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Gender: Only male

Age: Any age that fits the character, but I would prefer to be closer to my own age mid-20s

Orientation: Only heterosexual

Power Exchange: Slight to mid dom, but again it depends on the character

Race: White; country of origin, usually American, depends on the character

Bodytype: Any body type is fine, generally like to play tall and in shape guys, maybe a type that has a little extra padding sometimes

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: Perfectly fine, as long as the idea isn't totally dumb

Settings: Any

Likes/kinks: I like developed story that incorporate complicated emotion with sex. I like romantic relationships that have obstacles, such as age differences, cultural differences, some incest stories if set up right, or even supernatural/fantasy/sci-fi differences.

Hard limits: Futa, switching, minors, scat, animals, not big on non-con or torture, but if it fits the character, I could slide on those

Availability: Try to get five times a week, to once a day, but that is a floor not a ceiling. If it takes a while to post, I usually have some sort of writer's block, seriously. I try to craft a collaborative story, not just get off.
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No longer active.

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Gender: I almost always play a male. Well, cause Iím TheOlderGuy. But I have been known to switch roles with the right partner in order to challenge our POVís

Age: I can play any age really. Iíve lived them all, except for almost dead, and that I could fake. But I certainly enjoy the vantage point of TheOlderGuy

Orientation: Heteroflexible personally but I can do bi or whatever a role calls for, if itís a good role

Power Exchange: I'm an older, naturally dominant male. I donít do submissive so well, although maybe I should try it sometime. Itís a roleplay, right? And, Iím perfectly capable of having an equal exchange with anyone who requires it.

Race: My mother was a redhead from Venus, my dad a badass green man from Mars with a little French somewhere in his deep dark past. So I can play any kind of mutt you like.

Bodytype: I would go with anywhere on the skinny to athletic build, medium height, average weightóas my natural body of choice. However, if you like a little beer belly, I could do that, too. And sometime I want to be a gentle giant of a man caring for a frail little lady in need.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I draw the line at geckos.

Settings: I find myself mostly drawn to contemporary settings, but I donít mind something historical as long as I understand the history and culture enough to pull it off well. Fantasy would have to be pretty good one to hold my attention.

Likes/kinks: Into anything and everything pretty much, I particularly love non consent/reluctance, interracial, older/younger, D/s, wandering spouses, control, oral and more oral, big brains and little tits, smart psycho/sexual dialogue, Exhibitionism/Voyeur, threesome and moresomesóshould I go on?

Hard limits: Scat, needles, watersports, necro, kids, most farm animals, Republicans.

Availability: Iím on most days at some point, and can write pretty regularly if Iím motivated. I like at least a few thoughtful paragraghs. I can forgive a few misspellings or bad constructions, but I try to proof everything I post. Iím in the Eastern time zone if that matters, and I welcome any and all ideas and inquiries.
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Originally Posted by TheOlderGuy View Post
Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I draw the line at geckos.

This made me laugh at my screen... Good answer.. LMAO...
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Gender: I am all Female

Age: Let's just say I am well into adulthood. As for the age of characters I like to play or write, young adult seems to work best for me...

Orientation: IRL I am Straight. For RP and Writing, I prefer my character to be straight as well, but that does not mean I will not dabble with another female, for the sake of the story and role play.

Power Exchange: I prefer my characters to be submissive. Now, allow me to explain for a moment. I prefer to write characters that are strong, intelligent, driven, and show many dominant qualities. But, deep down in the depth of their soul, my characters are submissive, but often they must be shown this particular quality. This is why I choose to only write with a Partner who can bring to life a very Dominant Male Character and Personality. Does this mean the Writer has to be Dominant, no, the Writer's preference is not required, but I have found, in my experience RPing, that a Dominant/Master is best written, oft times, by a Dominant Male Writer.

Race: I am White (Italian heritage). Race in my stories matters not to me.

Bodytype: Never really gave it much thought, but to be honest, when I chose Character pictures, the females are always attractive, sleek, slender, lean, etc . I, for whatever reason, like red haired Characters (my own hair is dark brown, LOL)

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I have no issues with writing/playing and alternate species, or a fantasy race. I have played a Lycan, a Vampire, and a character who Shape-Shifted into a Tiger. I enjoy playing and writing those kinds of Characters and playing/writing with those kinds of Characters. As for mutations, that is a bit more complicated. Yes, I have RPed in that scenario. I am ok with tentacles, Angels or Demons. I am NOT Ok with Gender mutation, where a female grows a penis, or a male develops breasts. I am not comfortable with that and choose not to write in the genre.

Settings: I enjoy almost any setting. It is the story that interests me, the setting is secondary to the storyline. But, I do enjoy most any setting, Fantasy, Reality, Sci Fi, even dabbling in Historic or Apocalyptic.

Likes/kinks: Wow, this could get long, LOL! I will hit the main points. My Writing Partners and myself can discuss specifics when discussing story and writing ideas.

Details, Details, Details. I like Characters that have history, backstory, well fleshed out ideas and personalities.
Paint me a picture, Who is he? Why is he? What is he? His thoughts, his motivations, his experiences.

I much prefer a story that is erotic and dark, sexual and mysterious. I prefer to NOT plan a story out in advance. Yes, I want to get the basics down, and the guidelines and ground rules, but I do not want the story, or the Characters to be predictable. Shock me, surprise me, make me and make my Character think, react to what you are doing. I like when my Character thinks she knows what is going to happen, or thinks she can control what is happening, and then is helpless, out of control, dependent on the Dominant Character.

