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Gender: I'm female in real life and usually more comfortable in female roles.

Age: I will play 18 to middle age

Orientation: Bisexual

Power Exchange: My favorite! I prefer to sit on the submissive side of the power spectrum, especially in fantasy.

Race: I will play just about anything, usually white if left to my own devices.

Bodytype: I like to try on different things. I'm familiar with tall, busty hourglass, but I see writing, roleplaying and fantasy as an opportunity to explore. I like exploring slender and athletic, delicate and petite, shapes, abilities and vulnerabilities I don't have in my real life.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: Yes please. As above, I like fantasy as exploration, and exploring what comes of abilities and limitations I can't play with in real life is a primary attraction of roleplaying for me.

Settings: Sci-fi, historical, high fantasy, modern fantasy, throughly modern... I'm open to most settings. I have a deep affection for post apocalyptic settings. I like what happens when the rules get thrown out.

Likes/kinks: any power exchange or power differential - non consent, coercion, blackmail, inequality of status (teacher/student, boss/employee, any leader/follower), BDSM, spanking, anal, anything that would leave bruises or abrasions, threesomes or more

Hard limits: Scat. Vomit.

Availability: Probably about once a day, no less than 3 times a week. May have some periods of being on for multiple hours, but not reliably.

Posting: I prefer paragraphs but not pages, if that makes any sense. Enough to move the plot a long and respond to what is happening.
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Gender: I only play male characters.

Age: I'll do anything from 18-29.

Orientation: I only do heterosexual.

Power Exchange: Either

Race: I'm white and would prefer to RP as such, but will try to play others.

Bodytype: Muscular athletic build

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: Not into this.

Settings: I only do modern times. Not into historical settings at all.

Likes/kinks: I am open to about anything. Just ask. Love Pregnant women.

Hard limits: Minors, Rape, anything involving the toilet, blood, forced, animals, alternate species stuff.I'm basically into nothing crazy, consensual sex. Ask if this confuses you any.

Availability: I'm available throughout the day; depends on how my schedule is for day.
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Gender: Female. I've never played a male role, but would be up to the task...could be fun.

Age: Generally 18 to late twenties. I can go older if necessary, though.

Orientation: Bisexual, though I prefer the ladies. I would also be willing to do a threesome or group.

Power Exchange: I prefer a pretty equal pairing, though I usually play it slightly more aggressive. Not that I'm opposed to being the pursued/seduced by any means.

Race: Simply because I am white, I generally play white characters. However, I would not be opposed to playing different races...I feel competent enough that my posts wouldn't be a slew of stereotypes.

Bodytype: I like to tailor my characters to what my partners like. However, I tend to play small, petite characters. I generally gravitate towards redheads and girls with tattoos.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I've not done much fantasy or alternate universe writing, but I read plenty of science fiction and if I'm in the mood for something more plot-driven, I would definitely have fun with it.

Settings: I'm pretty open. I generally go towards modern-day settings, but can do historical, sci-fi, horror, or any mixed genre.

Likes/kinks: Costumes, toys (I definitely have a thing for strap-ons), oral sex, rimming. Also, I kind of love feet...I love giving and receiving foot massages and toe-sucking.

Hard limits: The usual. No water sports, scat, torture, hard BDSM, incest, blood, vomit, etc.

Availability: I generally will post at least once a day, if not more often.

Posting: More than a couple of sentences, but you don't need to write a book. The first post is always the longest, but once we get into a rhythm, I don't expect more than a paragraph or two.
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Bleh, I say, bleh!


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Nervade's Rad-Cool Sexual Profile Thing!

So, Iíve been doing this whole Literotica thing for quite some time now on various other account names, and I have decided to, after all this time, try to actually do things properly instead of blasting out random ďPLEASE MATE WITH ME!?Ē PMs to unfortunate ladies on the site. Hopefully this will yield better results! I do apologize for the length of this, but I feel being thorough and detailed will help potential interested parties really get a feel for what to expect from me and my play. Sorry for hogging so much space!

I am a straight fella. I only play straight fellas. Also, this is probably the proper place for me to express that I am only looking to roleplay with females. Call me weird/unenlightened/silly or whatever, but I canít get into a scene if the character I am trying to nail is a gal played by a guy, so yea, ladies only, if youíd be so good!

Iím not into the kiddies, so pretty much anything legal but not too old.

What is absolutely VITAL to me in a Role Play partner
Creativity: Sex is pretty fun. Creativity makes it funner! I enjoy a partner who can make up an actual CHARACTER, with motivations and personality and likes and dislikes. It makes the scenes so much more vivid and alive.

Expressiveness: Is that even a word? It isnít underlined in spellcheck, so I will take that as a yes! Anywho, you donít need to be Hemmingway, but you should write full sentences and have some kind of grasp on how to express details. Iím not looking for pages and pages of prose, here, but few things are as disheartening as me writing a nice healthy post and having to wait a half hour to get a sentence back. Really, nowÖ

Kindness: Corny, I know, but I donít like rude people. I donít like writing with/for them, either. Hopefully we can actually be kind of cool with each other. Please donít be a meanie :]

I really find it kind of odd posting kink on an open thread for anyone to see, but I have done it once before and it was pretty neat, while not my ideal venue. My most preferred method of RP is via online Instant Messenger for quick exchanges of ideas and whatnot, through either AIM or Yahoo. However, Email scenes can also be fun!

I hate boring scenes. When you have the entire spectrum of imagination to pull inspiration from, roleplaying as Bill and Sue screwing in the back of a pickup truck in a Walmart parking lot seems like a tremendous waste of time to me. I am a dorky sort, and enjoy settings and characters with a bit more fun to them. This means I enjoy a lot of Fiction, Fantasy and Sci Fi setting type stuff.

