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Straight roleplay

Any tops into having the bottom roleplay a straight guy you get to break / rape /blackmail/seduce? Any bottoms into roleplaying this or having the top roleplay a straight guy that just really needs to fuck someone /is curious, etc?

I'm a sub, and I'd love to roleplay the straight guy getting broken in - raped, seduced, blackmailed, etc, but ending up loving getting cock in my ass, becoming a gay whore. Maybe roleplay that I'm being blackmailed, first it's just sex, then I have to go with him for a few days to The Castro or on a gay cruise, get introduced to everyone as his bf, kiss in public, he's dressed like any regular guy but I have to shave my legs and armpits and wear white shorts and pink or rainbow t-shirts or pink speedos when sunbathing, then he makes me go to a gay parade somewhere and I wear something like this http://floydboyd.com/wp-content/uplo...ceanera_72.jpg and then we go to the hotel for a good fuck, by which time he doesn't need to blackmail me any more...
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Seems like a bazillion straight guys have a fetish for sucking dick.

I've never run across a gay guy with a fetish for pretending to be straight before... That's like, so queer!
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