And on the flipside, I too will write my Character to be unpredictable. Believable (in the context of the story) but unpredictable. You never know how my Character may react, what she may do or say at any given moment. My character will think, feel, react. I want my character to have depth, emotions. I like th throw a curve ball when writing, as much as I like getting a curve ball when writing. I like to make my Partners think... I like to be made to think!!!

I write best with Dominance/submission, Master/slave, Mind Play/Mind Games (or as many call it, Mind Fucking) Force, Non-Consent, Psychological play. I enjoy my character begging for the caress of a whip, or begging for mercy. I like my character to feel fear, to feel want, to feel need, to feel confusion, to feel some pain, to feel devotion, to feel love... I like Binding (chains, ropes, leather) ... Being Controlled...

I enjoy Vampire and Lycan, Demonic and Angelic, Master and slave...

I enjoy the Dominant being cruel one moment, romantic the next, confusing the slave until she is unsure what is happening. Mind Play, I so enjoy Mind Play, and Breath Play. I like my Character knowing that the Master could end her life if he chose to.... I like that fear...

The caress of a Whip or Crop, being Bound and Gagged, Naked.

Hard limits: Yes, I do have some very hard limits that I refuse to cross. No golden showers, No scat, No bathroom play at all (other than a shower or bathing type situation, that is totally different). No vomit, or anything like that. No animals (outside of a Demonic type or Lycan), no harming of animals (I am a devoted animal lover), no extreme humiliation... I am not into incest, Nor am I into gender mutation...

Availability: I am available during most days (east coast time) tho the hours may vary. I am also around for a bit on weekends, again hours may vary. Nights, I will only be on sporadically.
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Gender: I only play male characters.

Age: 18-45.

Orientation: I play heterosexual characters only.

Power Exchange: While I love to please women, I am much more domminant than submissive, to the point where i will for example put my hand lightly around your neck to get your attention when i want something specific.

Race: I'm Caucasian and tend to play Caucasian males often, but i'm not set on that if the story needs, including fantasy type races.

Bodytype: I tend to play characters similar to my own bodytype, which is generally (5'10"-6'/190-230 lbs)

For fantasy species it all depends on the race and story, and will have to be decided on a case by case basis, but I tend to not be set on that as much.

Settings: The more detailed the better. futuristic, midevil, western, Edo Japan...Anything with a rich background that I can get into.

Likes/kinks: Like i was saying earlier I love to please, which means oral is a big turn-on for me. Foreplay is essential even when playing the dominant asshole. BDSM on her is sexy, as well as using toys to push her over the edge at will. (Not limited to this as I'm still finding out who I am and what I like or don't.)

Hard limits: Minors, scat, animals/furries/whatevers, necro, vomit, drinking piss, foot worship, excessive pain, dominant women. (Not limited to this as I'm still finding out who I am and what I like or don't.)


I will be available to RP several times a week. I work during the day and try to go to the gym at least three times a week. Weekends and evenings will be my primary writing time. I look forward to having a great deal of fun with you.

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Gender: Female. I'd love to try and play the male sometime, though. Can't promise it will be any good.

Age: 18-40, I'd say. I can do older if need be

Orientation: Bi-sexual. Can play straight, lesbian but you get the point.

Power Exchange: I like men with an alfa personality and women a little less so. I'm not necessarily always submissive with men, but I tend to be.

Race: I'm half caucasian half hispanic in real life. I don't have a problem in playing any human race.

Bodytype: I tend to play the curvy girl with big breasts, rounded but moderately sized hips because that's what I look like in real life. Despite that, I can play whatever bodytype is required of me.

Settings: I'm really into Historical settings - especially Medieval, Victorian and 20th Century up to the mid-60's. I like magical worlds as long as I can make a character up - having to research and read existing books is something I'd like to do but don't have the time to. Present day setting is also fine with me.

Likes/kinks: I like a lot of things so I'm only going to refer to my favorites. If something you're into isn't referred here or on the "hard limits" section, please ask.

So, I'm into:

Foreplay, breast play, corsets, dirty talking during sex, tribaldism, prostitution, oral sex (giving and receiving), threesomes, public scenes, virginity, sex toys, people who can write.

Hard limits: I dislike one liners. Give me something to read, people! No minors, no incest, no animals, no dead people, no blood, no scat, no watersports, no extreme violence and absolutely no choking. This list is in no way exhaustive. I'm picky, sorry!

Availability: I'm available almost everyday.
SRP preferences and SRP profile

Current active SRP:

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Gender: Male, if need be I can play minor female characters in stories.

Age: I can play any age although when I am writing younger characters they probably tend to sound more mature than they should.

Orientation: Heterosexual, not interested in playing bi or homosexual characters.

Power Exchange: So far everything I've done has been from the prespective of a more dominant personality. However I'm really interested in doing an RP as an sub.

Race: I'm Asian, the race of characters don't really concern me. I usually just match my partners choice for race. I would like to do an RP that does focus on race though, particularly having to do with the struggles of an interracial relationship.