Roles/Personalities/Body Types
I am flexible, and seek to make my partner happy. Tell me what you like in a man, physically, mentally, personality-wise, and I will do my darndest to give it to you. I will, however, be honest if you bring up a trait/feature/whatever that I just am not really into playing. That being said, I will never, ever play a submissive type of guy.

In my writing, I consider myself rather adaptive. Would you like to be treated like a worthless pile of fuckmeat, called names, spat upon and generally treated like a complete and total sexual object? I can do that. Would you like to be seduced, romanced, and given the full on Fabio romance novel treatment? Itís all good. I can write various styles, and find them each to have their allure.

I have no life. Seriously. I am online a lot, for all your reading and writing pleasure.

Posting Style
I am not my characters. My characters are not me. I do not post in the first person, and do so more like a novel might read. An example of my posting style follows:

He laces a defined, sculpted arm around sultry, curvy waist and snatches her against him. Their bodies are a sharp contrast, his solid and defined and rigid, and hers delicate and soft. He takes her in a kiss that is so vivid and fiery that it seeks to redefine the word itself. Tongues dance together as he seeks to dominate every fiber of her being with one extended session of mouthplay, and he moans hotly into her, as if filling her with his very spirit. His throbbing arousal presses insistently against her curvy figure, a promise of the absolute wellspring of pleasure to come. Pulling away from the explosive kiss, he locks eyes to her, his voice deep and serious beyond measure. ďYou are mine.Ē Are the only words he says. The only words needed.

Meh. You get the idea.

I donít want to go to the bathroom on you. I donít want you to be my Mom/Sister/Cousin. I donít want to mutilate you or chop you up with a butcher knife. I love animals, but I donít LOVE animals, if you catch my meaning. Oh, and all those things I donít want to do to you, I donít want done to me, either.

Here are where things get a bit sticky. I have VOLUMES of little kinks and likes and whatnot that I could list out, but honestly, having a smart, creative and expressive roleplay partner are the absolute biggest Turn-Ons you could possibly have for me. That being said, I will list some of my HUGE kinks, so you have an idea of what to expect. Now, PLEASE NOTE that I donít care at all what you look like (as long as you are female). The following traits/features are just what I want characters you play for me to have, thatís all.

Hair: I am completely, utterly obsessed with bobbed hair. You know, that hairstyle you dames get where it is longer in the front and shorter in the back, sheered along the angle/length of the jaw? Yea, Iím a weirdo, but it gets me going!

Boobs: Iím a guy, so I am a slob, and like big, jiggly, NATURAL boobs. Fake boobs are hard and rubbery and gross. Girls should be soft and warm, not firm and solid (Thatís the fellaís job, silly). Most gals hear I like big boobs, so they give their characterís HHís or something ridiculous like that. I like them busty, not freakish. In m humble opinion, 36DD is my ideal of ďBustyĒ. Generally, I like my girls short and stacked, with hourglass figures, as Iím not really a fan of the starved-waif look at all. I do appreciate a LOT of boob description in posts, and am a rampant fan of the tittyfuck. See? Iím a slob. Never forget that.

Head: Continuing with my ďIím a slobĒ theme, I love blowjobs, and would certainly appreciate it if your characters had rampant oral obsessions that I could easily, sloppily indulge in.

Contact Information
You read this far? Bravo to your stamina, dear reader! Hopefully we can make some awesomely hot roleplay-screw and be pals. If interested, you can send me a PM via this site, but I respond fastest to my email address, which is Nervade@aol.com

Oh, and while I have both AIM and Yahoo names that I use listed on my profile, I am hardly on either of those unless I am actually playing with someone, so, really, email me and Iíll get back to you in a flash. Thank you very much for showing interest in this post if you have read this farm, and I do hope to hear from you!
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Gender: Male. Will play NPC females as necessary to move plot along, but my main characters will always be male.

Age: Flexible within the bounds of legality. Will prefer someone with some life experience, but willing to play a college student-aged character in the right RP.

Orientation: Heterosexual

Power Exchange: Oh, yes. I'm a dominant, though that doesn't have to be a major component of every RP I do. Expect that character trait to come through, though, because it would be a very difficult part of my personality to edit out.

Race: Caucasian, and most comfortable in that milieu.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: Not into furries. I am into vampires of the Bram Stoker/Anne Rice/old-school White Wolf style. Same with werewolves. Not particularly into aliens, at least not in a sexual way, though I'm willing to be convinced by a particularly determined RP partner.

Settings: My first love would be fantasy/medieval settings. I also enjoy espionage/spy stories, futuristic settings (Neuromancer, Altered Carbon, Blade Runner), and am able to write a variety of other time periods and settings. To me, the setting is less important than the overall theme of the RP.

Likes/kinks: Power exchange and all of its myriad variations. Bondage. Hair-pulling. Biting. Spanking. Perhaps it'd just be easier to ask if you've read The Story of O?

Hard limits: Under 18. Scat is not really my thing.

Availability: I try to post daily, but sometimes it may be a couple of days. If it's going to be longer than that, I will notify my partner by PM or email. It's just the polite thing to do.

Posting: At least a couple of paragraphs, ideally more like four or five. Otherwise, we might as well be doing this by text message. On the other hand, please don't make me feel like I'm morally obligated to write War and Peace every day in order to live up to your response.

