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Trying to Find Two Gay Male Stories

Okay it has been a while since I read them but I'm pretty sure they are by the same author.

The first one is about a thief who is going to steal this orb thing from his king/alpha but it is protected by the kings two sphinx ( something Egyptian like that) brothers. He ends up basically being looked in the Alpha buys cave/room and they end up getting together(mating). I'm pretty sure this bonding thing had to happen in front of a lot of people. I'm also 90% sure there was a Were element to this story.

The other is about a man that goes to an island( I don't remember why) he meets a man who we learn can control fire. The main guy ends up being able to control ice, and the main bad guy can do something with wind/air. The main guy has a fiance that comes to the island near the end of the story( I think she might die). And the fire guy has a safe room in his house that's like all cement so he has somewhere safe use the fire.

I know these are really bad descriptions but it's what I can remember. I really hope someone see's this that can help me.
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