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The College Sex Therapist (CLOSED for yeishia)

Please PM interest. My writing style is described in the first post of my Sanctuary. The link is in my signature.
The average American college student spends 4 years at their chosen school, whether it be an Ivy League school or the local community college. It is during this time that the student grow mentally and emotionally. They have new experiences, meet new people, join clubs and socities.

One of the myths of college learning is about experiencing and learning about sex. Studies have shown that 72% of all freshmen were virgin on their first day. That number drops to 38% when they graduate. In this 38%, 20% are waiting for marraige, 15% are waiting for the right person, but not necessarily formarraige. That leaves 3%. Who are this 3%? A quick thought suggests they are the shy, the nerds, the bookworms. College society looks down on these students. But not Dr. Adrian Stanley.

Dr. Stanley had been appointed as a sex therapist for a well known Ivy League school. He was brought in because the resident therapist had seen quite a few students, who fit the 3% category, come through her doors with questions about sex. She felt that someone had to be brought in to adquately deal with these students.*

Adrian arrived a week before the new term was due to start. He surveyed his office. A desk, therapist bed and chair, and a couch. He added his own touches, a coffee machine and a picture of his loving wife. She knew exactly what was going to be happening in this office. In fact, she had encouraged him to take the position. What made Adrian different to other sex therapists is that he adopted a more hands-on approach, helping his patients past their insecurity in the safety of this office.

And so, the first day of the new year had arrived. Adrian was sitting in his office, drafting up the e-mail and flyers that would be going later today. It needed to soft and welcoming. Others may make fun of it, but he didn't want their attention. The e-mail went out and handed a big box of flyers to his willing volunteer. Now all he had to do was wait for his first patient....

Freedom is never won. It is exercised. Freedom is who you are.

The great man is he who does not lose his child's heart.

Your dreams are not just a thought, they are a blue print of your success.

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Eve sat on the plane, she was simply dreading the upcoming year, in fact she had spent most of the summer trying to persuade her father not to send her back to the Ivy League school he had chosen; this would be her second year in the place she had come to despise.

Most parents sent their offspring off to the best schools to further their education hers had simply wanted her to broaden her social horizons where the opposite sex were concerned, they wanted her to meet a man, get married and produce a grandchild. Most parents would have worried that in such an environment their only daughter would loose her virginity, her parents however wanted her to do exactly that very thing.

The worried girl squeezed her eyes closed remembering the horrid summer she had just spent; the many awkward dates arranged by her mother and the final painful argument where her father had accused her of being a lesbian. She could still see in her minds eye her mothers painful tears and her father expression of outraged indignation at the thought she wasn't normal. At the airport they reminded her of her filial duty telling her in no uncertain terms that both were in their 70's and if she didn't comply, her ailing mother would never hold her grandchild in her arms before death claimed her.

Given what they were now demanding of Eve it was almost ironic that she had been brought up a strict catholic, she had even attended an exclusive private school outside of London where she had been born.

The distraught girl's mind drifted... Her life should have been idyllic, raised by older parents who had doted on their only child a miracle brought to them later in life, and it was at least in the beginning...

Eve had lead a blessed life she supposed, she was bright beautiful and possessed of a brilliant mind the world aught to have been her oyster, except that as she reached puberty and began to date she quickly realized that somehow she was different. The boys she dated left her cold, they were handsome, charming but she felt that she was simply going through the motions, Eve felt nothing in response to the few kisses she had allowed, nothing that made her want to explore her budding sexuality further.

So here she was in the United States of America the land where she had come to be corrupted with the blessing of her parents. her bible namesake was to be left behind she was to become Eve the temptress ... only things hadn't worked out that way.

Eve had found the environment alien and brash hating the pushy male American students who had asked her out assuming they could take liberties with their wandering hands and wet inexperienced kisses. Gorgeous or not she simply didn't fit in and had quickly retreated from the various social aspects of the bustling campus.

The confused girl had buried her head in her work and the dance she loved. She was eagerly accepted by the social outcasts who were only to willing to be seen with this beautiful creation, the one with the sexy British accent even if she was at best a distant member of their rag tag group.

Her thoughts were interrupted as she was told to fasten her seat belt , they were about to land...

An hour later and she was making her way to the sorority to which she had been finally accepted last year. Eve was almost there when another another girl from her floor pushed a flyer into her unresisting fingers smiling brightly .

"Eve welcome back, as soon as I saw this I thought of you, you should go might help you get a date, I plan on going, they say the therapist is quite gorgeous, married I bet, but at least it gets us out of physical education right?"

Eve smiled weekly and pressed the flyer into her purse moving past her quickly, she was tired and had the beginning of a headache, all she wanted was to reach her small room and sleep. Her summer vacation should have left her refreshed instead she felt like someone had pressed her through a wringer.

After a long how shower she stood in front of the full length antique mirror methodically brushing out her long tresses as she curiously looked at the image reflected within its contours.

Who was this person who couldn't connect with the male of her species?