Le Chat Noir

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I've been on this site for a while now but I've never gotten around to doing this, don't know why just haven't but I thought it was time I did it so here goes nothing. I'll try to edit it as my preferences and such change.

Gender: I only play male roles I like to stick with what I know

Age: Anywhere between early 20s to early 30s. Although i can play a legal teen if the role calls for it

Orientation: I can play heterosexual or bisexual if the story intrigues me enough.

Power Exchange: I prefer to be dominant but I have been known to be submissive. However if you want to be dominant with me you must know what you're doing. I can be very masochistic and sadistic.

Race: Human wise I have no problem playing any race. Anything else as long as I have some knowledge on that race it's no problem.

Bodytype: I don't want to sound cruel or anything but as long as its not anything over weight body type is not a problem for me.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I don't like being aliens I just don't see how that would work I rarely see that kind of rp but just to be safe. Vampires and werewolves are ok I can play those. Lately I've been reading a lot of manga and I've come to like catgirls a lot so if you have a rp in mind with anything like that feel free to pm me.

Settings: I prefer to stay in the present but I can work with anything involving the future with enough detail. I work better when I can imagine what is going on around me. Sci-fi as well I need to know at least what it looks like.

Likes/kinks: Pretty much anything goes. I like costumes of course, incestuous relationships, a little bondage, pain both giving and receiving as long as there's no blood (unless it's a vampire rp), pretty much anything.

Hard limits: Minors, scat, vomit

Availability: Afternoon weekdays after school unless I have homework. Rarely on the weekends.
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Gender: I only play male characters.

Age: I can do anything from 18-40.

Orientation: Straight

Power Exchange: I am pretty much vanilla when it comes to this stuff. So I am not into rape, force, blackmail, dom, sub, etc. Its just not my thing.

Race: Meh.... does not mater to me. I am white but who cares.

Bodytype: I am slim, I weigh 165 pounds. I am quite active. I like to play soccer, go mountain biking, kayaking, rock climbing, slack lining, surfing etc.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: Not into this stuff at all!

Settings: I like flirty romantic stuff, first encounters are always fun for me as well. I dont really get into historical stuff too much.

Likes/kinks: Again I like flirty romantic stories and first encounters. Often times the build up is huge for me. But I also like talking through sex scenes.

Hard limits: I cant even imagine the list of limits people end up listing here.

Availability: Edited: I check in a couple of times a day sometimes more sometimes less... life happens.
Yeah so I dont have a super chiseled body but I think I am still doing pretty damn good.
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Gender/Orientation Female, and I prefer my partners to be female. Men, I'm alright to play with you if I like the scene, but ladies are admittedly my preference

Age My actual age is rather young...legal, but young...so my characters are the same usually. My preference is 18-25, but will go higher if the role expressly calls for it

Vital To Me I'm not exactly a novelist, but I do strive to put up at least two or three paragraphs in a post. As such, I want a partner who can give me more to work with than just a couple lines. I'm not asking for a whole chapter of text, but at least two or three paragraphs in return. More is, of course, always welcome however

Second, but most important to me, is a plot. I need a story. When I write, I go in for the long haul, not a one-shot scene. My scenarios can span days ir not weeks (if they continue well), allowing for various circumstances/obstacles/situations. Also, the physical aspect shouldn't be rushed...our characters need a little time to develop so a sense of them can come through. When I start to write, I have a general idea of who I am, but within the first few posts in character, I have a better idea of how this character acts/reacts, and it feels more real, flowing more naturally

Venue I come to Lit to play on Lit. I don't want to give my email or my IM information out. I'm sorry, but that's just me. Catgirl lives in Lit, the real me stops at the front door, and never the two shall meet

Settings I'm open to most settings, I'm not picky, but if you have something speciffic and well documented in mind (primarily, this means television shows, movies, books, etc), I'll have to decline. For one, I may not be aware of the exact characters that would be involved, and two...even if I do know the characters, I don't like to be hedged in by predetermined behaviors. For example; "No, I don't think Princess Leia would act that way if Jabba wanted anal".
Fantasy, SciFi, and Modern are my personal favorites. And of course, any chance to play a catgirl

Roles/Personality/Body Type I'm game for most roles, up to and including family play. My prefered role, as I said a moment ago, is to be a catgirl. To clarify, this is an anthropomorphic catgirl (human base, with ears and tail of a cat, and a fairly kitten-esque manner of behavior), not a full on furry (head to toe fur, little more than a cat on two legs). I also happen to enjoy playing a demon whenever I'm able...wings, horns, and tail prefered, all three negotiable. And yes, I even like just being an every day human type woman

My personality will normally be flirty and teasing, but not out-and-out slutty. I can play very shy, and I can play aggressive, the character usually finds herself for me early on. But, if you have a preference, let me know ahead of time and I will lean to that direction

I like my characters to be well endowed, with slightly-too-big hips and butts. I range from 5' - 5'9" as the role seems to call for, and generally like my hair long and dark red

Availability I try to check in on Lit periodically, once a day if that's all I'm able to, or frequently through out the day. I can't promise how often I'll be on, but I will reply as quickly as I'm able to do so, and I like a partner who feels the same way. I can patient for you, but won't keep you waiting if I can help it...please try to do the same

Turn Ons/Turn Offs I like more romantic, seductive roles...that's what turns me on, not being mauled right out the gate. And I like to give pleasure more than I like receiving (though, of course, I do want to receive!). Touching my partner, being affectionate, is really high up on my list.

What turns me off? I don't want to be hurt; Spank me, give my hair a teasing little tug, but don't HURT-hurt me. And if it comes out of the body, but is not a part of sex, it is not a part of my scene. To clarify...there will be no spit, blood, urine, or fecal matter involved.

