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I watched part of the begginning of the cma awards and brad paisley told carrie underwood what motorboating was.the request is carrie is intered in trying it.She could have her friends try it also to make it a series.
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Oh yah, I know, when I first heard about the Tea Party I had been smoking the peace pipe and the sound was down on the TV and I thought they said tea BAGGING party, something out of my deliberately obscured past. I blurted out, "Right On!" and then everyone thought I was a Republican until I explained what "tea bagging" was. Then the folks who thought I was a little weird KNEW I was weird.

Being 32A on top, motorboating is NOT something I'm likely to be good at being done too. I guess Carrie is bigger. You'd HAVE to be, to be on SITC, don't you think?

But if you're going to do a story on motorboating, it has to be a guy 'boating his mom while tea-bagging his sister. Or tea-bagging his mom while 'boating his sister, you know, whoever is biggest.

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I'm with tripleflip in that I don't think motorboating alone is enough to carry an entire story. It might make for a good scene, maybe with an innocent, busty girl and her "helpful" friend, but it's not much of a payoff unless it goes anywhere further. Maybe he can teach her what a lot of other words mean, like "titty fucking" or "bukkake."

PS: I absolutely love A cups. Motorboating is kind of over-rated to me.
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Perhaps this is only my opinion, but some perspective from a woman here, motorboating isn't even sexy. (Similar to titty fucking, for me at least.) What "pleasure" does the woman receive? Then again, what actual pleasure does the other party receive? Sure, it may be "fun", "funny", or even "sexy" as part of a sexual play, but it's not enough to carry an entire story!!
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You have to be a guy to get it.

My XBF was into streaking, I was like, "Jay! What are you DOING, man!" and he's like, "Oh, I don't know."

I mean, guys like doing weird stuff, it's why they're such... guys.

Gotta love it, though.

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As for a story:

maybe this guy knows a busty (innocent? naive?) girl. They are swimming, so she wears a bikini. He tells her about "motorboating". The busty girl doesn't know what that means, so he shows it to her ...

She is surprised, when he touches her boobs. He tells her, that he wanted to do this since a long time, because she has so big, wonderful boobs, and he always wanted to touch them.
She laughs and tells him: "So you wanted to touch my boobs? Why didn't you just ask me, I would have allowed it"
"Are you joking? So all I have is to ask?"
"Sure. I guess you want to do it right now?"
"Oh yes" ... he grabs her boobs.
"And, do you like what you feel?"
"Yes, but I think it would be better without the fabric, covering them."
"Well, no one is near, and we are in a remote area, so I guess I can take them out for a second ..."
She opens her bra, and allows him to touch her nude boobs for a while. Just when she wants to put them back inside the bikini top, he starts to suck and lick her nipples. This really turns her on, so they go further ...


Just to add this: something similar happened to me in real live. I was talking to a girl about all kinds of stuff, including her big boobs. After some time, she allowed me to touch them through her sweater, then after some more talking, she raised it and opened her bra and when she wanted to close it, I started to lick her nipples.
In the end, I was even allowed to finger her pussy (but unfortunately, it never got further then this, she never touched me ...). It could be a goog lit story.
"We have done so much, with so little, for so long, that now we can do almost anything with nothing." - Dave Marcis
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