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Frat Party

OOC: Patsy Craig. 18 years old. 5'2". 105 pounds. 34-22-34. Short brown hair. Brown eyes.


It was my first frat party. One of the guys I went to school with was pledging, and he invited me. It sounded like fun, so I put on my sexiest outfit -- short black leather skirt, tight white blouse, white socks and black pumps -- and headed over.

And it was fun, for a while. Music, and dancing, and booze. Plenty of booze. My glass never seemed to be empty. After a while, I had a pretty good buzz on. When my vision started to blur, I knew it was time to go home. I knew I'd never make it home in this condition, however, so I looked for a place to sober up. I asked Frankie -- my old school chum -- and he said there were rooms upstairs where I could go.

I went upstairs. I had no idea I was being followed.

The first few doors I tried were locked. I could hear sounds coming from a few of the rooms. Moans, mostly. I had a good idea what was going on. I found an unlocked door and entered the room, only to find it occupied by a couple going at it. Embarrassed, I retreated.

Finally, I found an empty room. It wasn't much to look at. Two beds, two desks. Posters of slutty looking bimbos plastered all over the place.

Cozy, I thought, as I staggered over to the bed.
I sat down and tried not to pass out. I don't know how long it took me to realize I wasn't alone. Three guys I had never seen before were in the room. One of them was locking the door. I couldn't figure out why....
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Mason had spotted Patsy stumbling to the stairwell, and had motioned for a couple of his buddies to follow. They'd been dancing with the sorority sluts all night and all they'd done was tease, and he was starting to get frustrated with not being able to score.

He had a feeling that was about to change. They watched her stumble around until she found and empty bed room. "Quick." he whispered as they followed her in, watching her stagger over to the bed. He went for the door.

"I'll make sure we're not interrupted..." He knew that would likely mean he wouldn't get the first shot at the drunken freshman now blankly gazing back at them, but as long as he got his eventually he didn't care.

OOC: Assuming Allgirl's looking for others to join in, so...
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Jake glanced back at Mason for a sec giving him a nod of thanks before closing the gap with the semi conscious girl. Glancing at his wingman he gave a grin and sat down next to the girl and began to stroke her lush brown hair. "Hey there doll mot feeling to well are we?" he asked. The girl gave him a vaguely confused look before closing her eyes again. "Well let's see if m and my...friends here can make you feel better baby doll." He finished as his hand slid down her face and to her chest. Where he started to unbutton white blouse.
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