Contact Information I'm on Lit, and just on Lit. This is where you'll contact me at
I had a name on this site previously, briefly, but fell out of touch some time ago. Looking to have a fresh start

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Gender: Male in real life, but have covered male, female and transsexual roles in between.

Age: between the ages of 25-40

Orientation: Can play a straight, bi, homosexual..so really Pan-sexual is appropriate here.

Power Exchange: Am a switch, but more used to taking the lead.

Body type: Depends on the gender. For a male can range from lithe and athletically muscular to a larger, heavy muscular build. Females on the other hand keep to range of curvy to athletic.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: variety is the spice of life
so let that imagination go nuts, am open for whatever the story calls.

Settings: I am willing to do any setting and story, but I prefer to have some element of the usual. Yes, a modern vanilla setting seems to be the norm, and yes if the situation calls for it I can play a character fit for it. Yet, I prefer some element of fantastical, be it a fantasy, Sci-fi and even horror setting. I very well can do historical to, but I am a stickler for realism and I don't want to ruin it by my lack of experience. Settings from books, movies or video games, again I can do that, but I rather know the setting well, so not to ruin your experience.

Likes/kinks: I am able to do both story driven and sex driven given the context, though I lean towards more sex driven I would never sacrifice character development and growth for it. Though I would kindly ask that you work with me on where the story goes.

Chubby/BBW: Though a bit more uncommon, if you would want to play a character whos a bit more on the bigger side, I won't mind at all.

I'm a giver: the response of pleasure I give to you is what drives me.

Dirty talk: Whats the fun of it if I don't know how you like it?

Anal: I'm all about the ass, and it's the thing that gets me really going, though I am respectful of those who don't think the same way. If you want it to keep it as a exit, it'll stay a exit.

Sleep-sex: A weird one to be sure, but I've always enjoyed the idea. Not forcing oneself on a drunk, sleeping or knocked out individual, but during naked snuggling of a sleeping partner, a hand wanders a bit down south or a gentle insertion is made, to influence a sex dream going on, or a pleasant morning wake up.

Masturbation: Another one of those uncommon ones, but it's a natural occurrence and especially if it's a tense story buildup to the sex, a bit of release is important. Also, watching each other has been the cheapest form of safe sex.

Foreplay: I enjoy it rough, hard, fast and direct like many others, but wheres the fun in starting off like that? I do have my fun with a slow, teasing build up, waiting till my partner begs for the gear to shift. And hey, sometimes, just oral and handy work is fine for the encounter.

Maybe: Non-consent, but it has to be the appropriate rp and charater setting.
Otherwise, if you do not see it listed, do not be afraid to ask.

Hard limits: Cheating/Cuckold, violence/gore in sex, abusive pairings, torture, Heavy BDSM. These here are non-negotiable.

Availability: I've had a near two year hiataus but I plan on visiting every day and starting up roleplay again.

Important notes: No I do not use pictures, I use my imagination and it feels more natural when i do so..it's kinda like reading a book you like then watching a movie adaption..you prefer what you imagined over what you saw.

In terms of post length, I'm an old role player, like over 11 year veteran old. And I've found that longer doesn't always mean better. As long as the post gives me something to work with I am fine. but I aim to normally give the bare mimunal of two paragraphs, but I can go far more. I love detail as much as the next writer, but not if story and charater progression is sacrifced for it..

And finally, in terms of my past threads and writing, please do not have it be the judgment of what I am capaible of. I have not posted in a long time, and those I've posted with are close freinds I've known for a long time, so I kept them short to keep the story going. I know this is effectivly me saying "Just take my word for it, I am far better then I let on." but honestly for now thats all I can offer as I plan on keeping roleplay within PMs for now.

PM me at any time, I'll give a response asap.

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I have many years of role playing experience under my belt, both adult and not. My preference is female writing partners, please no men even if you are playing a female character. I am typically looking more for smut here but I also love a good plot and story.

I like detailed and descriptive posts as well - please no one liners or text speech. A couple of spelling and grammar errors here and there are fine since I know I make mistakes and I'm no where near perfect.

Gender: I'm male and prefer to only play males.

Age: I'm 26 but I'm willing to play other ages.

Orientation: Heterosexual only

Power Exchange: All of my men are dominate and a bit possessive/protective. They do not share so do not ask for a gangbang or anything like that. How dominate I am can be up to the role play, I like to get rough and passionate. I'm not against the woman taking the lead on occasion if she knows what she wants and wants to try and take it.

Race: When it comes to humans I typically play Caucasian, though since I am a fan of anime/manga I can also go with Japanese. Then of course, depending on the role play, I can play various over fantasy/supernatural races. Furries and other creatures/species are up for discussion as well.

Bodytype: Varies with the role play but I like to play with contrasting characters. Usually I like my men to be larger than the woman - taller, stronger, could be physical fit or a bit chubby, could be hairy, etc.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: It's all fine with me, just depends on the role play of course. I have played various races such as demons, angels, werewolves, vampires, dragons, other furries and etc.

Settings: Varies with each setting, I can go with modern, fantasy, sci-fi, etc. As long as it fits the role play and is intriguing. I can do premade settings as well that take place in fan-based universe. Such as anime/manga settings or a setting from a book/movie/television series.

