whatever you want to write in continuation, it is almost certainly not what the original author was going to do. And the thing about authors is that they're very, very possessive. After all, s/he owns these characters, is the ultimate arbiter of what they would or wouldn'tdo. That's why you want permission: taking the story in your personal direction, even well-meant, can be offensive at best and insulting at worst.

And if you don't get that permission, don't write a continuation. Period.
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Have you contacted the author?

I received positive feedback from a reader a while ago. I contacted & thanked him for his feedback & read his story. I told him I liked it & asked if he would be continuing it but was told that he was done writing.
I asked if he would let me give it a shot & he really liked the idea. Long story short, I wrote it (actually it turned into several follow ups) & gave him credit at the top of the story.

It turned out great, but I would never do it without having permission.

Here is my continuation:

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