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Be Naughty, Nanny

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Pushing her black, plastic framed glasses up her nose, Katherine Oliver surveyed the house - or rather mansion - in front of her. She had reached the large home by way of a long, curving driveway which had been quite scenic lined with flowering trees that cast a gentle shadow over the drive. The Kenton home, located in a very wealthy of Atlanta Georgia, had once been a plantation that boasted no less than 150 acres and nearly as many slaves back in its prime. It had, apparently, been in the Kenton family over two hundred years. But the beautiful brick home did not look its age.

Katherine checked her reflection in her car's rear view mirror - bun perfectly in place, glasses straight - before stepping out onto the white stone of the paved driveway. She readjusted her navy blue cardigan, making sure it sat just right over top her white blouse, then checked to make sure her gray pencil skirt was still wrinkle-free. Everything had to be just right for this first meeting. Katherine was, if anything, a perfect professional.

Having been with the Nanny Divine since she was eighteen, twenty-nine year old Katherine knew exactly how to make a perfect first impression. Her professional attitude and way with children made her a hot commodity within the nanny agency. Her expertise made it possible for her to bring in only the top clients and the Kenton family ranked at the very top of those who could well afford her price.

After ringing the doorbell, Katherine waited patiently for the butler - yes, an honest to god butler - to escort her into the office of Michael Kenton, who stood to greet her with a soft smile that reached all the way to his eyes.

"Thank you for coming today, Ms. Oliver." He said, taking his seat behind a formidable mahogany desk. He gestured for Katherine to take one of the arm chairs across from his desk. She sat, smoothing her skirt out as she did so, and folded her hands primly in her lap.

"I appreciate you taking on this job," he continued, trying to appear at ease, but the tension in his shoulders was obvious, "I have to warn you that straightening out my son will not be an easy task. He is, for lack of a better word, the devil himself. My wife and I have tried our best, but we feel that we've done all we can and now all we can do is seek professional advice and help."

"I assure you, Mr. Kenton," Katherine said as he took a pause, "that I have worked with quite a few terrors in my time. Every parent believes his child to be the worst. But, I have found, it's hardly ever the case. Every child has an angel inside them, you just have to help bring it out."

Michael Kenton grinned. "Well I can see that I've hired the right woman for the job. Would you like to meet my son, then?"

Katherine nodded and Michael called for the butler to bring his son into the office.
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Beep, Beep, Beep, Beep

"....uhhh...," Jeremy James Kenton let out a groan as he rolled over and slammed his hand down on his alarm clock, searching blindly for the off button. Eventually he managed to shut it off, silently cursing himself for forgetting to turn it off before he went to sleep. It wasnt like he even bothered getting up for school on time when his alarm woke him during the week. J.J was vaguely aware of a dull throb around the temple area, which was slowly developing into a pounding headache. The dry, scratchy feeling in his throat was confirmation enough that he had the mother of all hangovers and was not in the mood for getting out of bed this early on a Saturday.

Jeremy slowly opened his eyes, thankful that he had at least managed to shut the drapes before falling asleep in his drunken stupor. From what he remembered it had been a pretty good Friday night, lots of girls, lots of liquor and even a small amount of drugs. J.J looked down as his eyes adjusted to the darkness in his room and only then did he realise why he felt so uncomfortable in his large kingsize bed. He was still fully clothed in the outfit he had been wearing last night and had obviously just passed out without getting changed.


Knock, knock, knock

Just as J.J closed his eyes, with the intention of hopefully falling back to sleep, he heard the soft knocking on his bedroom door. He considered ignoring it, but the knocking was just steadily growing louder. "What?" He shouted from his bed.

"Your father would like to see you in his office," came the reply of Alfred, their old British butler.

"What the fuck for?" He shouted, dragging his ass out of bed to open the door. "Why?" He asked a little calmer as he opened the door forcefully. It was hard to stay angry with the ancient butler sometimes. J.J couldn't even remember a time when Alfred hadn't been there to serve them. He had always assumed that Alfred had been passed down generation to generation much like the Kenton mansion they lived in. The butler was certainly old enough, he thought jokingly to himself.