Bodytype: I write my character most of the time as tall and lean a wiry type of build. I'm not a big fan of characters with football player proportions. I often like to play with mismatched size between characters in either gender, usually about 2 feet in taller characters and about a foot or a foot and a half for shorter ones

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: So far I've only played humans, looking to write a few nonhuman stories

Settings: I enjoy all types of settings. I mostly work in modern settings.

Likes/kinks: If I can, I like to add some sort if mismatch in my stories. Either physical mismatches or mismatches of personality or social standing. I'm also a big fan of breasts and breasts play and dirty talk between characters. I'm pretty much willing to write any scene as long as it is not a hard limit.

Hard limits: Scat, cutting, vore, most anything. involving very extreme torture

Availability: I can usually post once a day maybe twice if the timing of your response is right. For multiple posts in a single day it would have to be played through email.
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Gender: Females

Age:I am most comfortable as middle aged characters. Someone with a bit of life experience but still young enough to do more.

Orientation: Either Heterosexual or Bi

Power Exchange: I like either role but not crazy about extremes

Race: Whatever the story calls for

Body type:Since I'm an hour glass shape, that's what I lean towards but will depend on what the role is

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: can't think of anything I won't try

Settings:Modern and any fantasy. I don't know sifi very well but I could try

well built males
in depth characters
Oral sex
Force (light)
Light bdsm
Anal play
Women with curve

Dislikes/hard limits:
hard drug use
Short posts
God modding
Normal lit limits.
no scat
Extreme pain receiving
Drinking piss
(Iím sure thereís more)

Availability: A few times a week

Other notes: I like to get to know my writing partners so chat is always a bonus. I find the most amazing stories are written with someone you find a connection with. I like to make friends as well as writing partners.

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Erotic Lily's SRP preferences

Gender: Prefer to play female characters

Age: I can play ages 18 to 40

Orientation: I play straight characters mostly. Iím up for a little girl-on-girl experimentation.

Power Exchange: Flexible. Depends on the characters and the scenario. Please don't assume you can dominate my character without discussing it with me first. Big turn off. I am not, nor are my characters to be presumed submissive (unless discussed for a particular plot).

Bodytype: I tend to play slender to curvy females, who are on the petite side (5í3-5í5).

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: Iíd be interested in exploring supernatural beings but only human/human-like types.

Settings: Iím used to Modern, but I suppose it depends on the scenario.

Likes/kinks: vanilla sex, incest ( sister/brother, step-siblings, cousins), romance, risk of getting caught, cheating, dirty talk (non-insulting), light dominance from partner (ex. getting pinned to surfaces, being grasped by the wrists, choking, spanking), erotic massages, role-playing, teasing, voyeurism.

Common roleplay scenarios that I'm a sucker for: student/teacher, employee/boss, friends - fuck buddies, younger woman seducing an older man

Dislikes/Hard limits: Nothing thatís against Lit rules. No waste. No rape, blackmail, coercion, S&M, or humiliation. No god-modding please {Please do not write actions or dialogue for my character. I am certainly capable of writing on my own behalf}. Poor punctuation, grammar and spelling (makes reading and replying difficult).

Availability: I'm available some evenings (depending on how the work day goes) and weekends. Please be patient while waiting for replies as I will grant you the same courtesy. PM me to discuss plots for SRP threads. I'm not interested in cam/video/voice chat, but I'm open to PMing via Lit.

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Gender: I only play female characters.

Age: I always play a female of youthful appearance between 18 and 25 years of age, although her true age can of course vary depending on what sort of creature I am actually playing.

Orientation: I usually play heterosexual characters, maybe with slight lesbian inclinations.

Power Exchange: I am very fond of more submissive roles, of being ordered around and of what I believe is commonly referred to as pseudo rape, but I hate truly non consensual scenes and being helpless. There should always be some reason for my character to willingly play along and eventually enjoy what is happening. Most importantly, there should always be some choice on her part. The reason can be as simple as her having kinks of her own, or more elaborate like having to maintain some sort of cover.

In the same vein, I like it when my character has some hidden power that makes her stronger than she does appear. Maybe she is a powerful mage that has the outward appearance of a harmless girl, maybe she is a mythical creature in human shape, or maybe in a modern setting it is something as simple as extensive Martial Arts training. In any case she ideally comes out ahead in the power exchange with her counterpart. That does not necessarily mean this ever has to come to actually bear in the story, but just knowing that potential to be there makes the act of submitting/engaging in the carnal act all the more interesting.

When the mood strikes me and/or the plot asks for it I also enjoy turning into a switch that no longer is the helpless willing plaything. Do not expect hard core bondage and humiliation from me, but I am willing to take charge of the encounter.

Race: As long as the above criteria are fulfilled and the character I am playing is aesthetically pleasing to the mainstream eye I am completely flexible here.

Bodytype: My character will always have a slender build and breasts at the upper limit of the naturally possible. Whether that is wishful thinking on my part or imposing my real life physique on my characters is your guess. The size of my characters can vary, from small and petite to large amazons.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: The limits on what I am willing to play can be seen above. For pairings I am open for anything with male genitalia, and maybe even the very occasional scene with a being that does not have them.

Settings: The time worn "We both go to school and develop a crush on each other" does not do much for me, the same is true for most roleplays in a modern realistic setting. Fantasy settings, in particular low magic ones, are probably my favorite, but I am also open to post apocalyptic or various science fiction or historical variants. Some at least minor fantastic element however is always appreciated.

