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Second Chances ~ CLOSED

Second Chances

CLOSED for Mav Unlimited.

Brianna was tired, bone deep weary she had been without a mate for what felt like forever, without that essential component which would make her whole again; she needed a male but not just any male…a submissive male.

Brianna was in crisis, she had lost her partner of 5 years to a tragic accident during a scene, a small misstep which she felt could have been avoided. She had given him over to the charge of another despite her misgivings, despite the tiny voice which insisted she was making a mistake.

At what point did a Dominant need to prove to the world at large or at least her own community that what she brought to the table was of value she thought for the umpteenth time feeling her temples beginning to throb

It was that simple mistake that cost Stephan his life. It had cost her a soul mate whom she dearly loved, it cost her self-esteem, it had almost cost Brianna her sanity.

Brianna had known early on where her sexual proclivities lay and like the studious woman she was she had explored her nature carefully. She supposed she fell into the realm of a sensual Dominant; she had no wish to feed her nature at the expense of another, she simply fed off of the erotic primal undertones that were a part of each person’s basest nature. She became one with their deepest desires until they became hers too.

Limbo… two excruciating, agonizing years filled with self-loathing and reproach. It was time she began to live again!

Against her better judgement she had been persuaded by a friend to attend this small private auction hosted by the Lady Dea a woman she had no respect for, she was well known for her cruel and barbaric treatment of those under her care.

Brianna had no real intention to purchase but to please her friend here she was here weaving in and out of the various raised dais where the various forms of merchandise were displayed. She had to admit they did have a nice selection of both male and female flesh as well as some very formidable looking contraptions. Why am I here? she asked herself again, you know you are not ready for this step. She scanned the room for a final time knowing she was about to make her excuses and leave.

Then she saw him…

They had him secluded off to one side almost as if they were hiding him, he was naked as was the norm but unlike the others he was heavily secured, both slender hands restrained by strong manacles which were fashioned to a wicked hook in the ceiling, Interesting , what were they hiding, why was he restrained in such a manner?

Brianna watched carefully from the shadows as Dia lead a group of prospective buyers in his direction instantly bristling at her treatment of what she could only assume was her personal property. She couldn’t help but notice his responses, he seemed almost resigned...

Brianna didn’t realize that she had been holding her breath until the group moved away no one appearing interested in his purchase. She exhaled slowly not fully understanding what drew her to him but instinctively knowing that this slave would be hers no matter the financial cost.

Slowly she approached drinking in the sight of the most beautiful body she had ever seen, perfection in every strong sleek line of potent masculinity, he had a dancers form.

Brianna saw beyond his scars... he was beautiful to her eyes.

She didn’t summon Dea back she didn’t want her rattling off her slickly rehearsed sales pitch, Brianna needed to find out about this male first hand. His head was down and remained so his long inky black hair obscuring the plains and valleys of his face. Brianna favored long hair she found it strangely exotic and most defiantly masculine despite this world of buzz cuts and shaven heads.

Slowly she walked around him a small finger reaching out to gently trace some of his many brutal scars, hers were hidden, his out in the open for all to see. They were of a similar height he only a few inches taller than her own 5ft 6inches. Brianna didn't favor the high spiked heels most females wore, if she had she would have towered above him.

The young Dominant barely glanced at the appendage which hung like a sleeping predator between his long sleek thighs it was a bit larger than she favored but that did not deter her from her mission.

Standing barely a foot from him she paused drinking in his essence, mmmmmm very nice indeed, he was totally primal, almost alpha male with undertones of something else; fear, resentment … surely not anger?

“What is your name.” she asked of him her dulcet tones much like a healing balm in the noisy crowded room as they washed over him like a sensual caress making her presence very definitely known. “Why is it they keep you hidden here trust up like some wild and dangerous animal?”

When he raised his eyes she wagered he would be shocked by the woman he found standing before him, she certainly was not cut from the usual Dominant mold nor was she dressed as such. No whip, no leather, no trappings whatsoever of the BDSM lifestyle.

Brianna looked like she might have stepped from some woodland glade. However, she was that which she proclaimed; it was clearly telegraphed in the way she held herself, it could be read in the bewitching eyes which would soon meet his.

