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Gay Experience During College Days Between Straight Friends


I got a question about the possibilities....

If straight guy gets into oral fun with his best friend and get sucked during "early years" of young age.... and stops after he gets married... does it come back?

Lets say myself and my best straight friend get into oral fun during college days. I never opened myself as gay to him. It went on for nearly 7 years on and off that I am casually blowing him. He is not giving, only receiving oral from me.

But after 7 years just before he get married I opened up to him that I like guys too. He freaked out and asked me to even stop talking about it. For sometimes we had issue in friendship and did not talk for 2 years. Later on he apologized and accepted me as his friend. As he did not like the fact that I am into guys too, he got mad.

He got married, after couple of years we got on normal path and we are still best friends now. We meet each other often but never talk about what happened in past or do anything. he is happily married with kids.

To be honest I really enjoyed those casual fun time with him. I wish they come back...I am just curious, whether would he ever come back for the good old fun days experience? I meant, would he ever get back with desire to have fun with me?

Any thoughts ? or Any similar experiences?
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Sounds like a no for right now.

He's got his family to concentrate on, and I'll bet you that he worries about letting himself get distracted from his hetero life. Let him be, life is tough enough for families right now. he's got to earn money and maintain a marriage relationship. He has to be a father.

Maybe later, when he hits one or another of those midlife crisises, he'll make a dorky, awkward come-on to you. At that time you can consider it. But really, and I am so very sorry-- you need to move on.
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move on

I agree, he probably thinks about it when he sees you, no, I am sure he thinks about it when he is with you, but it is not your place to ask him. It must come from him or you will loose a friend.
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He might be thinking about it. But wait for his cue.

I still think of the fun I had when I was in college.
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You sucked his cock for 7 years and you can't ask him if he ever thinks about it? He sounds uptight that he didn't reciprocate to suck yours, so perhaps he is just waiting for you to mention it. Just mention it in a safe place and see what his reaction is. If your friendship is that fragile that it would screw it up, then it has other problems.

Just mention it in passing. "Do you ever think about the olden days?" And wait to see what he says.
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