Likes/kinks: I have an F-List set up here, but while helpful they are still limits in its scope and ability to express the nuances of one's more elaborate kinks.

Besides rereading the Power Exchange and Settings bit above, some more pointers:

I like it when sex scenes are rough and wild and creative. I very much like interesting setups, exotic settings, and kinky scenarios.

Tying in to interesting constellations, I like a decent amount of buildup, be it foreplay, teasing, or other plot related action. How my character came to stand naked under the srutinizing and lewd gaze of the eager male can be just as interesting as what happens afterwards, and done right the anticipation this creates can be at least as stimulating as the actual scene that follows. That does not mean I want to keep you hanging forever, but having a male genitalia stuck into my mouth in the second post is definitely too quick.

I have also grown increasingly fond of themes that center around nudity of the female in its various forms, be it forced nudity, exhibitionistic tendencies, or the classical wardrobe malfunction. During the intercourse I greatly prefer it if the female is naked at least from elbow to knee, wearing clothes during sex that go beyond accessories like belts or collars usually lessens the enjoyment for me. This is not the case for the male participants, having a naked female copulating with one (or more) almost fully clothed male has a definite appeal.

I have a particular liking of roleplays where my counterpart is not particularly physically attractive. A belly, balding hair, advanced age, simply make it more interesting for me than interacting with a picture perfect poster boy. I know not everyone is comfortable playing such a character, and I am not very insistent on this, but it is an easy way to score bonus points with me.

Oral sex does not do that much for me when I am the receiving party. Giving head while kneeling at the guys feet can be quite fun if it does not turn into hardcore deep throating and choking. And of course it should not always be the sole focus of the scene.

I am not fond of romantic plots, simple as that.

Hard limits:
I do not like anything involving bodily fluids other than sperm, vaginal juices and maybe sweat. As someone precisely said "What belongs in the bathroom should stay in the bathroom". So please no Scat, Vore, Feces, and anything in that vein.

I will not do true rape or non-consensual scenes. See my comment on pseudo rape in the Power Exchange section, though.

I will not do incest. It has no appeal to me whatsoever.

And hopefully I do not have to comment on underage characters.

Availability: That fluctuates a bit, inversely to the demands that real life imposes upon me. Especially on weekends my online presence can be very erratic, but generally I should be able to check at least daily.

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Gender: I only play male characters.

Age: Usually between 18-30, unless I'm playing an unaging fantasy race.

Orientation: I only do heterosexual.

Power Exchange: I love to be dominant and that's the role I most often play in my rps.

Race: I'll play any, but I usually do Caucasian characters since it's what I'm familiar with.

Bodytype: My characters tend to be tall, slim and muscular.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I usually am ok with anything humanoid as long as it's not too alien or if it's decaying like a zombie.

Settings: I really like Sci-Fi/Futuristic settings and Fantasy settings.

Likes/kinks: I'm really into being dominant and converting my resisting partners into sluts/sex slaves through magic, hypnosis, brainwashing, conditioning, and/or training. I also like to spice things up with supernatural elements or futuristic-technology.

Hard limits: Minors, scat, necro, vomit, drinking piss, foot worship, graphic gore, terrible spelling.

Availability: It can fluctuate depending on my work load, but if I have to decrease my post count I will try to warn you in advance.
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Posts: 73
Gender: Female.

Age: happy to play anywhere in the 18-35 range.

Orientation: Heterosexual.

Power Exchange: I love subtle power exchange, where I feel my control slipping away and submit to someone by slow degrees. I have zero interest in "Kneel before me in awe, for I have the word Master in my screen-name" types. Unless you ARE Terence Stamp.

Race: Open to any, but annoyed by cliches.

Bodytype: I like playing curvy, voluptuous women. I am not against playing toothpicks, but there has to be something else I like about her.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: Not a big thing for me either way. If being a two-headed alien vampire ape makes the story is better, ok. If it's just there to hide the fact that it's a dull plot, not so much.

Settings: Mainly for erotic/realistic modern, any kind of fantasy sci fi. Occasionally porn-logic worlds, but not my favorite.

Likes/kinks: I love being used by a guy. Or a group. I love unwilling exhibitionism, non-violent force

Hard limits: bathroom stuff, heavy bondage (Finding new ways to say "I can't move" post after post is tiresome) WRITING MY CHARACTER.

Availability: During the week, probably one or two posts a day. Weekends, less.
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Posts: 22
Capital idea.

Gender: Female.

Age: I am a ripe and heady 22, myself, though I am comfortable playing anyone who could sit at the big-kids' table at Christmas dinner.

Orientation: Straight

Power Exchange: I enjoy being dominated, but I do not require it, and I very rarely submit as thoroughly as most "Doms" would like.

Race/Body type: Both of these seem as though they'd be determined between my partner and myself in the creation of a good storyline. I'm ever eager to entertain your particular whims.

Alternate species: I enjoy modern gothic supernatural themes, given a sufficient dose of realism and grit. I love the Dresden Files (riding a zombie dinosaur is totally realistic, I would do it if I had half the chance and you absolutely would too), most "dark" sci-fi, horror tropes, and, if well-written, late nineties plaid-skirts-and-balsam-stakes lowbrow camp.

Likes/kinks: Given that there's sex, and that there's banter, and that my partner has enough intellectual depth to splash in, I'm going to like it. I love everything from childhood friends discovering that their regard for each other has become a more hungry creature to masked violators who seek only to find that delicious half-stop between sob and scream.

