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Stranger Danger

It was a cold winter's night, about a month away from Christmas. The holiday spirit was with me already, much to the dismay of my family and friends. I always got excited far too early, but I had an excuse. It had been my eighteenth birthday just two weeks ago and I was planning on using my birthday present tonight. It was a telescope. Boring, right? Not to me. I was a self confessed 'hot' nerd, with brunette locks of hair with a hint of blond highlight running through them. I had deep hazel eyes that even left me hypnotized sometimes when looking into them through the mirror. Being that it was a cool night, I made sure to wrap up warm. In my winter's jacket, trapper hat, gloves, knitted jumper and tightly fitted skinny jeans. It was the perfect going-out outfit for the night; in my most humble opinion of course.

I had everything set up in the dimly lit park. It was such a gorgeous night, I just couldn't help but to feel more excited than usual. I placed my bag upon the park bench, it had snacks and drink in case I got thirsty, along with a thick blanket in case things got too cold to handle. My parent's home wasn't far away, I could head back any time, as well as asking them to pick me up if need be, I had my cell phone in my jacket pocket so that wasn't a problem; I felt more than safe. A young girl's mistake really.

I directed the telescope up towards the night sky. The stars were bright, no doubt because of the cold winter's air, bringing them out in full swing. I smiled a sweet, heavenly smile, my cheek dimples in full show now as I peered into the telescope. "Wow.." I whispered under my breath, the stars looked amazing. I was such a nerd. I continued to peer into the telescope, directing it towards the left side just a little to gaze further into the night's sky, but rustling leaves soon stopped me coming up from behind. "Hello?" I turned myself around to find someone stood out in the distance. Perhaps this wasn't such a good idea after all.
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I saw her look at me staring at her looking at the sky through a telescope. She said "Hello."

"Buena Sera", I said, from my experience at hustling pretty girls I soon found out out that something in a foreigh language got their atttention a lot better than speaking English.

My mom being Italian, she taught us the language and in our home, we spoke it most of the time when we were alone.

She smiled and I just said "zuchero", meaning sugar, and implying that she looked sweet.

Then as she stood, I stepped close and lifted her chin and kissed her.

Then I grinned and told her I was an American, and named Vito, but I liked to speak Italian, not adding that it seemed to get a girl's attention.
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