Eyes which would hungrily devour his very soul proclaiming it hers before even another word was spoken between them…

It is not enough to conquer; One must know how to seduce - Voltaire

Love never dies a natural death. It dies because we don't know how to replenish its source. It dies of blindness and errors and betrayals. It dies of illness and wounds; it dies of weariness, of witherings, of tarnishings.
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Growing up in a small town, he used to love to go see the animals and artists perform as a little boy. Ever since his teen years though, he felt he had become part of one big circus, sometimes even a zoo. Although he had the talent that was an essential requirement for what he was supposed to be used for, they had trained him well enough since a very early age to make sure he didn't waver from his defined path. A few times when he had tried to escape and gotten caught, the punishments had hampered any such further ventures. It was not just his body that was owned, but they had gotten control of his mind as well. He had no rights. No voice. All he was was a nice juicy piece of meat. Many a women had tried to stick their forks in him. Most had only succeeded in causing pain, of which he bore scars all over him to this very day. The outer ones were clearly visible. The ones deep within him, only he knew what they had turned him into.

He was confined to the corner, appearing to be hanging by the ceiling, all alone, shackled away from the other items on display, like some ferocious creature as if he were a threat to society. She knew otherwise. Lady Dea had used him to her heart's content. She could never truly penetrate his soul however. It annoyed her to no end. But she wasn't the first one. All of his previous owners had tried and failed. The only thing they were interested in was deriving pleasure by abusing him like a common fucktoy. He wasn't even sure what he really craved anymore, but it certainly wasn't this. Habits may sometimes become necessities as the clock ticks, but he was simply tired of it all. She was not quite ready to toss him away yet, but she felt like she had no choice. He was becoming more and more difficult to deal with and maintain, mainly due to his complete lack of interest. He was no fun to her anymore. She was looking to fetch a handsome price for this particular artifact of hers. If she couldn't keep him much longer, maybe sell him off to one of the other cruel ladies that roamed the auction halls. That would at least give her sadistic heart the satisfaction of knowing he would be no better off than he was with her.

They all walked past him, some of them missing him entirely due to the way Dea had placed and presented him, others offering mere glances before moving ahead with their window shopping. No one seemed interested in purchasing this live sculpture though. Not even the few special guests that Dea personally showed him off to. Not until she arrived.

She was different than most of them. He could only see her from a distance at first, but the woman definitely didn't look like a Domme. What was she doing here at this auction, and why was she glancing towards and now approaching him? Was this another of Dea's games? He was so sick of them. Or maybe she was just lost. He tried to look away, sometimes down, thinking the long tresses falling down over his cheeks might be able to hide his face, but his eyes kept returning to her, peeking glances at the advancing fairy.

She had an air of confidence about her that he didn't notice at first, but as she started speaking to him, she had his total attention. Her euphonious tone seemed to soothe his ears as she spoke to him, as if all the commotion around them was shut off for a moment. He was normally trained to keep his head down, and eyes lowered. But her firm gaze made him stare back into those enchanting eyes for what seemed like an eternity.

"My name is...Ethan...", he replied, in the most polite way he could given the circumstances, even though her next question had already annoyed him slightly. Why did they keep him here manacled in this fashion? Wild? Dangerous? Animal? Why didn't she go ask Dea, he thought! What was he supposed to answer? He could have said a lot of things, but that was not how he was trained, hence he stayed silent for a moment and merely lowered his eyes, considering what to say to her.

What was happening here? Was he dreaming? She seemed attractive, surely, but why did he felt so drawn to this woman he had never before seen in his life, and who was far from what most considered a Dominatrix. What interest might she have in him? Maybe it was just his tired mind playing tricks. After all, he hadn't slept soundly in days. And his frustration was getting the better of him. She was still standing there.

"Who are you? What do you want from me?" He continued to speak, his tone now lowering to a whisper, "Are you sure you're in the right place, Miss?"

When he looked back up into her eyes with a half resigned, half interested look, his brain and his body went into a swirl. It was as if she was hypnotizing him.
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