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Editor's Forum Topic Guidelines

The Editor’s Forum is for authors and editors to discuss issues related to editing stories. People are forgetting this. It's not a place for personal arguments, attacks, or discussions not related to editing stories.

Therefore, beginning November 15, 2012, the following threads will be moved to a more suitable forum.

• any new off-topic threads

• any old threads bumped that do not discuss editing

• any threads that become more than 50% off-topic

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I've been on Literotica for about 4-5 years and just became a member about a 1 and a 1/2 years ago, after I became an empty nester, so I will become an amateur literary critic and will now start posting comments under my login name. I couldn't do so before because my kids knew my pc better than me.

My big question is why the cuckold stories are in the loving wives stories section. I believe that with women becoming more comfortable in posting stories of their fantasies in the recent years is the reason for more of the cuckold stories. I would think with the volume of recent cuck stories that a new category of "Cuckolds & Cuck Queens" should be added. This might help readers find more stories to their liking quickly without having to sift through all the stories they are not interested in. I believe that LW category was firmly established for years before all the cuck stories started coming about with cheating, swapping, swinging, wife sharing, and divorce stories. Cucking to me seems to be more of a lifestyle choice like BDSM, MC, NC, or Fetish than in the LW category. I believe there might be less negative feedback from comments if the readers didn't read stories they aren't interested in. Misleading titles and teasers that suck readers into story lines they don't intend to read thus causing unwanted, abusive, and stupid comments and voting practices. I'm finding more and more stories with exaggerated number of comments because of trolls and members arguing with each other so that looking for stories with a large number of comments is a misleading way of finding stories to read for my enjoyment, although I gave most a favorable vote because I thought they were enjoyable, original, and /or controversial.

I've recently read some great stories from authors who now say that can't handle the immaturity of some of the Anon and Non-Anon commenters and have left Literotica to go somewhere else to show their talent and I'm really saddened by that. I realize that I may not be enlightened enough to know what may be proper definition of what the category criteria but I'm willing to find out.

BTW, I'm an excellent proof reader and speller so if anyone would like a free proof read I would be delighted to do so. I read stories for enjoyment and read them at a slow and leisurely pace so I do notice things out of place that get missed a lot. I may not be fast but I am thorough.

PS Lynn, If this doesn't belong in this thread please comment here so I can find the proper thread as I'm new to this.
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