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A Rebellious Nature

Seeking a male co-writer. Please PM me if you are interested. Please DO NOT post in the thread unless I have given permission.


Three days. Rayna’s father told her to wait three days before she moved on. So she had waited, pacing up and down the forest floor until she’d worn a muddy track. Three days she waited in breathless anticipation for their party to return, trying not to let the children left behind see her worry. Her father had left her in charge while the small resistance group had gone to raid weapons from the militia.

The three days were up and it now fell to Rayna to move the children somewhere safe. Every one of their parents were, no doubt, dead and Rayna had no idea how she was going to tell them.

First thing first, however, she needed to get the children to safety. But where could they go? No place was safe anymore, not with the militia running things. Yet she had been given a direct order from her father, the leader of the Resistance, and she was going to obey those orders as best she could. Then, once the children were safely hidden away, Rayna would go looking for their parents so that she could know for certain what had happened.

It had been twenty years since the world had been ripped apart. At twenty-two Rayna couldn’t remember a time before the militia. But her father had assured her that one had existed. America used to be prosperous, he had said, it used to be the “land of plenty.” But, over time, the distance between economic classes had grown so vast that there were only two classes: those who were wealthy and those who lived in poverty. That’s when the war had started. It began with little skirmishes here and there. Fights between the poor and the wealthy. The two classes had organized themselves into armies and all hell broke loose. There had been no winner. Instead, the country had fallen into turmoil, cities were completely destroyed and everyone struggled to survive. Then the militia rose up to take power.

Headed by a man calling himself General Sullivan, the militia began to systematically overtake the country. Before long, General Sullivan ruled with an iron fist. No one was allowed to own a weapon, food became rationed, and astronomical taxes had to be paid to the General and his militia. But Sullivan was old, and times of war are never easy. After his death only a few short months ago, Sullivan’s son came into power.

It was during this time of transition that Rayna’s father decided it was time to strike. Defenses would never be this weak again, not once Sullivan’s son asserted his new power. But things had, apparently, gone wrong as the raiding party had never returned. Now it was up to Rayna to find out what had happened and to finish her parents' mission.
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