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Originally Posted by Jessie_Pinkman View Post
He not only will, but wants it.

No straight guy will say more than 'I won't rule it out'- that is a 100% invitation. He won't ever say 'hell yea, bring me a cock!".

Test it- introduce a strap-on or dildo into a scene where you are both very hot- see if he won't 'suck your cock'.

Might hold off on fucking him with it, though- baby steps.
While I agree with your breakdown of the semantics here, I can't get onboard with the "strapon test".

Take myself for example....Would I give in to the topic of this thread? I dunno..*****bably not; I don't think my woman would push me to, because she's not into seeing it...and I surely wouldn't without that strong influence.

Now....strap on action with her? Hellyes; but I'm not about to suck the damn thing; that just strikes both of us as ridiculous...since we're not into power play with one another. Literally, neither of us would get a thing from it...other than a funny plastic taste.

Wyld is right about pushing people's limits, thus opening a "can of worms" by way of resent and perceived obligation.
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Would love to discuss
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He had better!!!
~God determines who walks into your life. It is up to you to decide who you let walk away, who you let stay and who you refuse to let go~
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Originally Posted by Cookie123 View Post
He had better!!!
And if he doesn't?
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Originally Posted by Bbb13 View Post
And if he doesn't?
He is bi, so I don't think he would put up much of a fight Also, he doesn't like it when I pout, so I usually get my way.
~God determines who walks into your life. It is up to you to decide who you let walk away, who you let stay and who you refuse to let go~
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He definitely would...!! He considers himself bi...
You can sleep with a blonde..you can sleep with a brunette..but you will never get ANY sleep with a redhead.
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Only One Naked
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Originally Posted by CaroleS36 View Post
My hubby has agreed that I can write and post the story of his first time with a real cock in his mouth.

My sexy subby hubby had sucked my strap on before and when I broached the topic of a real cock when in the throws he was into it at least until we were finished fucking at which point he would lose any interest in the topic.

I got him to agree by teasing him mecilessly without letting him cum. Then when he was really hot we put an add on CL (after which I let him cum and then fed him my creampie filled pussy). Unfortunately, while we got a lot of responses on CL none of them were quite right. The good thing though was that he really seemed into it. We would look at the pics and emails together and we would both get really turned on and it led to some great sex. After a month of trying to find someone on CL we tried a swingers website and we started chatting with a guy that we really connected with.
We met first for coffee and afterward hubby surprised me by actually saying that he was the one. I was soooo excited I nearly drove off the road and when we got home we had some fantastic sex. We had straight sex and hubby sucked my strap on and I fucked his gorgeous ass with my big strap on all while talking about what it would be like we we got together with John. It was great.

We sent him a message and talked on the phone the next day and we agrees to meet at a hotel in the city the following Saturday. Let me tell you I was on fire all week but I wouldn't let hubby cum at all until that night.

When Saturday finally arrived I was so excited, nervous and I was soaking wet all day long. I literally had to change my panties three times during the day.

We arrived at the hotel 2 hrs early and we both showered and then went down to the bar to get a drink to calm our nerves. As excited as I was hubby was starting to have second thoughts. He said I could fuck John (which we had both agreed was okay before) but he wasn't sure he could do it. I calmed him, rubbed his leg under the table to get him hard and excited and got him a second drink

We went up to the room about 30 minutes early and we both stripped down to our underwear. I wore my favorite black cami and he was in a delicious pair of red boxer briefs.

John was, thankfully, promt and when he knocked on the door I had hubby sit on the king sized bed and I opened the door. I invited him in and kissed him deeply. I knew hubby wanted to watch me with him first because he really is quite a voyeur. He has enjoyed watching me with girls in the past and he was clearly into watching me with John.

I undressed John, and oh my god was he delicious. He is average height but he was in great shape with great arms, a fantastic chest and a gorgeous thick cock. I led him over to the bed while hubby sat less than 2 feet from us and watched us kiss and fondle each other. John was a good bit younger than us (mid 20s) but he was comfortable taking charge. It was a little weird for me because while I tend toward submissive with girls I am definitely the dominant one with hubby.

John told me he want me to suck his dick and I had no problem with that. I knelt in front of him and started licking the underside of it while hubby watched intently. I could see his hard dick tent his boxer briefs and he was stroking it through the fabric as I sucked Johns cock. I opened my mouth wide and took him into my mouth. I sucked the tip and stroked the shaft first then took it as deep as I could. John seemed to like that because he moaned when I did it. I took his cock from my mouth and told hubby to take his underwear off and join me on the floor. He quickly took them off and knelt beside me.

"Looks good doesn't it baby," I asked as I started to lick John's cock again.

Hubby nodded. His eyes were transfixed on John's gorgeous dick and I knew he was both scared and excited by the situation.

