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my first erotic story

i wrote a (admittedly) short story and was shocked by the anger of the replies. As you read this. remember the author has Cerebral Palsy

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Unfortunately, it's a little late and the wrong place to mention you have CP if you want that to be considered as a factor by readers. Incest stories attract negative comments in their own right. Matching it with CP probably just adds more--naturally. Just the way it is. Writing about sexual activity and disabilities can be received well here when handled with sensitivity. Yours is pretty raw. You don't build in the theme of "everyone has the right to be happy sexually" very well. Perhaps if you had . . . Raw incest might not be the best avenue to that.
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Too short for my tastes with no character development, and the descriptions didn't arouse me much. It's wasn't the incest that turned me off. I am certainly not angry though and would encourage you to write more. Especially if this is you and you are writing from personal experience. Try a longer story and see what reaction you get.
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it needs a lot of fleshing out.

keep writing. ignore any comments that do not give specifics and reasons, which merely insult you or trash the story.

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