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"Summer of '77" hasn't been updated in 2-3 years. Will you add to this story?

"Summer of '77" hasn't been updated in 2-3 years. Will another author add to this story?

The author, natalieprendergast, has not added to their cfnm series (2-3 year). Will another author add to this story? Iíll leave the link to the earlier chapters:


If you decide to contribute to the story, then please post the link to your story below.

The story began about a shy boy, Adam who lived with his his step mom, Natalie, and his step sister, Rachel. Adam is attracted to his step momís busty figure. Mainly her thighs & buns. Her daughter is described with similar features, like a younger clone of Natalie.
Thou the story starts with Adam, the first three chapters of the story are mainly centered around, Oscar, his parentís long time friend & family handy man. More specifically, Oscar goes by a nickname, Dick, & Adam starts asking why he was known by the nickname. Apparently, a lot of people know already, including Natalie, Rachel, & Rachelís friends. (So far the story only names one of Rachelís friendís, Nikki). Eventually, he is informed the reason everyone calls him Dick is, because of his enormous penis. Adam discovers Dick & Natalie have a cfnm relationship.

As the story continues, chapter 4 to 5, Adam is exposed. He walked-in on by his step mom. (My favorite part of the series). After initially feeling embarrassed, Adam eventually gets out of his shell & a little bold with her. They even had a cat-and-mouse game with his trunks in the pool. Which was fun until Natalie tossed the trunks over the fence & their neighborís dog tore them to shreds.

The story ends with Natalie and Rachel getting ready to go to the mall, after playing with Oscarís enormous penis.
I loved the story, but it seems incomplete. In the series Adam overhears Natalie inviting one of her coworkers, Annette, about a potential cfnm barbeque at the end of the next month. The story did not get to it. Also, most the cfnm in the story centers around Oscar. I was expecting the next chapters to add more characters & have more of Adam. But they never came. The author stopped all activity 2-3 years ago. Which brings me to ask another author to build on it. I am looking forward to reading what other talented authors can create to contribute to the story. But to as some starting ideas;

1) Natalie hires one of her coworkerís daughter as an intern. One day most had off except the four, Natalie, adam, coworker, & the new intern. During the lunch beak, Adam has to make a run in the rain to the post box, a short walk from the office. He gets splashed by a car on his way back. Natalie tells him, as luck would have it, she bought him an outfit when she went to the mall. It is still in the trunk of the car. He undresses in an empty office room to dry. Everyones at lunch. Natalie should have plenty of time to take his muddy wet clothes to the car & get the outfit before they come back. The new intern & her mother come back early & adam gets caught. To make matters worst Unknown to Natalie, Rachel already took the clothes inside.

2)Natalie's going on a trip for three days & Rachel has plan's to sleep over at her friend's house.
Adam decides to be bold without Natalie and decides since he swam nude before, why not do it alone. Rachel's plans change and she comes home early with a friend or two. He desperately has to sneak around changing his hiding place. Eventually they leave, just a short walk to get her friends swim suit, but only for poor Adam to find out they had locked the door. He then gets caught by his step sister's other friends. Rachel called them over for a swim, under the impression Adam's not home & they'll have the pool & house to themselves. Rachel & the two eventually come back with the swimsuits, and see the amusing display. Rachel has the key!!
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