Was her mother right, was she frigid? Was her father correct was she a lesbian?
Unshed tears sparkled in her expressive eyes, she was so confused.

Eve had always imagined a man in her life, she had dreamed of him, though his face always remained frustratingly in shadows. He was confident, he filled her with purpose, he loved and protected her, with him she was safe.

As her eyes came back into focus she wondered would she ever meet such a man...if she did would he like what he saw.

The nude girl began to take inventory; she was of average height with long legs and a tiny waist, her firm high softly rounded breasts were topped with dusky pink aureolas.

Tentatively she touched her fingertip to one pouty nipple, would he touch her like this?

Or this?

Lazily she trailed fingertip down across her abdomen to feather it gently across her gently rounded mons.

"Oh!" she exclaimed softly blushing as she quickly removed her fingers from flesh suddenly gone goose-bumpy with sensation. This was a first, Eve had been taught that touching oneself in such a manner would get one sent straight to hell!

Forcing herself to face the young woman in the mirror she continued to take inventory, dispassionately taking in her long wavy hair the color of a lions mane, soft and luxurious it reached almost to her softly rounded bottom. some said it was her best feature.

The huge eyes that gazed back at her were no longer hazel they were the deepest of emerald green?

For a second Eve was shocked she didn’t recognize this image in the mirror. This couldn’t be her, this wanton looking apparition.

Without conscious thought she placed both hands at her nipples and pinched them hard to instantly feel fissions of electricity fire their way into her secret untouched places. What on earth had possessed her to do that,she wondered giving into despair. It was as if another moved her wanton fingers.

The tears she had been holding back began to fall in earnest darkening her eye color even further. Dropping the brush she flung herself across the bed and gave in to her inner anguish, how would she ever find a man, have a baby, she hadn't even....

At some point she must have slept it wasn't until she was unpacking that she found the flyer. Sitting on her bed she read it cover to cover not once but twice, at first she dismissed the notion as ludicrous, a sex therapist! Then she remembered that final conversation with her father, her mothers cancer was back, lesbian or not it was her duty to fulfill her mothers dying wish ...

Could she, she certainly did seem to qualify as one of the elusive 3% they wrote of.

She wouldn't find the elusive man of her dream, the one who would protect and cherish her closeted in her small bedroom, she had to take action, take control... didn't she?

With shaking fingers she dialed the number at the bottom of the flyer...

It was easier than she expected given courses didn't start for another week, only a few had returned to campus she was given an appointment that very morning. Maybe no one but you is in need of this type of therapy, an inner voice jeered, the flyer was probably propaganda and you are the only virgin here on campus.

Eve quelled her apprehension, dressed in one of her favorite outfits, a pale dusky rose camisole and matching skirt which she slipped over a matching set of undies.The soft fabric was soft and clung to her willowy frame like a second skin until it flared out to swirl around her shapely carves. With shaking fingers she wound her hair into a single thick braid , a pair of low heeled sandals and she was ready.

Not even checking the results of her efforts in the mirror she made her way to Dr. Adrian Stanley' office, thankful didn't encounter a single student on her way there. Once there she hesitated wondering what on earth she was doing, would he even be able to help her? Don't be a goose, her inner voice told her scathingly, knock on the door, he will invite you in, plonk you on his leather couch and pick your brains, nothing to it.

Taking a deep breath she knocked gently on the door and hearing his invitation to enter she quietly slipped inside and closed the door. Standing tall and straight barely inside his office she waited hands held demurely before her, eyes fixed firmly the ground at her feet.

After a long minute she finally spoke.

" I am Eve," she whispered in a low husky voice. " I have an appointment."

It is not enough to conquer; One must know how to seduce - Voltaire

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Adrian was astonished at how quickly his appointment book filled up. His assistant, a lovely woman by the name Margaret, had been assigned to him by the college to help with administration side of things. When she handed him the book on the first morning, he was taken aback that he had only 1 free hour in the 9 hours he had scheduled for appointments. He looked at Margaret with a smile, saying,

"Let's starting helping this poor creatures".

He returned to his office and sat at the mahogany desk, and started to prepare for his first appointment. A sophomore named Eve. He began his first patient file, writing in all the information he had on the girl. He then stood and surveyed the college campus out of his window. The college had not yet returned, so the place was pretty much deserted. On the surface, the place was just as you would imagine it. But underneath, lay the problems that he would hope to solve.

Adrian heard the knock on the door and turned from the bay window he had been standing at.

"Come in", he said in his warm, friendly voice, or so he had been told.

As the door opened, he watched as the girl entered. His blue-green eyes took in her petite frame. He smiled at her,

"Please take a seat".

He pushed a hand through his dark brown hair and picked up the parker pen laying beside his notepad.

"Welcome Eve, you have the privilege of being the first student through my door. So, tell me why you are here, apart from the obvious of course", finishing with a smile.

Freedom is never won. It is exercised. Freedom is who you are.

The great man is he who does not lose his child's heart.

Your dreams are not just a thought, they are a blue print of your success.

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