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Question about a mistress who became the wife?

Hello everybody, I am javier, from Spain, this is my first post on this board.

I got a female friend, she was married to a guy. When they met, she was 13, and the guy was 21. So they married when she was 16, and had two children( boy and girl). Obviously, from the outside this seems the classic case of pregnant teen with an older guy, with no future whatsoever. But they managed to stay together for 12 years.

A few years ago, when he was 33 he abandoned her (not that shocking), and married a 18 years old girl. (a younger model, as to speak). A few months later the new one delivered a baby girl, and 3 months later she was pregnant again (another baby girl). So she's barely 20 and mother of two baby girls with the guy.

Now, do you think one of the causes of she getting pregnant again is because she wanted to have a boy? These people is from Ecuador, so there having a male heir is important.

Second, during the time the guy was with my friend he managed to make some good investments, and had a bit of money. When he abandoned my friend, he made some bad moves and is almost bankrupt.

So I guess the new one thought she had got the jackpot, but now things are less rosy. Two baby girls in a macho culture country, and husband who has lost his money, and perhaps blames his bad luck on her, the fact that she started as a lover, or "family breaker", so she can´t blame anyone else for her misfortune, etc.

By the way, notice how the guy always seem to pick up much younger girls, so we can see he's got a predatory mindset.

So how would you read the whole situation, and what prediction for the future would you forecast?

PS, if you are wondering "why do you care about all this", the answer is that I had strong feelings for my friend, and it's interesting to see other people's opinion in an anonymous way , and understand better how can I cope with my feelings.

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The guy is a jackass. His younger model is a fool. His first wife is a victim.

Totally messed up situation.

People need to be VERY careful what kind of person they let into their life. Idiots and losers don't just hurt themselves.

If you have feelings for this friend then you should let her know, assuming that you're any better than her first husband that is.
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Originally Posted by Hans101 View Post
The guy is a jackass. His younger model is a fool. His first wife is a victim.

Totally messed up situation.

People need to be VERY careful what kind of person they let into their life. Idiots and losers don't just hurt themselves.

If you have feelings for this friend then you should let her know, assuming that you're any better than her first husband that is.
good response.
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I don't understand why a mistress would want to marry the man she is cheating with. Why would you marry a man who you KNOW cheats on his wife?

The only possible reason I can think of is that she plans to divorce him later (when he's cheating on her with yet another mistress) and take half his money.
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Someone wiser than me once said "When the mistress becomes the wife, all she does is create a vacancy for the position of mistress..."

So yeah, to be blunt, if you're with a guy who is cheating on his wife with you, and he then leaves that wife and marries you, don't be too surprised if he does it again... and again...
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Not sure how these relationships are any of the OP's business.
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Looks as though the guy wants "new" or barely used pussy every so often. Might work for him. It would also seem he's about as careful with his money as he is with is morals. Wouldn't work for me.
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It's called natural selection.............................
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We honestly don't have enough real information about the two relationships to have a serious opinion about this.

No offense, but you're a biased source of information, and therefore are too involved feelings-wise to paint a proper picture.

My opinion of this entire situation is that you're in love with the ex-wife and your anger at her pain is coloring your viewpoint about her ex-husband, and you're coming here to get agreed with.

That's human nature. I don't necessarily think it's a great idea, but I know why you're doing it.

That being said, you really need to do something more healthy with your time and feelings.
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