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Watching, waiting, listening. Each second lasts like an hour. With deep sighs and heavy heart Sara drains vodka from a cut crystal glass. Arises, smooths imaginary creases off short silk skirt whilst carefully scanning the packed hotel bar. Tears prick eyes, realization, he isn’t coming. She snakes out between throngs of people, blinded now by sobs, stumbles outside. Only to be caught in his arms.
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Eyes twitch, nostrils flare, deep breaths sucked into scorched lungs. She braces herself, once again hears the whistle as whip cuts through air. Jumps when it connects to bare flesh. Stinging, burning sensations mingle with wanton lust. Pleasure and pain, greatest combination there is.
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He left without a word. This man who was her entire world. It is only true if you believe, she said to herself. Wake from the nightmare. See him sleeping peacefully there. Will that your love has not gone, so an aching heart can remain whole.
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Paused breath overtook the unexpected encounter. Her wistful glance unknowingly ignited that most welcome discomfort. Both their eyes cast down in innocent denial and acceptance. An unruly wisp of golden hair dancing across demure expressive reddened lips now sealed this male’s determination. She would be his. “Hi.”
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Cold metal lingers briefly on throat before slashing cotton material, ripping clothes from body in sharp jagged movements. Naked and vulnerable she stands, clothing shredded at feet. Breath quickens, heart beats wildly anticipating the mans next move. Blade clatters to floor breaking eerie silence. Powerful arms envelop her, he takes time, gratifying his every sadistic need.
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“I want you.” She couldn’t believe those words had just come out. This stranger, with his dark complexion and mysterious eyes, was so alluring. Staring at him lustfully, their faces mere inches apart, her desire somehow found a voice. The next steps seemed clear - passionate kisses, hands groping, various things growing, stiffening, increasing in sensitivity, but…. he moved away. “I’ll get your bill”, the bartender responded.
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One could see the immanent storm slowly work across usually clear sky. A rather foreboding sight with gunmetal colored clouds bordering on black drifted ever closer towards our sleepy community. Anyone worth their salt could tell that monstrosity was going to be wholly unpropitious in nature. Doors were locked if not barricaded completely, children scolded when complaints of staying inside arose; even the most hardened didn't dare persist venturing beyond. Internally though, exaltation stirred instinctively, it wasn't everyday you witnessed lightning flashing through baleful skies as Mother Earth raged so fitfully. Feeling completely within my element, like moth toward flame, traitorous limbs unequivocally moved unhindered; eventually approaching treacherous yet enthralling display.

Now I didn't check to see if I had doubled-up on anything, but this is an incredibly good way of utilizing ones vocabulary! *grins*
Women. You can't live with them; yet can't live without it.

I am both at once yet neither one...

Don't you think that if you believe something, it can give you strength?

Kate: Are you Vegetarian?
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Black Friday, dark skies, heavy rain. When they had agreed to meet, a sky blue canopy prevailed. But no point in getting wet. May as well stay at home, fire up the laptop, an online chat. ‘What are you wearing today?’ he asked. ‘I’m not,’ she replied.
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Kira glided serenely across patterned tiles, floating seemingly inches above mortal terrain. Richard's breath caught within his throat, eyes transfixed upon divinity made flesh. Long, shimmering cloth clung like ethereal mist around her supple form that glowed radiantly. She turned, smiling towards him, heavenly love pouring outwards, arms extended. Mesmerized by divine beauty he staggered forward into an embrace of purest desire, heedless of any price. Together, their souls melded, bodies becoming incorporeal, ascending to Nirvana for eternity.

I think this fits the specification.
Nothing says "love" like a pussy full of warm cum.

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Lying on my bed, eyes sightless from both tears and nightfall, no other choice remains.
Every pain-wrought broken thought is called to mind.
First attempt - voice cracks, cutting short resolve.
But consquences must be ignored.
Trembling, I speak into the darkness.
It answers.
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While a heavy rain beats down, they lie together. Two lovers wrapped in their duel solitude. Hours earlier, these had been strangers. Sleeping together now with only pulsing, red, inconstant light from nearby signs harshly illuminating each naked arm, leg, face. Soon would come an awakening when actions must be hidden or carried forward, futures decided. Now, though there was only the rapture of passion spent, love made, bodies sated.
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Glowing flames danced lazily in Micheal's fireplace, causing a warm, euphoric sensation. I sat near it with open legs. Seemed like tonight was another one of those solo nights. My eager fingers couldn't take waiting any longer and reached for an awaiting clitoris. The vibrator's buzzing sound from behind startled me. "Wouldn't this satisfy you more?" He questioned, wearing that lustful smile. If only his wife knew.

Wow xD This was a hard challenge. I hope I didn't repeat.
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I slowly shimmied across the dance floor, my eyes fixed constantly on her body.
She was tall, slender, slinky: sexy in a 1930s kind of a way.
Music pounded all around us: beating heavy, animalistic, urgent.
Low lighting cast shadows, with flashes of brilliant illumination and pulsating colour.
Finally my moves bring me close enough to taste perfume, musk and scent.
"Why hello," we great each other, smiles twitching on our lips.
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Harder then it seems:

My body is pressed against yours. I love feeling the delicious sensation of being so close. Smelling Ode d’ You intoxicates me. Pushed onward by our arousal we kiss softly. This grip tightens and identities disappear. Instead only lust remains.
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Very easy for me when I didn't worry about making it interesting. Some may find it interesting; at least it makes some sense. I hope I'm not guilty of following the letter of the rules while violating the spirit?

Baking cakes makes one tired. But its joy surpasses all things. Chocolate is especially delightful. This activity can bring your family together. Perhaps you should use it to connect with old friends. Find them and let each others creativity run wild!
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I use the definite article “the” so often, it’s difficult to write without using it more than once.
In addition, I’m backed into using personal pronouns and possessive adjectives so I don’t forget who is talking.
Here’s my attempt:

Phillip awoke slowly and dimly aware that his face was on the floor. Saliva had dried leaving a white rivulet headed from mouth to tile. "Cool ceramic heals pounding headache," he thought. An empty cup leaned alongside a bottle of Deep Eddy vodka. Happy Austin memories dribbled out. Those recollections disappeared while trying to shake loose used and sticky tissues.
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It was Friday, September 13th. Mona wondered what lay ahead this year, apart from the usual unbearably gross party. Unavoidably, of course, some noteworthy accident would have already been arranged. Murphy's Law dictated harm would rear an ugly, ominous head today. All her birthdays had similar inexplicable patterns. Little wonder those upcoming Halloween parties held that exra-special attraction.

*just trying to keep my mind busy; this is a very useful exercise! Please comment.
"The lunatic, the lover and the poet are of imagination all compact.'' =^o^=all me, rolled into one
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Death. The hereafter. Whatever it is called, nothing can escape. Without a thought you will go. To the great beyond. Lifeless.
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