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“Finally some action!!” Zarik thought, and they were headed to meet the human King. This had originally been part of his mission and he felt good that he could accomplish what had been assigned to him. The human’s knew more about the nature of this threat and before the king … hopefully it would be revealed.

Then he felt a hand on his hip just under his breast plate armor. The hand belonged to the healer, Livy.

"Is there anything special I will need for your diet Sir Zarik? Or a particular item you have a fondness for?" She asked him.

He turned his bovine head down to look at her … his thick, sharp, forward-pointing horns almost aimed at her. His nostrils flared as his eyes glistened in the light from the fire place. She showed no fear of him and she was even touching him! What did that mean? He did not know, but assumed it was a positive gesture. He smiled back at her.

“How thoughtful of you to ask” He said … “Minotaur are omnivore, I like fruit, vegetables and grains. I also like meat such as deer, fish, lamb, chicken, etc. Where we differ from humans is I do not eat beef …I think you can understand why … and Minotaurs eat fresh grass, wheat. And I have a fondness for pasta!” he laughed. “I think human’s like pasta too! To drink, we like water, ale, wine and fresh milk”

He turned to follow Captain Vincent … but had not gone far, before he looked back at the healer. He studied her for a few seconds and then continued to follow Captain Vincent to the carriage service. Females! Apparently from every race … confused him greatly!!.

As he continued to follow the Captain, he thought about something more understandable … the command structure and taking orders from humans. They were weak small creatures … but quick thinkers and very clever, not as clever as elves … but close. Minotaur commanders had only one solution to every problem. Attack. There is a famous minotaur saying that goes “If it's in your way, knock it down.” Here was a great opportunity to learn from another race about different … perhaps better ways to solve problems. It was not his nature to take orders … but in this case, he almost wanted to take orders. What better way to learn? They arrived at the carriage service.

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Livy headed to the stables to check on Beau. He was happily eating and resting and she gave the stablehand a good silver tip for grooming him. She then went into an inn and ordered a meal and then a bath. Afterwards, feeling refreshed and clean, she dressed in her travel clothes and headed to the specialty markets for medical herbs and salves.

The first small shop had common items of which she added only to have increased stocks of, the shopkeep looking eagerly and hungrily as she made her choices. His stocks of foxglove were fresh and he did have some very fresh and aromatic juniper berries and pine nuts which she bought almost half a pound for future needs. The shopkeep was less than please when the payment demand was instead to be paid by the Watch.

"Oy! I expect full pay when someone shops here Medica! I have wee ones and a wife to feed!" His shiny bald head bobbed and dimly reflected the light of the shop as he spoke.

"I appreciate the needs you have Shopkeep, I am buying for the Watch's use though. I can assure you the next time through town I will pay for anything I need. I really need some items from further south though and your shop has a singular lack of these items. Frankly, I could gather most of these on my travels with little or no difficulty, time is pressing so I patronize your shop. The Watch will pay you your costs sir, and now I bid you bueno dias, good day."

She left him looking glumly at the reciept and went down the street carefully looking for that shop which carried rarer herbs and components for her needs.

She entered a dark shop, 'The Emboldened Herb' and was about to leave when the shopkeep spoke.

"Greetings Medica. You seek specialized and rarer herbs? Maybe I have something you need." A old woman, almost 60 by her white hair and finely wrinkled features stepped out of a darker shadow and smiled, her bright blue eyes sparkling in good humor and intelligence.

"Greetings Old Mother. Yes, I seek items and components from the south. Especially some sugargrass (sugarcane) and and I do not know what the northerners call it, but in Montaje de Castillo, we learned it as cera de abejas wax of the southern bee. Have you any in stock Old Mother?"

The woman cocked her head and smiled. "We have many different beewaxes, a few from the south. Sugargrass, I carry a small amount. How much would you need Medica of Castillo?"

Livy looked over the wares and happily was able to almost fill her new larger list out from this shop. She even accepted a small scroll with a new recipe and several vials of a fish oil from the far east. The woman was less upset at not getting gold right then, but she was kinder.

"Thank you Medica. Glad to assist you and the Watch in your efforts and do please come back any time you need more. I shall make more efforts to have southern items available."

Livy did give the old woman a good tip of several gold, at least for the recipe and fish oils, and headed to the food markets

Livy made special effort to find pastas and fruits for the rations and meats for Zarik's diet, finding just a few vendors with dried fishes and others with sausages and other meats.

The one thing she liked to do, was cook and she decided to one time cook a specialty of her lands, with tomatos, sausage and rice with savory and spicy peppers. She decided on two dishes, one with less of the hot peppers so the others might enjoy it also. She left the markets with almost every nook and cranny of her cart stuffed with foodstuffs and she saw a blacksmith with a display of long bladed knives. She went and looked them over. Realizing she was useless in a close in fight if it came down to that.

"Wotcher want Lady?" The blacksmith was sweaty and soot covered from his labors and spoke with a local twang.

"I would like a long knife for defence purposes. I am fair with a crossbow, but I think I will need a knife for closer protection."

