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England is FUCKED....Part XXXX

Anarcho-Tyranny in the UK

After the law-abiding public has been disarmed, criminals can loot houses pretty much at will, not even having to wait until they are unoccupied. But there is still a small chance that they could be apprehended by police and subjected to the indignity and inconvenience of prison. No worries, moonbats; Britain is again guiding the way toward our bleeding heart utopian future:

A burglar has escaped with a caution despite admitting 113 offences.

Jason Dernbach, 24, was given the soft punishment after confessing to a three-year crime spree.

At the time he was behind bars for 26 separate offences.

Dernbach committed at least one of his many crimes while out on bail. In his defense, he can’t help but steal; he has a drug habit to support.

His is hardly an isolated case.

Official figures show nearly 28,000 offenders were handed multiple cautions in 2011. …

In May last year a court heard how a serial burglar who was spared prison went on to commit 22 more raids in nine months.

Jason Reed, 39 and from Bristol, was handed a suspended jail term despite admitting 12 burglaries and having a previous conviction for rape, indecent assault and false imprisonment.

On release he carried out another 22 home break-ins and was finally jailed for six years after admitting 49 other crimes. …

[O]f those convicted last year more than 3,000 had been found guilty at least 20 times before.

In the year to June 2012 around half of all burglars escaped jail — with one in three given a community sentence and 11 per cent a suspended jail term.

Letting criminals go with a “caution” allows the police to declare the crime solved, improving their conviction rate without going to court. This liberal policy of simply letting sociopaths run riot also has the advantage of relieving overcrowding in prisons. Taxation has reached the point that complaining on the grounds of our right not to have our property stolen would be absurd.

Those who have not turned to burglary themselves are advised that homes must be made safe, as any burglar who steps on a roller skate or trips on a loose step while carrying out your belongings can be expected to sue.
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The Usual.
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