I licked John's heavy balls and then engulfed his dick again as hubby watched just inches from me.

Then I pulled off it and pulled hubby closer. I guided John's cock to hubbys mouth and he stuck his tongue out and licked it tentatively. I moved his head up a little and moved it until they were mouth to cock head and hubby opened his mouth.

John fed hubby a few inches of man meat (god I am so wet typing this) and hubby sucked on it like a pacifier. I encouraged Hubby and he started to move his head a little and made some of the sexiest humming sounds I have ever heard in my life. Hubby sucked John for several minutes and he was getting into it but then he pulled off and said he needed a rest so I took over for a little while.

It was so hot sharing a nice cock and watching hubby suck on his own. Hubby wanted to watch us fuck so I rolled a condom on John's dick and had him sit on the bed with his legs off the side. I mounted him reverse cowgirl so hubby could see everything.

Hubby really enjoyed that and he moved between our legs and licked my clit and John's shaft while we fucked. Oh my god ladies, if you ever get the chance to do this jump on it. A tongue and a cock is pure heaven and seening hubby lick cock, balls and clit was so erotic.

John was getting close and I really wanted to finish him with our mouths so I climbed off and took off the condom. I sucked him first and then Hubby joined in. We both sucked him but when he was ready to cum he warned us and Hubby asked me to finish him so I took John into my mouth while hubby stroked his shaft until he came in my mouth. Then I pulled hubby over to me and kissed him with a mouthful of cum. That is another oh my god hot thing to do.

Hubby tried to pull away a little at first but he was a good subbie and swallowed the cum.

John then asked if he could suck Hubby and Hubby surprised me by saying "Hell yes.".

John gave Hubby a delicious blow job as he lay on the bed while I jilled off on the bed beside them. John was good too. He could take Hubby's cock down his throat so easily and he swallowed Hubby's cum without spilling a drop (though I wouldn't have minded helping him clean up if he did)

We sat around naked in the room for a while. I went into the bathroom to pee and when I came out Hubby was between John's legs sucking his cock like a champ. I found out later that John told him I would get really hot if he was doing that when I came back. He was right too.

Hubby looked so sexy with his ass high and his head between John's legs sucking his cock that I just stood and watched. Hubby was really into it his second time and when John told him he was going to cum he never stopped. He sucked John until he came and then swallowed. Oh my god was that hot to watch.

We invited John to stay the night but he had to get up in the morning. After John left Hubby fucked me hard and I came like never before. The next morning I fucked Hubby's ass with my strapon and while I did I got him to admit that he wants John to take his anal virginity. Sadly that was just heat of the moment talk and he backtracked after but I am pretty sure he has been warming to the idea in the last month or so. Hopefully my next update will include the deflowering of Hubby's sexy ass.
read this again today. SO HOT
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I might go as high as a 2 on the Kinsey Scale, and on some deep level, i'm basically a submissive slut, so if She told me to perform sex-act X on person Y, I'd probably do it, for virtually any value of X or Y.

That remains purely hypothetical, though, as She's not inclined to use me that way. "I don't share my toys," She says.
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What the Fuck is this doing here, it's not News, it's not an Issue, it's not LGBT, it a freaken fetish.
"If male homosexuals are called 'gay,' then female homosexuals should be called 'ecstatic!'" - Shelly Roberts


“Some women can't say the word lesbian...even when their mouth is full of one.” - Kate Clinton

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Originally Posted by Dyslexicea View Post
What the Fuck is this doing here, it's not News, it's not an Issue, it's not LGBT, it a freaken fetish.
Indeed, who knows? I believe it's possible to ask for it to be moved.
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Originally Posted by In Anticipation View Post
Indeed, who knows? I believe it's possible to ask for it to be moved.
please do, because it tends to take more than one person making such a request.
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Smile..it confuses people
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Just takes one newbie to resurrect a misplaced 2010 post that wasn't interesting or news or LGBT then either...
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I suspect this was a misclick by a mod elsewhere. They thought it belonged in GLBT Chatter, and accidentally clicked News & Issues. Moving now.
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Originally Posted by Etoile View Post
I suspect this was a misclick by a mod elsewhere. They thought it belonged in GLBT Chatter, and accidentally clicked News & Issues. Moving now.
It ain't GLBT Chatter, either. The post is a str8 guy asking if a str8 husband would suck a cock if his str8 wife asked him to.

Maybe the GB wants it.

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wow, did someone offend the gay side of GLBT? Doesn't one guy, sucking another guy, no matter if the wife asked him to or not still fall a lot closer to the bi side than the straight side? Or is two "straight" guys sucking dick, not bi enough for all you gay types to tolerate?
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Only if I liked the dude.
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