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13 or 14.When I began to reconcile my feelings(Social Construct) to my desires(Reality),I got a lot happier in my own skin.
They were blind to a cold fact of evolution...that progress stems from the clashing merger of antagonistic extremes,out of the marriage of pinnacle freaks.

"A kind word does turn away wrath,friend;but the idea of your scalp swinging on my belt tickles me just as much".
from the memories of a much younger man,Western Wyoming,ca. 1985
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klippert1 on kik
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having my first sexual experiences with my neighborhood friend... I never had this enjoyment of the male body...until I was so involved with sports....then came the locker room...you learn how to get your eye full...

but...the girls had and have my first taste interest.... 43 now...and have a greater appreciation for the male and female body and mind
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Probably around 12 or 13 I realized that I was attracted to girls as well as boys...In fact my first sexual experience involving another person was with a female.
My primary romantic relationships have always been with men, but I can still have erotic fun with women....
You can sleep with a blonde..you can sleep with a brunette..but you will never get ANY sleep with a redhead.
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I was 12. First with my best friend. Then with someone all your moms warned you about, but in my case I kept going back for more. Then through high school, being flexible almost assured a date on Friday and Saturday nights. Then College, the military, marriage to a bi, and on and on and on, hehehe, I'm still having fun!
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Old 01-15-2013, 12:29 AM   #105
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Ummm when i was 9 sucking on a teenage dick....
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In college, I was in a relationship with a trans guy, and for a while I got the impression that his sense of validity depended on me being straight so that obviously he must be a guy by virtue of my strict heterosexuality.

My light-bulb moment was when he one day told me to stop whining about how I couldn't be bisexual because it would upset him and just admit I was into girls already ^_^

I've since realized I actually find other people's sexual preferences really weird and hard to understand because as far as sex or gender goes, I really don't have any preferences at all so it's difficult to imagine. o_o
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the first time I new

To start I was born with a 4 1/2" slim cock. I was 17 working at a gas station and filling a guys car up, while washing his windshield I noticed he had a wet spot on his pant leg. When I got to his side I could see he had a hard on and I could see the outline his head, it was the first time I had ever seen a another hard cock. I wiped his window a lot longer than needed. Dam if I didn't get a hard on and he saw it. When I went to collect the money he was slowly rubbing his cock I must have watched him for a minute or two before I asked him for his money. He gave me his money then smiled at me and said I was going to look funny walking around with a hard on. He came back a couple weeks later, this time it was late and I was alone he asked me if I would like to stroke it. And I did want to after stroking my little cock that mans big cock and his big balls felt so good I new where I was going to look for sex.
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I'd been watching anal porno's, and wondered how you can moan like a slut with a cock In ur ass. Threw caution to the wind and stuck a tooth brush in my ass, felt great, progressed on to large cucumbers etc, before buying a few dildo's and vibrators. After literally years of ramming cock like objects In my ass, the desire of someone trusting Into me began to grow, until I took the plunge, climbed on top of a hard cock, grinding lower and lower, balls deep and then the pounding begun, and I was loving it. Have had my ass fucked so many times since then, been amazing
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In my mid teens I did sleepovers with a cute boy down the street and we shared a bed. The first night, he came out of the bath, in a towel. When he dropped the towel to get into bed naked, he had a massive hard on, his long, shaved cock curled upward. I was mezmerized, as he could tell...and getting very hard myself, as he climbed into bed next to me. How could I resist??
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Smile love it

When I went to a xrated porn shop and saw a gloryhole...Tryed it and loved it...I was 40 when that happened and now Im 43 and Im in a Bi group swingers club...Very hot""""
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first realized that I wasn't like other boys, in the fifth grade when the football players created as much fantasy in my mind as the cheerleaders did...
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as long as can remember
I was underage when I started hanging around the local park
had some horrible experiences had some mind blowing awesome experiences
thinking about those days makes me smile so I must have had a god time
lol good time
god loves us to, she does, if she exisists
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Someone else here mentioned the Penthouse Forums. I would say that is where the idea was first planted in my mind, though that was a long time ago, in the early part of the 1970's, when I was only 20 or 21 years old and a generally horny little devil with a nice-looking young wife who loved to fuck and suck my cock. At that point, I had no overt inclination to look at or suck or fuck another man. But one Penthouse Forum entry did describe a guy sucking his first cock, and this account never really left the back of my mind.

It wasn't until well over 20-some years later, when I found myself between relationships and experiencing an unusually long 'female famine.' It had been so long since I'd last had sex with a woman that I started considering the possibility of doing it with a guy.

I was craving physical, fleshly contact... needing a naked body against my own and wanting to experience the taste of warm human sex juices. A guy would be much easier to hook up with, I reasoned, largely because by this time, the internet had come into its own and was beginning to offer a good venue for hooking up sexually. With women, there are a lot of complications... hoops to jump through... but guys are pretty much ready to do it.

At that time, I don't think there were that many "gay" sites per se, or I didn't know about them, but if one was pretty clever, one could do fairly well with the Yahoo personals that existed at the time. It took some time and patience, but within a month or so, I got quite lucky and met a guy that way that met my requirements. He was quite willing to correspond with me, as well, and get me very comfortable with the idea of m-m sex and with himself.

So when we finally did meet, I was eager to go and not one bit unsure about venturing into this new dimension of sexuality. My account of it that first time may be found by clicking the link in my sig line.

I have enjoyed exploring the delights of man love ever since. In fact, in just under two weeks, I will be meeting a guy who I've recently connected with via Craigslist. He looks and sounds ideal, and we're both looking very forward to meeting for a drink and spending an evening of sensual naked time together in my hotel room, prior to a trip I'm going on next morning.
Young at heart, young-looking bi-guy with a very active sexual imagination! There are few things in life as sexy as the mind... except of course, sexy naked bodies, wet pussies and rock-hard, ready-to-cum cocks.

100 per cent true account of my first time oral experience with another man:

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I realized when I was experimenting in my teens
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Loves Spam
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I am now
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I realized when I sucked my first cock at age 48. I knew I was a cocksucker. For about 2 years I considered myself bi, but the realized I just wanted to suck coxks and get fucked. Have nit been with a woman for 14 years.
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For me it was when I started to look at and read gay and bi porn. I realized how hot it made me and then it started me thinking and then finally acting on some of my fantasies.
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