"Your father wants you to meet the new....member of staff," Alfred said quietly, but his eyes were looking at the floor.

Jeremy made a face. Who on earth had his good for nothing father hired now, a new cook, a new maid or an extra gardener for their grounds. And more to the point why the fuck did he have to get up early to meet "the help." Jeremy still found it ironic that their family had a butler and "staff" considering that little over a hundred years ago their house was supposedly full of slaves and most of them black. The Kenton name, mansion and wealth came from his father's side of the family, an all white heritage. Jeremy took after his mother who was of West Indian descent, though she was still relatively light skinned. In fact, J.J was actually a little darker skinned than his Mom. His Mom and Dad had met in college and fallen in love, though Jeremy often wondered how his Mom felt about the fact that years ago the Kenton family had a vast amount of slaves. He knew it made him feel a little guilty.

Feeling a little stifled by his crisp blue shirt, J.J unbuttoned his sleeves and rolled them up his arms a little. He followed this by unbuttoning a couple of buttons at the top and bottom of his shirt, not caring that some of his chest and torso was on show. Why spend all that time working out if you're afraid to show it off he always reasoned to himself. J.J discreetly sniffed at his armpits and figured he would take a shower after he met whoever his father wanted him to meet.

Alfred opened the doors to the impressive office that belonged to Jeremy's father and started to announce his arrival. "Your son Jerem...." He started before J.J cut him off.

"Yeah, he knows who I am Alfred or he should do anyway," J.J snapped.

"Morning Jeremy," Michael said with a wide smile. "Son, I'd like you to meet Katherine Oliver. Katherine this is my son, Jeremy James Kenton," he added as an introduction. J.J slowly looked her up and down, not bothering to be subtle as he did so. Even at his young age he had worked out that girls loved attention even if they moaned about it publicly. This red head chick was hot. He seriously hoped his father had hired her as a maid, he could almost see the uniform now, though the one he imagined was very slutty.

"How many times have I told you not to use my full name. It's Jay or J.J," he replied to his father disrespectfully. "I don't want everyone knowing my name is Jeremy, it'll damage my reputation," he joked adding a wink in Katherine's direction and using a fake posh accent as he uttered his name. What he really meant was he didn't want Kate or whatever her name was knowing he had a stupid first name.

"Anyway," his father sighed. "We've hired Miss. Oliver as a nanny of sorts," Michael started cautiously. "You know to help you with your grades...your behaviour and well so you don't get kicked out of another expensive private school," he elaborated.

To say J.J was stunned would be an understatement. He stood virtually completely still, rooted to the spot from shock, temporarily at a loss for words. "What..the...FUCK," he shouted, eventually regaining the use of his voice. "You hired a fucking nanny, I'm eighteen for fuck sake," he ranted, completely disregarding the woman in front of him now. Nostrils flared, he was seething now.

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Katherine couldn't help but wince at the sheer anger that rolled off JJ in dense waves. It was enough to make the hair on the back of her neck stand on end. There was no way she could work with this...child.

"Excuse me," she said quietly, gently interrupting the argument before it got out of hand. She did not doubt that JJ could, and would, become violent if he so wished. "Mr. Kenton, I must object to this arrangement as well. I was not told when you requested me for this job that your son was a legal adult. Not only that, but I work, strictly, with young children. There is nothing that I can do in this situation."

Katherine stood, adjusting her skirt, and took a step towards the door.

"Ms. Oliver," Mr. Kenton quickly moved out from behind his desk and placed a hand on her arm. "Please, allow me to explain. My wife and I are desperate," he shot a look towards his son who was still fuming by the door. "JJ is just one strike away from being kicked out of his fifth school. We have done everything we can, but nothing works."

A snort of derision came from Kenton's son. Kenton shot a quick, scolding glance at his son before turning his attention back to Katherine.

