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A liberal college experiment.

Jack had volunteered for the co-ed dorms. It was a new experiment, pushed by feminists. If men and women are equal then there should be no problem with them living not just on the same floor, but in the same room.

Jack supported equal rights and all that jazz, but that wasn't the only reason he wanted to live with a girl. The truth was he wanted a sex partner. Not just a girlfriend, he'd had those, but someone to fuck, and fuck often. Jack was horny all the time, all the time, and he found he could only masturbate in the shower because he came by the gallon. Ok, maybe not a literal gallon, but damn it was alot. Most guys could cum into a tissue, Jack needed paper towels. Plural, as in two or three. In the shower he didn't need to use a towel, instead he just let it go down the drain.

In fact, his showers used to go, a nice wank, cleaning himself, another wank, clean his dick, and then he was done. For the last year his showers were getting longer and longer because he kept getting more and more stamina. He'd orgasm, slowly deflate and a minute or so later he'd be hard again. His father was yelling at him about taking too long in the shower and keeping the furnace running. Jack didn't know how to tell him what was going on.

This tended to turn off his girlfriends. The first handjob, maybe two or three in to the relationship and girls didn't want to deal with the mess. A couple of brave girls had decided to try to give him a blowjob, but that tended to be a relationship killer.

He was hoping with a girl sharing his room he'd be able to ease her in to what he wanted. A few weeks of walking around in just his boxers, maybe a few planned nude accidental encounters could get her curiosity up. If he could just get her acclimated to his libido then maybe he could finally get some relief. And maybe, finally, a girl would let him fuck her.

Worst case scenario, if she wasn't interested, the suite they were going to share had an attached bathroom, so at least he could get in a long shower everyday, with privacy.

Jack got his housing assignment from the orientation people and parked near his dorm. The Resident Assistant said that his roommate had already moved in so with a deep breath Jack shouldered a book bag and carried his luggage in one hand. He walked into the dorm and shortly found his room. The door was shut, so he knocked and said, "Anybody home?" before he opened the door.


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