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Looking for a genuine distant sub....

Ok, so I have been entertaining this Idea for a little while now, pondering on whether it could work or not. To me, at first, it would seem that the kind of relationship I have had with my previous, physical subs would be something that would be hard to translate over the internet alone.

My thoughts have always returned to the possibility of an online sub/subs though and after much deliberation I began my search a couple of days ago.

Now this is the tricky part. Finding a genuine, trustworthy person that I would be willing to let commit to me is the major hurdle in my eyes. Im sure being a Domme it is of a much lesser stress to find candidates and riddle them down to your ideal sub but, in my case at least, searching for a female or females that would like to wear my collar is extremely difficult, with my time mostly being wasted by jokers and roleplayers.

So my question or questions are these.

Is there anyone reading who is interested, knows people interested or at least could point me in the right direction so I can see just how well a distand sub/subs work?

Thank you for reading,

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I agree-- finding a genuine person who will commit to you without ever meeting you-- much less you allowing them to commit-- that's going to be real hard.

Much less more than one.

Try fetlife.com a lot of people lead their entire lifestyle lives via the internet over there.

Also SecondLife.com or so I've been told.
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I agree with Stella on this one. I would say definitely try secondlife. If you are just wanting online. Make your profile then hit the bdsm sims. You will find plenty.
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So, you want a genuine, trustworthy woman/women to commit to you, in a D/s based arrangement... With no intention of it ever developing into an offline relationship? And you're frustrated by all the "jokers and role players"?

1) What exactly do you bring to the table, that a woman should choose to "wear your collar", instead of having an offline relationship (or one leading to offline)?

2) You're frustrated after a few days? Patience, grasshopper; it can take months (if not years) to find the right match.

3) This comes across as a thinly veiled personals ad... Just in case im right, wrong forum.

4) There's a thread floating around somewhere called the Distance Domibation Thread; it's been going (off and on) for several years now.
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Thanks for your help, it is very much appreciated
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