"When we heard about the work that you do, and the results you get from your charges, my wife and I knew we had to have you work with JJ. Please, we'll pay you three times your usual rate."

Three times? Now that did appeal to Katherine who had a mountain of bills growing at home. But Katherine didn't generally care about the music, she cared about helping children and their parents grow closer together.

"Honestly, Mr. Kenton, I know nothing about how to handle this situation. While you and your wife may want this to work, your son is a grown man and his personality and habits are already cemented. I don't know how I can help you unless JJ is willing to work with me, which neither you nor I can force him to do."

Kenton sent his son a pleading, yet firm glance. "JJ, if you don't want to get kicked out of yet another school and ruin your senior year and any prospect of college, will you work with Ms. Oliver? Keep in mind that if you say no then your mother and I have agreed that you will be cut off. That means no more money, no access to the vacation homes for parties, no cars, nothing. What do you say?"

With his back to Katherine, Mr. Kenton did not see the sad shake of her head or hear the low sigh that came from her lips. Katherine felt a surge of pity for JJ, no matter how bad his attitude. This was no way to deal with a child, even one who was fully grown. If she was going to work with JJ, she would also need to work with the parents and teach them how to properly treat their son.

"Well, JJ, what's your answer?" Kenton prompted his son.
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A nanny?! Seriously?! Was this some kind of dumb joke?! JJ was so angry with his father right now that he wanted to continue giving him a volley of abuse, but the so called nanny interrupted him before he got the chance. Well at least she was against the idea as well, he thought as the red haired woman voiced her objection. It seemed that daddy dearest had told a few lies in order to get Ms. Oliver to even turn up in the first place. His father would never change, always willing to throw money at a problem whatever it was, never inclined to listen or to take no for an answer for that matter. Michael Kenton was so predictable.

JJ folded his arms across his broad chest in a clear act of defiance. He was pissed off and he wanted his dad to know about it. Despite his anger JJ let Katherine say her piece, silently agreeing with her rationale, and listened with disgust as his father pleaded with her to stay. He let out a snort of derision as the old man practically begged her to "help" them. Pathetic, he thought, his father was making a fool of himself. Surely there was no way that Ms. Oliver would agree to this absurd idea.

Triple her salary?! Was he for real?! His dad really did have more money than sense! He could pay her whatever he liked, there's no way JJ was going to change his ways, not for his parents and certainly not for this stupid bitch. Besides that was JJ's inheritance being spent, which was not something he was fond of. JJ thought he saw a little of the reluctance to take the job leave Katherine's eyes at the mention of money. Typical money grabbing whore, JJ thought to himself.

"This is bullshit," JJ muttered angrily under his breath. This was fucking insane, he was a grown man and there was no way he was going to listen to some snotty nagging bitch. "WHAT?!" JJ shouted in anger as his father effectively threatened to cut him off financially. "That isn't fair," he added in frustration. No money, no vacations, no parties, no cars, his senior year at school would be ruined. "I fucking hate you," he yelled at his father. "Sure, whatever, I'll work with the bitch...." He said, giving her a look of pure loathing. The only work he wanted to do with her involved her laying on her back with her legs spread.

"JJ, apologise to Ms. Oliver at once," his father demanded in an exasperated voice.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever, I don't need this shit. It's Saturday, if anyone needs me i'll be in the gym" he replied as he turned on his heel and left them to it, slamming the door behind him. At least he could take out some of his anger and frustration in the Kenton family gym

"Jeremy James Kenton, come back here," he heard his father yell after him, but he could go fuck himself. JJ was going to make the nanny's life a living hell. He couldn't believe his dad was doing this to him. If anyone at his school found out about this he would be a laughing stock. He had to find a way to get rid of Ms. Oliver and quickly. JJ unbuttoned his shirt as he walked down the hall throwing it to the floor and leaving it there discarded. Katherine could start by cleaning up after him if she really wanted to earn the money his father was willing to pay her. JJ walked the rest of the way in just his jeans, his muscular chest and torso on show.
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