Availability: I will post at least once every three days, if you give me something to respond to.

Writing style: We are all complicated moving pictures. We think, we feel, we experience the world through at least five senses and we draw all that stimulation through a tangled little filter of experience and hope. When you fight, when you give in, when you loathe me, when you love me- I want to hear all of it. I will match your length and your depth.

Other notes: If any of you are hiding a secret desire to indulge in nerdy canon play (no, not Anime. No, really. Never. And please don't talk to me about Ponies. I'll cry.), please do let me know.
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Gender: male characters

Age: 20's-30's is closest fit but willing to do any age

Orientation: heterosexual

Power Exchange: I really enjoy being process of being slowly seduced, I like playing "nice guys." I am willing to try other roles, but at best I probably can't pull off a true dominant role

Race: willing to play any race, will do my best to be authentic

Bodytype: I am willing to play whatever body type fits my role or my partner's interests

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I'm not into furries, alternate species or mutations could be a go as a long as they are recognizably human-like

Settings: present, historical, sci-fi are probably my favorites, I do like a smattering of fantasy as well

Likes/kinks: as described in power exchange, also teachers, babysitters, milfs, cheating, being surprised by "naughty" women

Hard limits: minors, non-sexual bodily functions, animals/furries, rape (don't mind a bit of coercion but there has to be some choice)

Availability: typically about one post per day, will definitely let my RP partners know if I will be out for more than 3 days or so; prefer to plan threads via PM

If you have a storyline you think I might be good for, go ahead and PM me. If you think we have common interests and want me to cook something up, drop me a PM with your ideas as well.
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Gender: I play women as my main character, but I am happy to add in either male or female characters as a situation demands it, as NPC's.

Age: 23 - 35, but this is flexible.

Orientation: Bisexual in real life, so the sexual orientation in game will adapt according to the storyline.

Power Exchange: I can switch between the submissive and dominant role easily. I have no interest in games that wander too far into either extreme, though.

Race: This is completely negotiable, though I tend to play a woman of unspecific ethnicity with olive or light brown skin.

Body Type: Again, this is negotiable, but I usually just default to 'average' weight, height and breast size.

Alternate Species/Fantasy Races/Furries/Mutations: If you have an idea that catches my eye where my character is not human, I will consent. I am not into the furry thing at all though, and I am not sure what it means by 'mutation'. Like X-Men, or something else? Either way, go ahead and let me know your idea and we can go from there.

Setting: I am cool with anything in this regard. Historical, science fiction, some kind of fandom, every day like...it is all fine.

Likes/Kinks: Exhibitionism, voyeurism, older men, step-siblings, masturbation, dirty talk, lesbianism, group sex, anonymous sex, slow seductions and anything that relies on a plot.

Hard Limits: Anything regarding bodily functions or fluids (other than cum) will not be given a moment's thought...I hate that. Also, I am not into BDSM, humiliation or pain beyond the basic spanking, gripping and hair pulling. Name calling is OK, in the right situations.

Availability: I am available, but I have a lot of people requesting games. If you can write well, are polite in how you approach me and have an idea or are interested in one I present, I will probably get started with you.
I'm a pretty little kitty, but I ain't no pussy.

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Talking The Longhorn's SRP Profile

Okay, so, I finally have the time to complete this... Let's see if I can remember everything I want to list here... Probably not, so I'm sure I'll come back and edit as time goes by, which might defeat the purpose of this, really, but whatever!

Gender: Well, I'm male, so the majority of the time I'll probably be playing a male. Though I have played female roles in the past, so if anyone were up for it, I could do it.

Age: Over 18, obviously, and probably up to mid-40's I'd say. (Early 50's at a push!)

Orientation: For male characters, about 99% of the time I'd play straight, but I'm open to one or two bi-curious angles if need be, but I'd really have to be in the mood to explore that. For female characters, as with most men who play women, I'd probably want to lean more to the bi/lesbian side of the fence, but again, if I'm in the mood for it, I can play straight women too.

Power Exchange: Not really too fussed about power exchange. I guess you could say, I could go either way! (sorry, bad joke)... I can play dominant, I can play submissive, and I can play a submissive who struggles to be dominant or a dominant who is made to be submissive. I can be a rebellious submissive or a compassionate dominant. Or I can play on a level playing field. I guess whatever the situation calls for...

Race: I don't think I've ever played anything other than white/caucasian characters; not for any particular reason, just perhaps that I fear I wouldn't be 'authentic' enough in portraying another culture that I may not necessarily be familiar with. I could try and play a different race/culture if need be, but probably wouldn't do it justice vs someone more experienced in that field.

Bodytype: I myself am quite slim/slender so I'm used to playing that sort of character, but to be honest, I'm fairly flexible. Wouldn't be often that I'd be in the mood to play, or play with 'overweight' characters. Again, I have to be in the right mood/frame of mind.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: When it comes to this sort of thing, I'm fairly 'vanilla' I guess. I just don't find much of this stuff very sexy. I guess I maybe could play a humanoid alien-type... a la "Avatar"? But probably only quite imagination-limited characters. To me, they have to be somewhat familiar to/reminiscent of humans. Wouldn't be my first choice to play anything non-human anyway.

