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Thumbs up Nicole Heat sex comics

Hello community

For all fans of adult comics i'll post my sex comics pages in this topic. Feel free to comment my art.

Episode 1. The casting.

Hey! My name is Nicole. I live in LA and I think I was really lucky to be born in a city so overpopulated by big screen celebrities. I’m 18 years old now and quite an achiever already – I took the second place in the college beauty pageant, am visiting an acting school. I hit the gym every single day too! To be honest, I often work out a bit too hard – once I almost broke my neck there.

Thanks to Mother Nature, I’ve got a great body: I’m tall but not skinny. I used to be ashamed of my itty bitty titties but recently, when I started dating one boy, my breasts got much more prominent all by themselves. They even jiggle a little under tight clothes now when I walk.

We play a lot of classic and contemporary parts in the acting school. I can act out any emotion, play any part I’m offered to play! I’ve got several wardrobes packed with suits from previous performances – every time I run my fingers through them, I recall every play. The ovations… And there were always older strangers in the audience – not only my college buddies. It feels so good to be admired by them –admired for real.

Okay, I guess that’s enough. A little acting practice in front of the mirror will surely do me no harm. Time to move on, Hollywood is waiting! Tonight I’m in for my very first casting for a supporting role! The girl’s reflection in the mirror sways her booty, grabs the purse and leaves the room.

The taxi driver keeps on gawking into the rearview mirror. I am not paying any attention to him – just decide it is the right time for some acting. I pretend to be tired, lean back into the seat and open my legs. Turn my head slowly to the left and then to the right. The heat is unbearable. I tug on the front of my blouse to let some air in and my tits go up and down pleasantly. Here we come. Oh look, we are driving past the Hollywood Walk of Fame!

I went here with my classmates when I was a little girl. Oh my, I’m getting late! Almost running, I make it to the destination point in under five minutes. Hmm, that’s weird – the hall is all empty. I know that there are crowds of people attending movie castings. I pull the door and… An accident occurs. There was a man approaching the door from the inside and I run into him, almost hitting him with my head.

The smile on my face fades.

‘Excuse me…’ I look down and almost shrink before his eyes. Here we come with my acting masterclass…

‘No problem, miss, it’s my fault,’ he replies, his voice deep and velvety. I look up shyly. There is a handsome older man standing in front of me.

‘What a beauty we’ve got here! Come on in.’

The office is shining bright with electric light while the windows are hiding behind the blinds. Tan man in his early forties takes the chair and sits down in the middle of the room, his legs crossed. Looking at me and smiling without uttering a word. Why hello there, Mister Confident! I shiver awkwardly.
‘My name is Nicole.’
‘And I’m Jack, a casting agent. Have you ever tried working as a stuntwoman?’
‘What? Well, I mean, no, but I’m perfectly fit…’
Weird stuff, I thought the casting was for a part in a romance movie.
‘You know, lots of famous producers offer us to choose the right actors for scenes that celebrities refuse to appear in due to certain reasons. It’s almost like being a stuntwoman, really. We have currently got a contract with…’
He names the producer and the actress that someone has to back up. Heart goes pounding in my chest. They are Oscar nominees!
‘The point is that we need to shoot an innocent little romantic scene but the leading actress’s physique leaves much to be desired. That’s why we are forced into finding an alternate for this scene. We’ve got very strict requirements and it’s been a while since we started looking for a lady resembling the actress. She should be beautiful and talented, capable of acting totally like her in bed.’
‘You are flattering me,’ I blush. ‘It’s such an honor.’
‘Okay, so let’s begin, if you don’t mind it. The scene doesn’t have a strict plot or something – it’s all about improvisation. Follow me…’

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We move to the adjacent room. It’s completely empty except for a big bed and some moviemaking paraphernalia lined along a wall. There’s a fat guy finishing a hamburger behind the camera on a wheeled tripod. The sheets on the bed are rumpled.
‘Let’s start with a stripping scene. Please, go ahead!’
I walk around the bed slowly, enveloped by the silence of the stage. Oh boy, acting feels so good!
‘Undress slowly,’ Jack orders calmly.
Who the hell is he to give me orders? I’m acting, improvising! Damn, the bastard is distracting me. I move my hands and my clothes slide down to the floor leaving me with nothing but my underwear on. The bed is a bit smelly.