Likes/kinks: I'm just going to say these are open for discussion since I am very open minded. I love so many things it would be impossible to list them all. They vary from role play to role play as well. I aim to please my writing partner so I'm willing to work in anything you may be craving or want to see, and of course I will also respect your boundaries and not do anything you are uncomfortable with. Here are some custom kinks that I have written if you want to take a gander: My F-List

Hard limits: Scat, Necrophilia, Vomit (unless it's just cum), Extreme Bondage (not a fan of over complicated apparatuses), Excessive Rape/Non-con (rape scene after rape scene gets boring), Extreme Gore, Vore, One-liners/Short Posts that lack detail and description. Multiple Males - My guys don't share, sorry. Bestiality (I'm fine with playing as a beast/monster/creature but I like to have some sort of intelligence..sentient characters only). No bimbos either.

Availability: I should be on every day, feel free to hit me up with a PM at any time if you wish to discuss a role play. I am always open for discussing ideas and details. I'm friendly too, I won't bite.
Click here for my SRP.

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Gender: Male / Primary characters are always male, but I will write female NPC's (Non player characters) into the story as needed by plot.

Age: Nearly 30 / Character ages change depending on what's required. (Always legal though)

Orientation: My male roles are always straight

Power Exchange: Uh...yes please? ^_^ er..wait, that's not the right answer....I mean; in my real day to day and sex life I'm a Dominant man, entrenched in the lifestyle of bdsm and power exchange. Naturally, my writing reflects that. My roles are always that of a Dominant/Powerful one, and almost always in an erotic sense. I enjoy writing with erotic, sexually submissive partners and I seem to pair best with them; but I'm not picky. I've written plenty of scenes/threads that had no sexual power exchange and they were, in essence, sexual equals.

Race: I'm Caucasion (How did Al put it: Nerdy in the extreme and whiter than sour cream? ) / Character wise; seing that I enjoy Sci-Fantasy, I could be just about anything. I love my High Fantasy races; elves, dwarves, Fay/Fey/Faerie, etc etc. I also love Sci Fi and Angels/Demons and the like. If I can let my mind wander even farther into erotic creativity and go beyond the limits of mortals with my sexual writing? I'm all for it.

Bodytype: (Is anyone really going to put: I like to play balding, unhealthy sweaty old men!?) My body type is one of semi-athleticness. I've gotten lazy latley lol. / My characters body types vary, once again, based on what's required by the plot. From a muscular Prince of Demon's to a thin and agile assassin. I'm not picky.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: Touched on this briefly, but I enjoy fantasy races and alternate species. Hybrids, and changelings and the like. Furries I'm not quite a fan of but there's something I can't resist about a sexy feline girl. Mutations, I can write convincingly if I have to; I can play a Futanari (That's 'Futa' or 'Female with the ability to grow a male organ') quite well for the sake of story. I make it believable, however. Like true to it's origin/conception in Manga/Hentai , not the more popularized concept that treats it more like a man with tits. This is markedly NOT Futanari.

Settings: Touched on this also; I enjoy settings that range from the mortal world through futuristic Science Fiction into High magical Fantasy and even medieval fantasy. I'm a very creative writer and can write to suit most any tastes. I'm a crafter of worlds, races, and plotline; this is what I do.

Likes/kinks: I couldn't possibly list them all here without turning this into my Fetlife account of the same name (Shameless Plug!) but, in brief; I'm a sexual Dominant. I enjoy power...erotic power, sexual power. I enjoy oral, breast play, hair pulling, rough sex, anal sex, erotic enticement, submission .....the list goes on and on. Feel free to PM me if one has curiosities.

Hard limits: Includes but may not be limited to: Under age, non fantasy animals (beastiality) Rape (I add this because, the subject matter bothers me to a degree; if it's particularly harsh...and what rape isn't....but I can and will write it if a scene calls for it) bodily fluids other than spit/cum (the fun kind), toilet/bathroom play, extreme blood play/cutting....which also leads into dismemberment or permanent scaring. I'm sure there are others...

Availability: I live in the Eastern Standard time zone (EST) and I'm available at random times through out the week; but I'll always find time to make a post once it's my turn. At some point during any given day, I'm near my computer. If something comes up, I'm always in contact with my co writers to let them know.
"You are amazing Sir..on many levels...in this venue it's generally difficult to find One that inspires and helps create, rather then treads on and destroys..."

-quoted during a conversation with a lovely, profound writer and submissive woman: kyrie1595.

Check out my Writing/SRP profile: Here

Current Threads/SRPs

Back by Popular Demand!!! The Cock Worship Thread

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RyDub's Profile

Gender: I am a male / usually I only play male. If there needs to be a time to play a female NPC I will do it and am not opposed to playing a female but am most comfortable playing a male.
Age: I am 26 / I will play from 18-mid 40's for characters really what ever the rp calls for.
Orientation: I am straight / I most always play straight but I have done some bisexual stuff in rps that turned out pretty hot so either or really.
Power Exchange: I have no problem switching back and forth between dominant and submissive. Some times it is fun to be the one in charge other times it is fun to be the one taking the orders.
Race: I am White/ I will play any race and actually enjoy switching up the races at any time it is fun like that and makes you step out of your own shoes.
Body Type: I am in fairly good shape / as for my characters I usually play very athletic, muscled guys, but also play the smaller just normal guys as well really what ever the rp calls for.
Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I don't mind this at all and have done it on here playing a furry in more then one rp. I usually end up taking the guise of a furry wolf as it is my favorite animal. As for other species and all that as long as it is humanoid then there is no qualms with me.
Settings: Where ever the RP needs to take place is not a problem. I don't have a preferred setting.
Likes/kinks: Rabbit Hole
Hard limits: Rabbit Hole
Availability: I am unsure of this right now but you can guarantee at the very least one response from me a day.
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Posts: 380
Gender: Male in RL, and in RP.