Settings: Settings, I'm pretty open on. Doesn't really matter 'where' we are. I'm pretty imaginative and visual, so if a setting is well-described, I can usually roll with it.

Likes/kinks: Now then, this is the difficult part. I probably won't be able to list everything on first draft, but here goes:

light violence (nothing too morbid)
verbal/physical humiliation/mockery
light choking (guess that comes under light violence?)
hair pulling
rough sex/possibly rape (It's a touchy subject, but my stance is as long as it's fictional it's more or less ok? - usually I'd have it turn out to be mutual in the end eg: the victim discovers feelings for the attacker. Certainly not something I'd condone in reality.)
Incest (again, touchy subject, but again, if it's just fiction... I understand the concept can get people off...)
light collar use (for abduction/captivity scenarios)
light bondage (not really my cup of tea, but can be done)
public sex
light biting/nibble (not nipple) play (then again, nipple play too!)
kissing (a given, but for me, it's almost as hot as the 'main event')
older/younger scenarios (age-play? but to an extent)
leather/lace/lingerie in general
orgies (rarely but occasionally)

Hard limits: This is kind of a hard one to fill out, since I don't know what other people will be wanting to suggest! ha. I'm sure there'll be something I fail to list here that someone might approach me for!

The basics, however, are:

no minors/under-age participants
no animals/non-humanoid characters
no necrophilia (no corpses!)
no OAPs (no characters older than 55 would be a good guideline)
no vomit
no feces
no urine
no foot fetishes
no blood/guts/gore/brutal violence
no full-on BDSM (only light stuff)
no grammar skills? - no reply!
no spelling skills? - no reply!! (I am British, but accept and recognise American spellings as correct spelling in addition to British spellings so don't worry!)
no intelligence? - NO REPLY!!!
no distinction between dialogue and description? - NO REPLY!!!!

And none of anything else not listed which I've previously mentioned as not interesting me!

Any queries? I'll be happy to respond... Unless replying to queries becomes tedious, in which case I just won't reply. I can't image too many people will be enquiring about things I may or may not be into though!

Availability: For the time being, I'm fairly available. Mostly in the evenings (GMT) on weekdays, but also most of the days on weekends. - just note I will NEVER prioritise Lit over anything else I have to do in 'real life'.

Occasionally I may drop off the grid for a while, but I'll do my best to give due notice should this become an issue during any RPs. If I do not reply to any PMs or posts within 3-4 days without notice of absence, you can assume I've dropped off the grid. If the PM is regarding any likes/dislikes not mentioned above, my non-response may be due to the tediousness of such an enquiry, however, I'm a polite person so will endeavour to answer all queries until further notice.

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I am a conscientious writer and I like to RP with others who take some pride in their work. I won't take offense to grammatical errors but I would hope that a co-writer would avoid contradicting herself. I want to make it fun as well as stimulating.

Gender: I only play male characters.

Age: 18-63. I've lived all of them.

Orientation: Heterosexual, might dabble into bisexual if it fits the story.

Power Exchange: Prefer to be dominant but can play neutral if the story calls for it. I don't care much for Sadism/masochism but I do like a submissive and obedient women. I also enjoy light bondage and doling out a firm spanking to a girl who deserves one.

Race: I'm white myself but I could play black or native American easily.

Bodytype: I am over 6' and in pretty good shape. I weigh 195# but I could play a bigger or smaller man.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I can't imagine having sex with a groundhog. I'm not interested in this genre of writing. It just feels weird.

Settings: I usually prefer to stay in the present, but I am a bit of a history buff, especially American history. I'm fairly flexible here.

Likes/kinks: I like to play a dominant role and I like submissive girls. I prefer to stop short of humiliation or physical injury. Spanking is fun, and bondage can be a turnon (I love a girl in a sling ). But none of these are mandatory. I can also be tender and romantic.

Hard limits: No minors, no abuse (physical or mental). Rape is out.

: I am on here most days. Barring some emergency, I don't see myself taking longer than three days to respond.

If there are any questions feel free to PM.
My SRP Profile: http://forum.literotica.com/showthre...705862&page=19

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Gender: I think I write better as my own gender, female, but I am open to playing the male.

Age: Above 18, willing to act like a Lolita/Innocent/Virgin but with it made plain that I am legal.

Orientation: Bi

Power Exchange: Like being dominated but I also enjoy being a dominant.

Race: Any

Bodytype: Any

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: Any

Settings: Any

Likes/kinks: I'm fairly open

Hard limits: Scat and non magical animals.

Availability:I am on fairly frequently.
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Gender: Male

Age: I think somewhere between 25-45 would be easiest, I'm starting to forget what it's like to be younger than that...

Orientation: Straight

Power Exchange: I'd be fine with anywhere along this spectrum

Race: I'm caucasian, probably anyone I write I will write the same way, so if that makes other races not come across properly then I might be best to stick with that

Bodytype: I have no particular preference here, I'd write whatever makes sense for the character.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: No particular issues with the concept

Settings: I'll write anything. Probably most interested in medieval/fantasy or sci-fi/future, also interested in current day.

Likes/kinks: If the thread's about it and I join, chances are it's on the list. If you want to introduce something in a current thread, PM to find out.

Hard limits: Anything strictly illegal is a good general rule of thumb. Anything that 90% of the people say is on their list, assume it's on mine too.

