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Neko's Unholy Temple

Gender:Female but I will play female or male characters. However I prefer playing a female.
Age: 18 to late 20s ^_^ But I tend to play ageless. Characters.
Sexual Orientation:Bisexual so I dont mind playing with gals or guys
Power Exchange: Im a sadomasochist which is reflected in my characters. I do not mind non-con as long as its not toooo out there. Im typically a sub when it comes to males but I am dominant when it comes to females typically.
Race:I am proudly mixed and my characters typicalky are one of my mixed races so... German, Romanian, African American, Native American, Greek, Japanese.
Bodytype:Typically small and slender but still strobg enough to be a toughy when Im a girl. If a guy it depends on the story.
Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations:I typically play things I know so... I play anthros and furries (wolf and cat), gods/goddesses, demons, witches, and vampires.
Settings:Anywhere really. ^_^ Let the imagination go where it may.
Likes/Kinks: Likes are creative writers, plot twists, good use of language, fantasy stories, power ex., and pretty much anything intresting. Kinks are BDSM and anything that uses dominance
Hard Limits:Scat play, hardcore drugs, excessive abuse unless ifs fighting, golden showers, necrophilia(not including the undead), severe degredation
Availability:Very sporadic I am typically very busy and this isnt the only place i write.
The Demon Feline of Night and Shadows...
My shifting shape allows me to be whoever your heart desires... But do not be fooled... Complacency can lead you into dangerous territory...
Neko's Unholy Temple


The feline who operates this account will not be available with any consistency until January 13th. As such your patience is both requested and appreciated.
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wanders in
Well, who doesn't like a good old unholy temple?
does unholy dance all in virginal white
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you said hole
I can't be a ride or die chick! I'm a Mom! I gotta be home to make breakfast in the morning & do my son's laundry... can't do that shit dead.
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Sneaking around...
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A wolfling comes wandering bearing a gift box. Since the writer in question strikes me as being just a bit saucy, a bit sweet, I tried to find something that would fit every aspect.

A knock and the box appears in the midst of the thread, open and ready for use. A note is attached~and reads simply~


I like your seals of approval....I approve
It's Fetofficial~I am Twin's brat boi.

You can call me Pocahontas...*nods*
Love is never having to say I can't poop.

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*peeks in the door*

"Death is a bitch and I am its master."

You can find me here: http://drrrchat.com/lounge/

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Hello Neko, I saw your Coven RP and thought you might like reading a few things I'm looking to get someone to look at before posting. I enjoyed the time and detail you put into your writing. Hope to hear back from you.
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Knocks on the door of the long underused room and takes a peak inside.

"Hello? Just came to welcome y'all to the neighborhood..."
Anybody wanna give me a "Yeehaw"?


My Stables, I'm always around here.

My Barn, come and play if you dare.
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Yes, but-
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Unholy temple? Those are the best.
Da jeg kom tilbake hadde noe uforutsett inntruffet.

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