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Originally Posted by Dixiedevil67 View Post
Or maybe this one .... Huntress II

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Hope this takes care of the request

Originally Posted by VikingVito View Post
Very cool.
How bout on her back, chained and spread eagle ?
Attached Images
File Type: jpg Castle_doom.jpg (96.0 KB, 509 views)

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Really playful work, Dixiedevil. You make it look like so much fun! But I know it's quite difficult to get it right.
“During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.” --George Orwell
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Thank you

Originally Posted by lustatopia View Post
Really playful work, Dixiedevil. You make it look like so much fun! But I know it's quite difficult to get it right.
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love the pics, very arty
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Fab art.. Thanks for posting
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These are fucking beautiful! And perfectly titled, as well. I can't wait to examine all of them again! Marvelous! Fucking A... I wanna bite 'em, that's how good they are.
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Very Nice work!
Would like to know a bit more about how you render these great works.
Thanks for sharing them!
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Very interesting art. I like the fantasy element of it and your kind of twist on photorealism.
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Smile Love your art

It's magnificent, I think my favorite Is Dungeon. Nothing to do with the style or technique, but rather the theme.
I find the notion of one woman dominating another, as master to slave, to be incredibly erotic If I were to write a story on this theme it would probably involve the slave somehow turning the tables and enslaving her former female master, inflicting the same sexual deviance that her former master had bestowed upon her.
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Wow! Your artwork is truly stunning. They are all so erotic but there is such a mix of fantasy, intrigue, mystery and (most admirably) playfulness thrown into the mix. I will most certainly be keeping an eye on your thread. You make me wish I was artistically gifted Beautiful work!
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Great works Dixie .. ToridLovers introduced me to this Section of Lit, glad that they did .. Hope to see more from You .. !!!!
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Love the Frazetta homage, very interesting work
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Thanks everyone for the comments
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I miss seeing your artwork and great stories. i hope you both are enjoying the summer.
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Zeppelin, the Depot and Huntress are my top 3 fav.
Good job, congrats !
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