Availability: Most of the time I check in daily. I like to think about my posts, so it might take a day to post.
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Gender: Female, and I roleplay female characters.

Age: Anything eighteen and onwards.

Orientation: I am comfortable representing straight, bisexual or gay characters. (& anything inbetween)

Power Exchange: Submissive masochist.

Race: I have roleplayed various races. I don't have anything against representing a particular one, if so requested.

Bodytype: I have roleplayed various body-types. I don't have anything against representing a particular one, if so requested. If left with creative freedom, my characters will probably deviate towards the "acceptable medium" of a healthy, curvy body with C-cup breasts, nothing too over the top. It all depends on the roleplay scenario.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I am open to most things - it is best to ask me if you have something particular in mind.

Settings: I lean towards Fantasy settings the most; but I have a soft spot for the medieval, and I take part in modern-era roleplays if the story catches my attention. I'm also interested in getting involved with anything Sci-Fi. However, I am flexible with settings and if a scenario is good, I will most likely take part.

I also tend to favour darker storylines, and I don't avoid common plot tropes if they have the potential to lead to something interesting.

Likes/kinks: I am a submissive. Most things in a dom/sub scenario are fine by me. Particular links include, but aren't limited to: humiliation, objectification, bondage, master/slave, non-consent, psychological torture, blackmail, branding, collaring, facials, anal, gang-bangs, spitting, sexual violence and so on. I dislike these things being done mildly, so if you're squeamish about dominating then we probably aren't compatible long-term.

Hard limits: I don't like overt torture/gore, bestiality, minors, scat, snuff, foot fetishes. I also don't like roleplaying out happy relationships, romance, or anything at all connected to that. Switching is also off the books for my characters.

Availability: I will be around to reply to posts in the daytime [GMT] on weekdays, but will be unavailable in the evenings and weekends most of the time. I would say I aim to reply to active threads 3-4 times a week, but this fluctuates depending how busy I am IRL and how much the thread interests me.

If anyone has any further questions to ask me, please PM me.
My SRP Profile

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HI everyone, If you need more information please just PM me and ask me.

Gender: Female in real life but will play male if story needs one added.
Age: 20-30
Orientation:I'm Bi-Sexual so can play both sides.
Power Exchange: D/S
Race: Any
Alternate Species: Elven
Settings: Sci-fi, Post/Pre Apocalyptic, Modern, Futuristic, Fantasy, Romantic, Drama based, Mystery, Crime
Likes/Kinks: Non-consent, Blackmail, light bondage, Biting, Hair pulling, dominating to females, submissive to males, rough sex(Female), Long romance, sensual torture,
Noís: Incest, Blood, Scat, Urination, Bestiality, monsters
Availability: At least once a day ..Maybe more when time permits.
Location of stories: Forum, Instant Message only.

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Gender: I am male so I really only play male characters. I donít mind playing minor fill in parts of females in a story though.

Age: Anything story requires though prefer to be a bit older 30s +

Orientation: I am straight and doubt I could play gay with any viable credit

Power Exchange: This is not something I really considered till on the site. Wouldnít class myself as anything really, at times in relationships I have been a dominant person and at times sat back and been submissive. I think by nature I am a people pleaser so donít think I would struggle to be a bit more submissive. Most of my current Threads I am dominant (or moving towards) but I would like to play a totally submissive role some time (tried before and it didnít quite work out but want to try againÖso ladies) All in all I think I donít mind either way and go with the flow and evolve.

Race: No preference though obviously in truly realistic settings I probably would struggle to pull off something I am not familiar with.

Bodytype: This all depends on the roleplay scenario, and I will play what the partner requires (after all it is for her pleasure as well. If the woman wants a Greek God I am not going to make her settle for an ugly Troll) That being said if left the choice and it is not required as per the scenario to be a specific type i.e. canít be the heroic warrior if you are fat and lazy, I will tend to play a more ideal (or what I am striving for) of myself e.g. middle aged decent looking guy more muscular and athletic.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: In my tabletop roleplaying life I tend to play humans but have no actual preference. Happy to play anything that is requested as long as it is at least humanoid in shape and nature. No furries though and mutations are okay if not totally weird or hard to cope with.

Settings: Once again no real preference. As a roleplayer I have played in almost every type of world from fantasy to futuristic horror. I like fantasy and historic settings, sci-fi as well as modern if it has a bit of mystery to it. But prepared to discuss anything with the partner as I am usually willing to try Ďbroaden my horizonsí

Likes/kinks: Once again no real preferences. I think on the kinks it is more the things that I do not like (Hard limits) which is more important. In sex scenes it all depends on mood and what has transpired in the story, sometimes my character will be kind and gentle and see to his partners needs, sometimes her wil Ďjust have his wayí All depends on the story and what has been discussed between us.
From the writing side I prefer a story to the just sex, yes sex is a part of why we are on her and will happen, sometimes even often.
I like to be challenged and put in interesting situations and also do the same to my partner, especially if it suits the scenario and isnít an impossible situation to get out of.
Also enjoy interesting ideas and ways to treat a known theme.
I also enjoy detail especially of the other characters. I want to know exactly what she looks like, how she is dressed etc. It helps me to visualize the scene and also aids with character development.
Also this results in longer posts which I prefer but do realize sometimes shorter ones are necessary as long as it doesnít become the norm.
I donít mind people contacting me via PM to discuss ideas or if they have questions about anything.
I also donít mind my partner writing my character at times (as long as it isnít life changing choices and they know the character well enough to guess how they might react) This often helps to move the story along and might help lead to a good idea (challenging) that you have that I might be missing your hints. Also sometimes things are obvious i.e. unless I have established that my character never ever does what yours tells him to do, then if you ask him to sit and join you for dinner it is okay to assume he does and not have to wait for my reply.
Lastly although I am not the greatest writer and sometimes I make grammar mistakes (although I usually least reread my threads before posting) I do think I have good ideas sometimes and I like to evolve my characters as I go along. I might be replying and suddenly get an idea which causes a spinoff. So I do appreciate this in my fellow writersí i.e. decent posts that are not grammatically horrendous and interesting ideas and characters.

