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Originally Posted by bigbritish View Post
I'm being ridiculous. Women fake it when I cum usually anyway.
Fixed your post.
Originally Posted by silverwhisper
say what? um...no, dude. if that's been your experience, that's great, but the truth is that in the vast majority of male/female couplings, simultaneous orgasm is extremely rare.

This is my n=1: in my years of being sexually active, I can count the number of simultaneous orgasms I've been a part of on one hand. It's pretty damned awesome when it happens, but it's never the ultimate goal.
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I've had simultaneous orgasm happen about twice. (I screwed up two others, ha-ha.) Counting the screwed-up ones, that works out to the stars lining up about 6.66..*** of the time.

I don't even like it, to be perfectly honest. If I'm cumming, it distracts me from enjoying her cumming.

And don't worry about bigbritish. I think life will be easier if we all just ignore him.
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