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...thank you, madam
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Penpals, or more exactly PMpals...

I'm showing my age here, but in the dim and distant pre-electronic past there was such a thing as writing away to complete strangers in foreign countries, feverishly waiting for an answer and then fumblingly grappling with the nearest German/Dutch/French/delete as appropriate dictionary to work out what on earth your answer said. Quite often it was indecipherable, you'd write back wondering if they had any clue as to what you were telling them, but a rapport would build up, a friendship, something that gave a frisson of pleasure every time the postman delivered the latest round of news from abroad...

But now we have the marvel that is the Interweb, and this vibrant little niche in it called Lit, we have the opportunity to recreate that pen-and-ink practice but at much higher speed...

So I'm looking for PMpals. Happy to chat to anyone, anywhere, although I will admit that I am probably slightly more interested in chatting to lasses (although for bi men, I'm all yours too...).

I'm male, possessed of a good upbringing and upstanding morals that only slip occasionally, and like to believe I can do the whole spelling and grammar thing pretty darn well. I favour whole sentences and long rambling digressions. I write (see linky below).

So, if you fancy filling my box, drop me a line!


My scribblings:


A new epic begins: The Box of Desires http://www.literotica.com/s/the-box-of-desires-ch-01
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