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A scene from the party

Proxmire was explaining his problem in far too much detail, but I couldn't hurry him along; doing so might cause him to skip over something I needed to know in order to give him an answer he could use. And his disorganized exposition gave me valuable information I need to advance my own plans in the company. So I was trapped until he finished, my back to the bookcase and his back to the doorway when Steffanie entered the room, holding her drink in both hands.

I only had a glimpse of her over Proxmire's shoulder. She was in a dark dress, the bodice consisting of two triangles of fabric covering her breasts. Large, dangling earrings framed her face. She had sized up the situation and started to smile when Proxmire shifted from one foot to the other, blocking my view of Steffie; I tried not to show annoyance while I listened to another paragraph or two of his detailed exposition.

By then Steffie had taken several steps to bring herself back where I could see her from the waist up behind Proxmire, and stood to face me. She was smiling and her eyes sparkled. She moved her drink into her right hand and with her left pulled down a triangle of her bodice to reveal her breast. The image of her breast was etched into my memory. The aureole was dark pink, not too large, and the nipple swollen and erect. A mole was on the outter side on her breast that had been hidden by the triangle of cloth. Her breast was firm and small enough I could cover it with my open hand. I wanted to cover it with my open hand and feel her nipple against my palm and the warmth of her skin.

Still smiling Steffie covered herself, shrugging the strap back onto her shoulder and smoothing the fabric. Then she grasped her drink in both hands and turned and walked from the room while Proxmire continued to talk at me.
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Give it a look - I think you'll like it.
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Something I wrote a couple of years back

I'm standing up there this morning
making my presentation to the group
trying not to look nervous
or uncomfortable in this suit

You're sitting in the front row
watching me pace back and forth
I catch you staring a few times
but you just keep staring

I keep my composure and finish
answering questions from the crowd
watching you out of the corner of my eye
please don't leave, my eyes plead

Finally I'm done and everyone's left
except for the pretty lady in the front row
who's smiling softly and still staring
almost daring me to guess her thoughts

She starts standing up to leave
as I make my way over
I cover my faux pas by turning to get my notes
She's leaving, she didn't want to talk with me

The clearing of a throat
The smell of her perfume
I look up from my notes and she's there
Asking if I'm coming with her or not
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The Cyclist

Something I'm writing now and will be finished when you see the last period.

So our little cycling group finally got Delphi to ride with us. We know she's a wonderful cyclist and part-time courier. We see each other around town and at some functions such as when a new ghost bike is put up. I'm smoking my last cigarette before the ride begins and she's watching me hot box my cig, I see it from the corner of my eye. We all start to mount up and Delphi is next to me- straddling her steel Nashiki, the top tube in her crotch. She smiles as someone speaks to her, all while wheeling the bike back and forth, she has a habit of doing that as she talks. She's dressed lightly, an all pink Susan Coleman breast cancer shirt, some of the shortest bicycle shorts, that must be Japanese and a pair of Etnies. Such delightful bouncing as we briefly ride on cobblestone.

We just enter the park and I glance at her as she rides, those full lips, her arm muscles flex as she holds the handlebars.

"Nice Cannondale." Delphi speaks.

"Yeah, I just got the thing. Giving it it's first trial," I smiled.

I could hang on every word that comes from those lips. They way they form letters and words- to kiss those lips, softly pressing on mine. Oh yeah, I'd just have to suck on her bottom lip. She speaks and no words have ever been sexier. Her thighs look firm in the saddle with perfect cadence. Perfect for locking around me when I go balls deep in her. We crest over a small hill and I see she's breaking a sweat. Sunbeams glide through the trees and reflect- her legs glisten. I just want to run my hands down those thighs as we embrace each other.

I can almost feel those emerald green eye's fuck me when she catches me stare. That beautiful red hair rages from her helmet like wildfire. sweat drips from her lips. We go inline as we embark up a hill, a few tour buses whip up a gust on their way down. Delphi gets in the drops, her shorts have ridden up as far as they can. I want her to ride me like she rides that bike, for my cock to do what that saddle has done. I thought about earlier when she was standing over her bike; the Nashikis top tube rubbing her clit ever so softly. If I could only get these blasted bikes out of the way, I could reach up with my tongue, give her a lick. Leveling out, the sweat has moved to the small of her back, I could kiss it bottom to top, breath in that hair as I nibble the nape of her neck. shes in my lap riding me like a twenty percent grade.

We stop at a convenience store for a short rest and refuel. I'm thinking about relieving myself in the bathroom. Her shirt is sticking and the imprint of her ab's is driving me wild. It's best if I just go get my Gatorade and a snack. She walks in and the cold air hits her, I can see it, her nipples are extremely extroverted. They beg me to suck, tug and bite. I think she purposely turned so I could see her pull out her shorts. I'm sure of it. She slowly rubbed her hand between her legs and across her Temperpudic ass that has no qualms about eating that Brooks saddle. Legs spread, tugging out the shorts- I think of only bending her over the hotdogs and slipping mine inside, while my mouth is agape. She walks up to me and gently closes my mouth with the butt of her water bottle. I pay for my things and nearly bump in to her as I make my way out. A wink and a kiss as she's in check out, knowing I was checking her out- still as I smoked. She dropped something and turned to pick it up, shorts back where they were.

"When this ride is over, do you mind giving my frame a once over, you got tools and thing at your place right?" Delphi asked me.

"Uhh..yeah," I stammered. "I wouldn't mind that one bit."

"That's great, I can't wait." Delphi replied.

This is gonna be a long hard five miles.
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Jessica's initial reaction was to scream. She was topless in the changing room of a mall when she spotted a voyeur in the mirror. He was peeking through the curtain and she saw his reflection. He had no idea that he was caught, and she didn't want to make a scene. The day started innocently enough and all she wanted to do was finish up her shopping.

Another part of her had a different reaction. Due to her busy work schedule, she hadn't been dating as often as she'd like. She hadn't been laid in a while.

"Why not?" she asked herself.

She put her arms down and let her breasts hang free in the mirror where she knew he was watching. It's not like she'd ever see him again. Her hands reached up and squeezed her breasts. Her hands reached down and touched her vagina. The show was over. She quickly got dressed, left the small room, and walked right past her voyeur with a big smile on her face.
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