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Male Bonding

looking for other hot guys into male bonding, jerking off, sucking, fucking, etc. What are you into, let hear from you!
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Sexy Play Time

Looking for hot guys also maybe we can make good conversation together.Bi-curious male interested in all that plus some more fantasies if u care to hear them later.I would luv to suck u off and play with your body right now baby.
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It's too bad I'm not near either of you guys!!!
I've been getting back into exploring my bi-side again after a few years off. I haven't found any guys to talk with who want more than a hott email conversation. Not that I don't love the thought of writing something just to get a guy hard and make him cum!!! But it seems like that's all they want.
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It would be nice to have a bud to hang out with, and do things...who is okay with a little closeness, and physical mutual pleasuring on occasion....and not just a one time thing.
I wish guys would put a bit more in their profiles...like age, location, interests, maybe? Some profiles don't even let you know gender....not that it matters to me.. I can swing either way!
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Sometimes just good to have a little conversation while getting off. Not the kinkiest, hottest think ever, but enjoy helping get off simultaneously.
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hey knight1833

Its all a numbers game man,
I've consistently run into the same problem you have had.
Most all the guys want to do is talk that sexy talk
but aren't willing to lend a hand or anything else for that matter.
I bid you good fortune in your search.
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Bulls-eye, you said it all.
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Originally Posted by oxfordsea View Post
Sometimes just good to have a little conversation while getting off. Not the kinkiest, hottest think ever, but enjoy helping get off simultaneously.
Love it! Yes!
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