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Originally Posted by joan658 View Post
Honey ... there's plenty of ways for us girls to expose ourselves without getting arrested. Here's one ... wear a wrap around dress without a bra (or a demi-bra that's low enough to expose your nipples) and bend over to pick up something dropped while in line at a coffee shop. Or ... wear the same dress (it should be above the knee) without panties and go to the mall and shop for shoes - make sure you get a man to wait on you and help you try on a few pair of new shoes. I've done these things and even ended up in the "back" at a shoe store with a sexy young college student ... he was very eager to see if something else would "fit" .... :-)
I'd like to hear the rest of this story...
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Exhibition ideas

Originally Posted by xhibitionbabe View Post
I feel like I will never be able to have a normal sex life until I get this out of my system... I am an extreme exhibitionist that has never acted it out.
I read stories on here all the time that I wish I could live out.
I'm 5'6 dark brown long hair, 38DD breasts, and long legs. My favorite stories in here are ones where I am either searched in a crowded place where many people come around to watch. As in an airport and everyone is watching as my breasts are thourghly examined or as my pants are pulled down and my ass cheeks are spread. I want many many people to see me as exposed and humiliated as possible.
I also am turned on by stories where people are spanked in public (over the knee hand spankings bare bottom) and the spanker being an older gentleman or an old woman. I like the thought of many people watching and being aroused and some even laughing at me and humiliating me more.
I cant get it off my mind but the only things I have the guts to do is masterbate in parks at night time, or an my patio in the dark. Sometimes if I'm feeling frisky Ill do it in my car. But it doesnt cut it.
Is something wrong with me?? And how do I fufill one of these fantasies without it going terribly wrong??
I agree with the other posters; you should start small. Have you done any exhibitionism? You should start small and work your way into more daring scenarios that might involve more viewers, remembering not to force others into your fetish. Some other locations to consider are: truck stops, strip clubs, and when you are sure you are ready for a larger audience there is always Mardi Gras in New Orleans.
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Originally Posted by Lisa469 View Post
Not to sound stupid but where do you find these clubs?
Log into nsaca.com
It will list swing clubs in every area. Not all club are on premise, so you might a little limited, but they do let a lot go on. Hope this helps.
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Originally Posted by oldjoejoe View Post
Log into nsaca.com
It will list swing clubs in every area. Not all club are on premise, so you might a little limited, but they do let a lot go on. Hope this helps.
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The thing with kink is, everyone involved needs to be consenting to it. So exposing yourself to a random crowd of people in a mall is forcing your kink, non-consentually, on them. Not only is that not cool but it can get you arrested.

Cam sites, strip clubs... swinger clubs. Tons of options that are totally legal.
Originally Posted by Netzach
That's the BDSM board, hard to believe, not the maledom weak girl fetish cock-as-God forum, though you'd usually never know it any more.
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I was in a fetish shop in Chicago...

A guy came in with his sub and instructed her to go into a dressing room and strip; she came back out stark naked with a leather collar around her neck. He attached a leash and they went around the store looking at items like that.

This was a large, very poplular store around Wrigleyville, the 'sin city' area of the city.

I'm sure you could find a guy who would act as your Dom.
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I think it's do-able. Try a reputable swingers' club and invite several people into a room in which you are to be punished publicly by someone you know. Have him or her strip you, making sure you are exposed and very visible to all. Set clear limits for the spectators (e.g. no touching). Have your friend make comments about your body as you turn slowly for the audience. (Look at how your cunt swells in front of everyone; have you no shame?). While spanking your reddening ass, have him/her stuff a thumb up your rectum and inquire if anyone would like to study your asshole more closely. Be safe and have fun.
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