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Me and my wife are reading 50 Shades of Grey together. She has confessed that the thought of being restrained and at my mercy in front of other people excites her. I want to explore the possibilities of making this a reality. Obviously, having your own Dungeon room isn't practical for most of us, which leads to my question. Do Dungeons exist for such a purpose? Where is the best place to find one? I would like to hear from other people who have similar experiences. We are not into the S/M part of this lifestyle. We are more interested in the bondage and submission part with some exhibition thrown in. I have recently joined fetlife, but haven't explored the site very much, yet. Thanks in advance for any replies.
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Go back to Fetlife, and click on the "Places" link at the top of the page. Find your locale, check out the groups there.
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Fetlife is a good place to start. There are fetish clubs in a whole lot of towns, but they're relatively well hidden. Don't know about renting out a dungeon privately for some playtime, but I'm sure if you could get in touch with the owner of one they wouldn't be averse.
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most people don't, but you don't need a 'dungeon' to explore play at home, either. It is easy enough to tie someone to a bed, or to a chair, and you can do things to make an ordinary room 'special' in play, light it by candlelight (or if worried about a fire hazard, those battery powered candle thingies you can use at the holidays). Have whatever you are going to be playing with visible around the room, and make sure to dress differently for play, like all black for the top and flimsy stuff for the bottom. Sometimes the hottest things are improvising and using things on spur of the moment, like hairbrushers, panty hose, things you grab from around the house, makes it interesting,because the other person would never look at a pair of tongs the same way again *lol*.

I don't know where you live, but if you do some searching you may be able to find professional dominants in your area, and some of them will rent out space to people (I can't promise that, depends on where this is and local laws), in the NYC area pro houses commonly rented out space, and it wasn't prohibitively expensive. There are all kinds of listings online for houses of domination, if there is a large town or city near you that would likely be the best place to start.
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