‘Now turn around. Your husband is on the bed. He knows you well, so you need to invent something to make him see you from a completely different angle.’
Okay, this is probably how such scenes are shot… With orders. Damn, how should I play this role, what should I do? I have to show my talent! This is something they didn’t teach us in the acting school! I put one foot up on the bed and smile.
‘Take your bra off.’
‘What?’ I can’t help grinning.
I can see the camera guy sneer.
‘Keep on undressing. Take it all off. We are pros – no one will see anything after the cut.’
I start unhooking the bra on my back. The camera guy pushes the cam towards me and starts moving around me slowly. What am I scared of? I’m talented and beautiful, ain’t I?

I unhook my bra while swaying my hips seductively. I cover my breasts with my left hand pushing them up at the same time. Then I take the hand away slowly and my gorgeous rack appears in front of their hungry eyes in all its glory. My pink nipples are surrounded with biggish bumps that I know my new buddies like a lot.
‘Stroke your breasts.’
Yes, I agree – everything should be as realistic as possible in a real erotic scene. Experienced editors will do the cutting and everything will be fine. I obey Jack’s order. My tits are too big to fit into my cupped hands. Yeah, looks like I’ve got something to be proud of.
‘Now on to your panties.’
My hands leave my breasts and slide down to black lacy panties. They fit me so fine that it costs me quite some effort to take them off. Okay, you brutes, now hold on. I tear my panties off and laugh into the camera. I’m very talented.
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I get up on one elbow and give Jack the dirtiest stare I could manage. Then I giggle loudly.
‘What the hell are you here for – just because you wanted to cum?’ Jack is pissed off, yelling at me as if nothing has happened. ‘I’m exhausted and we still have nothing to offer to our customers. Only goddamn cheap porn. Where is passion? Where is your fire? We have to shoot it all over again. Take two! Now show me how you blow cock.’
I sit up on the bed and stick a finger in my mouth. I’m licking it, moaning hungrily.
‘Swallow it, swallow it, like that. What do we have down here?’ He runs his fingers through my pussy, which is flagrantly wet again!
‘Yeah, she is talented,’ says Jack, complimenting me for the very first time during the whole of the casting. ‘Look, your pussy really wants that job!’
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looks awesome ;P all the best to you and your endeavors.
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Originally Posted by Eves_Paradise View Post
looks awesome ;P all the best to you and your endeavors.
thank you
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NICE!!! cant wait what will happen next with nicole...
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very nice...
i hope this continous.
i like the comic style.
very professionel
I just came here to Party…
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Love the drawing style in these. Realistic and impressionistic at the same time. The images are enough to carry it for me, don't even really need the words, but they do add some context.
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You visual style is nice. You really capture the "unimpressed" look on Jack. The last image of the Nicole touching herself was really hot. I do not know how you managed to pull off the wetness so well.
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Very Nice Work! I really enjoy how you designed you actors. Not a big fan of Japanimation but your work was refreshingly good!
I think I might look into this a bit more! Really like the detail! I think I will be sharing this with my Love!
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This is actually great.
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Beautiful artwork!
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I'm impressed. This comic really looks great. I like the realistic facial expressions.
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Beautiful work

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Excellent work :u are very talented!!!
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Comics are sexy

This is terriffic. Porn (or erotic) comics are the bees knees. Something about turning the page, something about knowing someone spent plenty of time on the images.

There are some legendary steamy comics out there by Wally Wood, fun playful titles like Empowered, and deeply erotic and twisted Black Kiss. Check them out!

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Great artwork! Your female character is gorgeous
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