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Looking for college girl

The small town college you are attending is on the verge of being shut down. There is a wealthy businessman who is willing to buy the school and keep it open for a certain price. This is an all girls college and as such he calls most of the students in for an announcement. Little do they know they will have to pay him with their acting ability and manipulation. As the show gets started he plays a series of pornography movies which all have the same theme. doing favors for another. After the good girls get up and leave rudely in the middle he simply has the ushers lock the door and asks the 5 girls who did stay "what are you willing to do for this school?" bieng on the edge of leaving or watching you just sit back and watch as the business man grabs the first girl and tosses her on the stage at first she was scared but after he begins caressing his hands up her thighs, and on her stomach she changes emotions from scared to extacy. He tears her shirt off so hard a button landed at your feet. He dives down and begins sucking on her neck as she undoes her bra. Her feet are wrapped around him and you can see his bulge. after she gets her bra undone she grabs my belt and takes it off ordering her class mate to bend over so she could hand out some spankings. after the girl takes a few lashings she passes the belt off to her so she could whip the next girl into shape. the girl having passed the belt off moves onto the businessman. She thrusts her hand down his pants and begins playing with his balls while giving him her tongue to lick on and suck.At the sight of this you begin to strip down being jealous of all the fun in the room.

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