Hard limits: Bestiality is a no no, I love animals and them even being injured in our story will cause an emotional moment. I am also against Ďbathroom stuffí as I think I have seen it referred to here. And although the age of consent is dropping all the times in some countries I am not willing to go below 18 in a story. Also snuff and its related e.g. necrophilia are also out (unless it is vampires)

Availability: I will usually try to post at least one reply a day though sometimes that may become more if I am online at the time. I will also try to advise my partners when I may be too busy to post for a while and appreciate the same via PM. Also I donít mind if PM me as a reminder if you havenít had a reply from me in a few days and I havenít told you that I am going to busy. I might have just missed your reply or forgotten to tell you I would be away.
I will usually try and answer PM as soon as possible even via mobile as I just think it is courtesy, though sometimes obviously a reply is not needed or I am busy.

For any other questions of just general chat feel free to PM me
SRP Profile
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Writing Profile

Gender: I only play male characters(I just don't have the equipment for the other)

Age: Anything over 20. I'm not sure if I can pull my maturity level back any further it was hard enough even when I was 20.

Orientation: Heterosexual. I just don't think I have the right mind set/experience to play anything else.

Power Exchange: Can play either dominant or submissive but not to the extreme. Prefer reluctance pleasure/pain scenarios rather than overly violent rape and abuse.

Race: Don't mind so much except I'm not particularly fond of changing speech to suit an accent.

Bodytype: If Human - Average to mildly well built(not Arnold or Hulk unless its a specific character feature). Since I'm short irl I prefer to play tall characters (I know, small man syndrome.)

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: Anything really. As long as it can think, move and act I pretty sure I can rp it.

Settings: I prefer sci-fi and fantasy from almost any universe. Not too keen on real life scenarios, I prefer to roleplay something well away from reality. However I do like to broaden my knowledge and horizons therefore any good story I'd be willing to rp in.

Likes/kinks: I do like intellectually driven role playing with limited use of crude terminology. I think that its better to be able to describe the genitals thoughtfully using more than one word, in saying that I still don't mind the usual words, just prefer them to be used sparingly.

I prefer to write in third person, mainly cause almost every book I've read is set out in that manner and it generally feels more like roleplaying when you don't use the word "I". I can do both pure sex rp's and non-sex rp's, not fond of violent rape or abuse though, my expertise is in reluctant pleasure with a mix of pain or just plain consensual. I do however have a fetish for using supernatural or science fiction implements in sexual roleplay if at all practical.

I know it sounds cheesy but I do prefer to play the male hero or one of the primary protagonists it suits my personality better, however, that said, I think I do have the ability to play the maniacal villain.

Hard limits: No gay male interaction(I find it difficult to even think about it let alone write about it.) No hardcore rape/violence/torture, scat play, underage(unless its a norm for the rp culture), golden showers, necrophilia(excluding sentient undead)

Availability: Will mainly be online in the evenings GMT:+10/11 and can post multiple times during that time. However I do spend time with family, friends and play online games, so not every night is available.

Current ORP

The Hub(Sci-fi)

Current SRP

Chronicles of Lazdormu(World of warcraft based SRP)

On the Auction Block

Lord of the Rings RP(Legolas)

Obsidian(Sex club scenario)

Haze of the Future(Post apocalyptic DnD style RP)

Gem of the Flanaess(DnD style roleplay)

RP's that seemed to have died?

Devil's Lover

Skyrim based SRP

The Village(Sci-fi)

CYOA Fantasy

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Gender: I can play male and female characters.

Age: For human characters, I can play ages 24 - 35

Orientation: heterosexual, bi-sexual and homosexual

Power Exchange: I play alot of shy females who have a seductress lying just beneath the surface. I can play submissive or switch. I also play some real smart ass rebellious women who love a good argument and need to be tamed by the right person. My males are very blue collar dominant male characters who like to flirt and seduce.

Race: I generally play Caucasian and/or native Americans in humans.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I love to play movie characters and other fictional species. Vampires, werewolves and such are favorites for me to play.

Bodytype: I do not limit myself when it comes to body type so I can't generalize it.

Settings: Present day settings/historical/futuristic/fantasy

Likes/kinks: I am into classic seduction, the scoundrel ending the innocence of a young girl. Bondage is a plus for me especially when paired with blindfolds. I do like some toys used during sexual play. I can play either submissive or dominant. Spanking is also a kink of mine too.

Hard limits: .incest, minors, hard violence, rape

Availability: I am online almost everyday, mostly at night so its not hard to find me.

The key thing to remember about me is that I am very open to new ideas. All you have to do is ask.

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