Age: For RP I am comfortable playing anywhere from 18-70.

Orientation: Straight.

Power Exchange: I tend to be dominant or neutral.

Race: I can play any race, if race is a determining factor for my partner. I tend to default to a unspecified Eurasian character, in the absence of any preference.

Bodytype: Completely flexible. Tall/short, fat/slim, buff/scrawny, etc. I default to a tall, big man, but that's mostly because I am.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I won't say no, but I do not generally have a great interest in being an alien or an elf (or anything other than human), unless something particular to the story requires it. That is, if it's just that you think that vampires are sexy and it would be hot to hump one, I'll probably say no.

Settings: Reality is a good place to tell a story in, but by no means is it the only good place. Historical or alternate-history, fantasy worlds, space operas, etc are all interesting to me.

Likes/kinks: My top ten favorite things (no particular order): doggystyle sex, blowjobs, humiliation, blindfolds, spanking, exhibitionism, gangbangs, mind control, caning, lingerie (on women).

Hard limits: Aside from what is illegal, I am willing to consider anything. Consideration is not a commitment, however.
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Male in RL and Male only as main, everything else if the plot asks for it

18+ up to not old

Hetro only (plot/side characters may vary)

Power Exchange:
Definitely. Dom.

Don't care, I'm not going to play any racial stereotypes however.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations:
Furries not so much, everything else is great

An interesting setting is vital for a good plot. I really enjoy high fantasy and utopian. Sci-Fi is fine. I absolutely love dark, gritty post-apocalyptic settings. Historical (middle age and earlier) - could be interesting. Modern really needs a good plot to not just become a generic hump scene.


I like to write most types of dark scenarios, including non-con, blackmail, coercion, reluctance, rape, drug/alcohol, magic, humilation, mind break, slavery and so on.

Soft Limits (I'm going to play along if it is a side plot but not if it is the main theme of the thread):
- Mother/Son or Father/Daughter incest (Silblings are fine)
- Authoritarian / Discipline (while it also contains power differential, I'm not really into it)
- Romance (Hell, someone HAD to put this on dislike To clarify: I love romance as a nice side plot - or main plot in vanilla rp - but I'm bored by long romance build ups for fluffy sex scenes in SRPs)
- Common story fetishes I don't like too much: Foot or Shoes, Lactation, Young/Mature

Hard limits:
Scat/WS/Enema, Nec, Ped/Loli, Excessive violence or (physical) torture, Gore, Heavy SM

In my oppinion the main difference between CS and SRP is a good build up, a somewhat solid plot and an interesting setting. This cannot be done with one or two liners, so I often write at least one or two paragraphs and I would expect the same from other writers in the same thread. If there is a lot interaction between characters going on it can be shorter, obviously.
Feel free to check out my exisiting threads, no point in figuring out you don't like my writing style in the middle of a SRP

At least once per day

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Miss Behave
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Gender: I will play both, though I find it a little hard to play men. I can write both genders though my men will swing both ways.

Age: I like to keep my characters in their mid to late twenties, maybe thirties.

Orientation: Heterosexual, bisexual, lesbian or homosexual. I am equal opportunity!

Power Exchange: In a power exchange with a dominant person, I will be a submissive masochist. But in the event I find someone who is more submissive than I, I switch, though I am sadistic when this happens.

Race: All but one of my characters so far has been white. I am fine with the integration of race in a thread, and will attempt to handle it with grace and intellect.

Bodytype: I am curvy myself, with large breasts. I like to play women who have strength to them, and are tall.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I am generally open to writing most things, but I need to have a clear idea about what it is that you want. So futuristic ideas need to be clearly laid out. As a chick nerd, I can write most fantasy, and I love to. Furries is debatable it really depends on the co-writer. Mutations arenít a problem for the most part as long as I understand the why of it.

Settings: I can be flexible, but it should be interesting. I like fantastical threads and different settings that allow me to grow with my writing.

Likes/kinks: I am a mostly submissive masochist, and I like to play to that strength. I am also a brat, my characters might be pampered little princesses who will fight, claw and demand, mollify them I dare you! I enjoy confounding and challenging my co-writers.

Hard limits: Minors, scat, blood play, needles, piss, foot worship, badly written posts, SPELLING, one liners also will get you ejected from the co-writers seat, as will making me wait weeks for every single post.

Note- If you wish to write with me, please introduce yourself in the lounge and allow me an opportunity to see how you write and handle yourself. I don't write often with strangers or with Newbies.

My current threads

Paper Doll-With Scuttle

The Garden- With Brit, Scuttle and M13

Welcome to Etham, Alabama- With Brit, Scuttles, LCN, and Tess

The Right one-Brit and Scuttles

The Queen's Pawn- with Noon_Shadow

On thread for which, I will never be the same again.

Old dead threads

Massacre State Asylum.- All female cast- is an amazing read.

Innocence and the Facets of Demons- With Vail

Violence Unleashed- with M13

Beauty and the Beast- With Britwitch

Red Riding Hood- with Fr33k

A fighting Affair- With The_PG

The Ripper's Mistress- with Dr. J

Of Heroes and Villains -With Zom_Dom

Sore Losers- Leopald

Maintaining Balance-With ShireWolf and now Vail_Indigo

Ethically Bound- With Monque_minx, Leopald, and FuckMeat

Stow-Away-With CgRaven

Corporate Bonds-With Fira and Marauder13

A long way down-With Light Ice.

The Private Collection-Minx, Leo, FM, Fira and myself.

