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1) Don't let "feeling silly" stop you from enjoying your own sexuality. Sex IS silly-- and sublime.

2 I have seen the kind of orgasms guys get from the aneros prostate massager-- I guarantee you will never feel jealous of women's orgasms ever again!

3) @kinkydreams; Rummaging in other people's underwear drawers is a douchebag move, and if I caught you in mine, you would be missing several strips of skin. Cut that shit out, asswipe. Its an invasion of privacy, it's disrespectful, it's not okay.
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Why not buy one? There is absolutely nothing to be ashamed about.
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should i buy a dildoe

I have been thinking of one too...a nice cock to slide up into me....
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Yeah, definitely a good idea to have at least one. I would also suggest getting one online as they are delivered in nice discrete packaging, and you and you can look around and have a look at various types so you are sure you get what want.

I'd also suggest starting out with a smaller one and go from there.

lastly.. mr.go-through-peoples-draws - there are so many things wrong with doing that sort of crap. Do you even understand the idea of personal space? privacy? How about saying out of things that you have no business being in? You'd be bounced out of my place so fast if caught you doing that.. one of the few sure fire ways to end anything resembling even 'associates' with me, let alone friend or lover.. and yeah, I'd be a nasty little bitch about it too. SO wrong. Just.. don't. Hell, have more respect for yourself than that if you cant respect the people your with.

sorry if that derails the topic, but man.. makes me so mad..
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Oh my yes, get one. Then get another one. Then get another one. Start your collection with a realistic one, maybe with a taper so it's not too...abrupt or invasive as you initiate yourself. Then if you like it, I'd recommend working your way up through larger dongs. Of course, I'm the size freak with the Rambone, the Hand, and the one I call Junior.
Quality online stores will specify whether a product is latex, silicone, PVC-free, stuff like that. Going into and browsing a real-world video and novelty store is fun, though, once you get past the self-consciousness.
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As an addendum and as a clarification: 'realistic' implies realistic detail, not necessarily realistic size. Start with one that's, shall we say, more human-sized, average or a bit more. It takes time, dedication, and care to work up to the more cartoonishly big stuff.
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I haven't found sucking on a dildo to be too much like the real thing, but that's because a dildo doesn't feel much like the real thing, in my opinion. But then, I don't put them in my mouth much. Perhaps I should get a smaller one. Hmm, I think I need to go shopping again...

I've visited and purchased items (including videos, vibrators, dildos & butt plugs) from a number of stag shops & other sex stores in my city and I've never had the feeling that people were judging me. Yeah, it's a bit embarassing, sometimes, but you get over it (think of how many transactions they make in any given day!). A good store will go out of its way to make you feel relaxed.
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The Collection

Ok, I'll admit it, I had a gym bag full. The first ones were a trip to purchase because I had to go to the adult store and stand in front of the rack and eyeball them for the one I wanted. The shopping trips got more exciting and I got more daring and my desires and needs made me get ever larger ones. Once I got past the lifelike Jeff Stryker model, I got into some inflatables and metal. I moved years ago out of state and was saddened that I just threw them all out for the trip. But I've begun the collection again. On a different note, in the privacy of your home and bedroom, and with a little patience and some lube, you'll be amazed at what you can accomplish and make yourself feel!
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I bought my wife a rabbit, when she's not here I use it myself. It feels so good, I cant get enough. The only problem is it wont stay in while Im masturbating. I have to kind of sit on it if I want to keep it from sliding out of me. I want it to have me stretched out when I cum, such a great feeling, my ass muscles clenching around the shaft.

Long story short, absolutely buy one. I have things shipped to where I work, if you can do that its an option to maintain your privacy, provided someone where you work doesnt open the package.That might be a bit awkward .
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Do it! I have bought my wife several and it gives me an excuse to pick some out that I like. I would recommend getting something small for your rear end as well because as soon as you get one to suck on you are going to start craving something to be in your ass as well. Realizing that as you are sucking on your new dildo will be frustrating...so get them both at the same time .
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This looks like a good option:
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