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Lots of Ideas...

Hello everyone!

I'm very new to this. But I have decided to give it a blast as I wrote something which got my better half going...and I know I can improve on it. Trouble is, I have a fair few ideas which might be even better (even though I haven't finished or submitted the first one yet!)

So I have a few questions. How to keep a track of an idea(s) when it arrives in some kind of note form. How do people cope with this? Can anyone give suggestions?

Secondly, most of my ideas are based on personal experiance, so I'd like to write something from two points of view and something I haven't tried before. Bascially, I need a woman with a webcam who likes to watch. So I want to tell the storey from "her" perspective as well as mine.

Anyways, I know there is a shed load of advise I need to read for authorers first. But thought I'd get stuck in. So if anyone has any pointers to get me started I would be very gratefull.

Thanks in advance!
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I have a word file that's just full of ideas for erotic stories or scenes or characters. If you just have a sudden idea, you can email it or text it to yourself, too.
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Interesting idea LiquidMatthew. I basically need to write this stuff quickly in one place when I think of something.
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I email to myself as well. But that's mainly because I don't want anyone to see it....
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