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My SRP profile

Hi there,

Thanks for stopping by my profile, come on in!

I am returning to these forums after a few years' hiatus. I really want to get back into writing as I had a lot of fun here in the past. I have RPing via e-mail regularly while I was away, but I missed the community aspect of this place, so I'm returning.

In terms of roles and characters, I will only be playing male roles, in the 20-25 age range. I feel playing roles around my own age allows me to write realistically.

I like slow, detailed build ups in my RPs, developing characters and storylines. Sex will be a big part of the RPs, but not the sole interesting point, or even the centre of the plot.

I tend to write a least a paragraph per post and I expect the same from my co-writers.

Ok, I think that is enough for now. No doubt I will edit this with time, but its a good starting point.

I hope to build some good relationships with my fellow writers, so here's to a few exciting RPs!
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Well, good, but, this is the Story Discussion Circle, not the Sexual Role-Play forum. Might want to repost in the right place.
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