He looked the shorter Livy over with a calculating eye. "Iffin ye dinna mind Lady, perhaps a bootknife instead? These mostly are for practiced users. Plus I have a few that can be hid aboot yer person. Like this one, a blade, a full palmwidth long with a handle shaped fer a Lady's foiner hands. Can be slid inta a girdle or a foe as easy as nuffin."

She quickly bought 2 and paid the asking price and went back to the Watch keep.
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A few hours ride from Drumgard, Victor detached himself from his host. He took with him only Roman and Marcus and made his way to the keep, while the bulk of the guard continued on towards Millton where Victor was to meet with a horse breeder and hopefully select a charger for his brother's birthday.

Victor found himself in the keep a few times a year, but he almost never had business with the King unless part of his brother's entourage. Instead, his interactions were with the administrative staff and sometimes, like today, with one of the other members of the nobility whose visits coincided with his own.

He left Marcus with the horses at the stables and took Roman through the keep to the rooms set aside for visitors of importance. He was familiar enough with the layout of the keep and distracted enough by his thoughts that he paid no attention to the hustle and bustle of the keep, and was somewhat surprised when he reached his destination, having forgotten the journey there.

There were two guards posted outside the door - tanned, muscular, well armed, fairly young and smooth of complexion. Even if he didn't know who was on the other side of the door, he would still guess these were guards for noble women and their ladies in waiting. They were similar looking enough that he immediately named them Left and Right. Flashing a smile at Left, he said "Good day, I'm here to see Lady Rhea."

He was given an appraising look before being asked, "And who shall I tell her is requesting an audience?"

"It's all right, Samson," came a sultry voice from behind the door, "please send Lord Almain in."

Samson opened the door for him and stepped aside, and Victor entered the suite of Lady Rhea of Almsford leaving Roman outside. It was a spacious and well furnished suite with large windows that opened to a small courtyard where the sounds of children playing could be heard. The windows were open and the room had been decorated with fresh flowers that gave it a breezy, perfumed air. Lady Rhea herself was as sultry as her voice. She was attended by her ladies in waiting - four attractive young women who were doing their best to appear not be looking at Victor but who were failing miserably. Lady Rhea shooed them into an adjoining room. Gliding over to him, she took both of his hands in hers and directed him to a chair by the window, across from another that she settled into. She produced a decanter and poured them both a cup. Victor took a sip and nodded his appreciation. This seemed to please her, and she smiled. She nodded towards the open window and said, in a soft and mildly sad voice, "She's out there."

He reached into his satchel and produced an envelope with his brother's seal affixed. He handed it to her and watched as she began to read the letter it contained before finally turning his attention to the courtyard and the children playing outside. There were four of them, young girls all, who were dancing in a circle and singing. Only one looked like she might be seven, the others were a few years older. He watched the youngest for a while, trying to pick out a feature that he might recognize. Rhea finished reading the letter and said nothing for a moment, watching Victor watch his daughter. Finally, she leaned out the window and called "Sarah, dear, come here a moment."

Sarah looked up and smiled. Standing, she picked up her dress and skipped to the window. "Yes, Lady Rhea?" she asked.

"There's someone I'd like you to meet. Sarah, this is Lord Victor Almain."

Sarah glanced at Victor, mildly interested, and curtsied. "Nice to meet you, Lord Almain."

A thousand thoughts went through Victor's head. He reached into his satchel a second time and produced the wooden carving of the horse he had purchased in Drumgard. He offered it to her, saying "It's nice to meet you as well, Sarah. I've brought you something. I hope you like it."

Her eyes widened as she saw the toy, and she happily accepted it. Thanking him, she looked to Lady Rhea who dismissed her with a nod, and she went back to show it to her friends, squealing with delight.

Victor turned from the window. "I don't suppose..." he started. Rhea shook her head.

"Ella remained behind. She is not currently fit for travel. She and her husband are expecting their third child soon." She paused, before adding "well, her third, anyways."

Victor nodded. He motioned to the letter and asked, "What shall I tell him your response is?"

"For the first part, tell him he has our support."

"And for the second part?"

"No promises."

Sighing, he stood and she did as well. He bowed and made his regrets for not being able to stay longer before striding to the door. As he was crossing the threshold he heard, "Oh, and Victor?"

"Yes, Rhea?"

"Be a dear and try to keep your dick out of my handmaidens this time, won't you?"

As the door shut behind him he responded, "No promises."

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Greysteel actually grumbled under his breath just a bit. Of course he remembered Frauline Gretchen. And, if his memory served well enough, she tended to be a bit...amorous.

None the matter, though, he thought as he took leave of the group and made his way to her. It only took a few moments to state his need and receive suitable pressed gold coins as Vincent had instructed. And, much to his surprise Oban didn't even have to surrender a kiss for the funding.

So then, with a suitable amount of gold under his arm and escorted by a treasury guard he made his way to the livery where his horse and longbow were kept. Omce he had reacquired his horse and gear, the once Knight Commander made his way to the receiving room of the barracks to wait for the others to come out.
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