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Sexting with Brother?!

Erika had recently had a bad breakup. Her boyfriend had been fucking her best friend behind her back for weeks. Erika was done with him; it was his loss anyway. He didn't even have a big rod. And her best friend, well, she was a slut anyway. Erika was over it; the only downfall was that she was incredibly horny most of the time. She was never one to go into chat room but lately at night, she found herself in her bedroom, chatting with people she didn't even know. Most nights they helped her get off and she slept peacefully.

But there was one guy who was around her age, and the two had been texting each other awhile. And have recently begun texting pictures of themselves to each other while they get off. Erika lay in her bed, horny again when she pulled out her phone.

She texted her mystery man as two fingers teased the swollen outer lips of her womanhood. "You didn't text me last night. I missed you." She texted to the mystery man as she slid one finger inside herself.

ooc: Sample PM please
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That's a hot start. i'd like to see the rest
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