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Speaking as a relative AH noob myself, they're by and large a nice, smart bunch of sociopa... er, people... Hi.
My stories

My AH Directory entry.

Dianthus: "You're incorrigible. I like that in a friend..."

"Everything in excess! To enjoy the flavor of life, take big bites. Moderation is for monks." - Lazarus Long
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Writing is your gift to share. For those that don't get it. It will be their loss not yours. Be happy be safe.
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Hi Ruth! Welcome to the Monkey House! I look forward to reading your stories. I'm not a writer (yet), but I like to run with a rough crowd. LOL! Stay off of the General Boards. Really strange people... probably Quantico monitors that board. Neko

PS Naoko and I are addicted to Just warning you.
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Originally Posted by TxRad View Post
Welcome to the funny farm. there are some good people here. There are also some crazy people here. Sorting them out is half the fun.
Thanks, Tx!

And, welcome to Ruth. Have fun.
I am Yours SINSerely,


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