Ada in Pornland- With Twilight10

A Team Effort-Chronicle_Tenko, Sallythescorpion

Icy Liaisons- Chronicle_Tenko, Trixabelle

Lords and Ladies-An epic behemoth of a thread.

The Heiress
-With Twilight10, it was hot.

If you can't stand the heat-FD, an epic fail of a try.

Post-Apocalyptic-The most memorable for me was The_PG, his Thomas to my Marlina, made this thread amazing.

"She was perfect, pure maddening sex, and she knew it, and she played on it, dripped it, and allowed you to suffer for it.Ē
The Head Mistress is in.
SRP Profile

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Posts: 1,113

I am very much a heterosexual female in RL. My characters will always be female


18 and older

Power Exchange

Submissive. I am very resilient and self-sufficient. I can take the lead as necessary, but Iím not going to go over the top. The tighter the control, the more delicious it becomes.


No preference

Alternate species/fantasy races

I have significant experience with vampires, elves and enjoy the occasional were. Anything else requires negotiation.

Hard limits

I am not into animals, mutilation or anything like going to the bathroom on you. I find these things repulsive. I will not tolerate excessive gore, violence and pain. I do not like being followed around like a little lost puppy and Iím not a high romance type of person.


Body structure- I like men who are somewhat norm. What does that mean? It means I donít need a guy with stacked abs and muscles up to his neck. I like them to be toned and healthy. (I probably wonít turn down Fabio if you present him to me, either.)
Intelligence- I am a big fan of a quick-thinking and intelligent person. Iím probably not going to respond to a drunken village idiot.
Anal- Oh yes. Big fan. Drives me nuts.
Blindfolds - I like some things becoming a surprise.
Light Pain- Got a flogger? Cat of Nine? Rope? Nothing extreme.
Humiliation - some is good
Seduction - Yes! Please!
Power Struggles
Hair Pulling

Role play experience

I started role playing at the age of 14 and have never looked back. I was introduced to Dungeons & Dragons and moved on to World of Darkness realms, mission impossible type scenarios, Roman society and even Star Trek! Hard to believe, but itís all been pretty interesting. I generally keep an open mind.

What I like in a Role Play partner

Patience Ė Writing is an art and one I enjoy. I enjoy spinning a great tale, so Iím never in a rush.
Creativity Ė There are so many possibilities in a story! I like a partner that can go with the flow when I throw in a surprise. That in mind, I also appreciate good story development. Please help me shape the story. It's boring when I'm the only one moving the plot along.
Communication Ė I like discussing major steps in a story line. Since weíre in this to enjoy it, itís okay to message me and ask questions or provide suggestions.


My preferred method for RP is online. However, I am also available through email.


I enjoy adventure ! I am happiest in a medieval type setting. If weíre using a real place (i.e. ancient Rome) I like to do a bit of background research to help inject some realism into the story. That said, I am also comfortable in fantasy, some sci-fi and modern. Dark scenarios are positively delicious. These will involve some kind of non-consent, reluctance, impregnation, slavery, etc. The story has to speak to me on some level. I appreciate we all have our own preferences. I enjoy bringing characters to life. If there are traits you would rather see in my character, please tell me! I will let you know if itís something I can do. I will steer clear of scenarios that involve traits I have no desire to deal with.

Posting Style

I tend to do some narration in my posting. I will generally try to stay out of first person and stick with third. It seems to read well.


I can post at least once each day. Dependent upon my schedule, I can post more often. I will always let you know when Iím not going to be available. Your time is as valuable as my own and I respect it.
~The only restriction is that which you place on your own imagination. I chose to be free...will you?~

My SRP Profile

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Loves Spam
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Gender: I always play male, never anything else

Age: For humans, I like 18-40, though the older I am, the less realistic I write

Orientation: Straight, always

Power Exchange: Dont really like submissive, prefer dominant, but not completely dominant. Can also be equal power exchange

Race: Dont really care, though I usually play Caucasian

Bodytype: Prefer good build, but not rippling muscles

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I am comfortable with practically everything, but dont really like to play animal like creatures, furries maybe, lizards and stuff like that definetly not

Settings: I am okay with anything, can do future, past, but I must be well informed about the setting

Likes/Kinks: I like some rape, not brutal, violent, but more of a non coonsent scenario, and I like some seductions/ resistance. But just plain old sex is fine. But, I like for their to be a plot as well, not just sex

Hard Limits: Don't really want to do anything prohibited by Lit. So no scat, no golden showers, you get it

Availibity: During the school year, I am on during the afternoon, after 4:00, sometimes later. But usually on everyday, but not always.

Posts: I try to write at least five sentences, but I know sometimes a one-liner is needed. But, I dont want the entire thread to consist of just one-liners

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Gender: I strongly prefer to portray female characters, but can play a male in a (desperate) pinch.

Age: 18+ for any sexual roles; Iím willing to portray minors if they play a major part to the story in an un-sexual way.

Orientation: A preference for straight characters, but I have been fiddling with some bi characters in my spare time. I have no experience with lesbian characters but would be willing to try, if the co-writing is extremely patient with me.

Power Exchange: Neither or sub. I am able to have an ďaggressiveĒ sexual personality, but have never been great at writing from a domís pov.

Race: Predominately white.

Bodytype: I am able to portray any body type you are interested in.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I prefer characters which are at least half-human (or a fantasy character) but I would be willing to try my ďvoiceĒ at other characters.

Settings: Settings can be hit or miss. If a setting grabs me, Iím all-in!

