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The Old Fort: IC thread looking for 3 people

The legion of rome marched through the woods of Germany hoping to conqure the land of barbarians. The general Lepionis rode ahead of the leagion to see what he could find. Then a huge boom spooked his horse. Lepionis tried to calm the horse but he was flung on to the groud. Then he tried to get up but his boot was stuck on the sattle. The horse pulled him trough the woods he tried to get free but he could not reach his foot. Then he saw his army getting ambushed but he lost sight of them when in went of the path in to the cold Germanic forest. He felt a hit on his head and he was unconsious. A few days later he woke up in a small feild his horse was resting under some trees. Then he heard thunder and saw a storm aproaching. He went to were his horse was resting. But when he sat down he looked up and saw an old stone wall qith wooden spikes sticking out of it. Right then Lepionis realized that it was no ruin but an old fort it was not Roman but he knew that it was no danger because by the looks of it the fort was at least 30 years old. So he took his chances and went inside the fort he noticed several of tents and buildings he saw a forge with loads of armor and weapons. He also noticed a large building which must have been were the general slept. There was a stable and storage areas. He knew this would grant him shelter and hopfully food for a while. Lepionis tied up his horse and went into the main building he found beds for the officers he found fire places and tables, chests, cooked food and uncooked food. Lepionis had some bread and water then he went to bed. He woke up the next mornigh to the sound of hooves he looked and saw three Romans. He let them in and gave them shelter they said they were attaked and the rode off to find the nearest garison and that many other barbarians were after them. They said there was a legion that would march a one mile west from the fort in three days and that they might be able to get help from them. Lepionis told them in two days two men would go to were the legion would be and wait. Then he asked of there name one was an officer named Antonious, a centurion named Nerios and a archer named Lepinos. They now are discussing there plans.

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Thanks for the valuable information.
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