Likes/kinks: Most of these are still played by ear (depending on the story and co-writers), but here is a short general list:
Rough sex
Sexual violence
Domestic violence
Psychological torture
Public sex

If you are interested in incorporating something *not* on the list, just send me a PM! Iím generally pretty flexible in this department.

Hard limits: Minors, any bodily fluids or functions (excepting cum), graphic gore, some forms of torture, hurting pregnant women.

Availability: A minimum of four days a week, but up to seven depending on the story and if it is finals week.

I am extremely new to this site but I have enjoyed RP in the past. I am a decent author and I am very interested to try my hand on Literotica.

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Talking New to SRP Not to General RP

Gender: I am male and prefer to play males, as I do not have all the female nuances down yet.

Age: I am 21, but age is just a number. I'd like to think I can play any age.

Orientation: Heterosexual

Power Exchange: I have had some rather sub females, would like to try a dom female or two. But that won't stop me from being a strong dom male to any eligible sub females.

Race: I am white, and really that is all I can play. I can play elves or dwarves too, basically anything hard fantasy, I've probably tried before.

Bodytype: I role play generally average people, as far as body type goes, unless the plot demands otherwise.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: Can do nearly any. I'd like to stay away from furries.

Settings: I prefer the 21st century, but can easily be persuaded to do some old-timey fictional settings. Never done a futuristic setting, but would be very willing to try if the plot was right.

Likes/kinks: Pretty much open to diversity in the kink department. I have a fondness for role-playing incestuous or forbidden relationships. The simple pairings are usually enough to get my mind working.

Some of my favorites are;
Mother / son
Boss' daughter / employee
Teacher / student (I'll play either, but would like to try the sub role.)
Brother / sister
Doctor / patient
Master / slave
Boss / secretary

Keep in mind, those are just favorites.
I'm open to suggestions, just ask.

Hard limits: No bathroom play. No puking/vomiting. No blood play either.

Availability: Right now, I am available almost any time of day. With my new job starting soon though, I'll post hours when I'm more sure of them.

Posting: I am working on my writing right now but I really enjoy reading well thought-out replies from my partners. I'm horrible with choosing plots, there are far too many that interest me, so come to me with one in mind, and I bet we can make it work.
I am a MALE.

My SRP Profile
Plots I want to play out.
I want female role-playing partners.

Kush after sex.
Airport atheists only praying when there's turbulence.

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Gender: I can play either gender. (Read some of my Lit stuff if you need proof.) That said, I happen to be male.

Age: Anything, from the eager, but naive innocent to the older, wiser manipulator.

Orientation: I believe I can play heterosexual, bisexual, gay or lesbian characters. I'm probably best at straight, bi or bi-curious males.

Power Exchange: As needed by the story. I think I'm good at playing characters with a lot of inner strength who refuse to be victims, regardless of circumstance. Guess that describes a switch, doesn't it?

Race: I'm white, but there's a lot of range beyond race. Social economic class may be more important. An "aw shucks, yes, ma'am" country bumpkin to a suit wearing city slicker, I've got it covered. I'm from the Midwest, but I've spent enough time down South to pull off a Southern gentleman.

Body type: The women I write tend to be small breasted and average. Porn star look-a-likes are fine if that's what the story needs, but I prefer women to be closer to real. As for men, I do best when I'm closest to me: tall and slim. I'm former military, so I can do "buff" but please no gym rats.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: Haven't tried writing from any perspective than human. I am well read, though, and if the story's right... who knows?

Settings: I'm best with setting things in the here and now. I can do futuristic or recent historical settings (like the 1960s, 70s, 80s, etc). I'm not afraid to do some research to add droplets of realism to story - like referencing how he wished the phone cord was longer so he could reach the refrigerator and stay on the phone. (LOL, phones with cords, what a concept!)

Likes/kinks: My sexual nature is to explore limits, to take a well described character on a journey and explore what it means to take the trip. For example, it's one thing to have a threesome, but later you have to deal with what you did. I believe that's the heart of any SRP - who are these people (where are they starting from as people) and then how do they wind-up in the new situation? I enjoy enjoy RPs that push the characters outside of their comfort zones; that force them reconsider their beliefs. My hottest buttons are definitely intelligence, inventiveness, and I can enjoy verbal humiliation/mockery/contempt/mindfuckery/corrosion of self worth. I like to ponder consequences. It's one thing for her to fantasize about getting up on stage during a wet t-shirt contest, but it's a completely different thing for her to do it. Does that make her slut? It's one thing for him to want to have a threesome with her, but what about his struggle with the idea of seeing his wife with another man? What does it mean if he takes it up the butt (and likes it)?

My kinks vary from romantic to hardcore, from very vanilla to more outrageous. Light bondage and blindfolds are more fun than whips and chains. No torture, unless it's required by the story. That probably describes most of my limits - is it needed for the story? Does it help the characters learn and grow? I love stories where a man is discovered to be bi or forced into bisexuality, just because I think that's hot. But if I'm writing on your story and that's not something you want to explore, I can respect limits.

Hard limits: Scat, animals/furries/, necro, vomit, foot worship come to mind.

Availability: Most of the time, a couple times a day (once in the morning/once in the evening). Quite often, much more frequently. Occasionally, I'm limited if work blows up.

Odds and Ends: I think I'm good at following your lead - so if you're starting the thread and have a direction in mind, let me know. If you want it evolve more organically, that's fine, too. I like to explore characters. I'm not afraid of longer posts. Add NPC's as needed - or even play multiples if you'd like. If you want to pick up a NPC's persona for a while, just let me know and let me know when you're dropping it so I don't get confused. Communication is key. I have a Lit only email address I use, so we can take it off board if you'd like. I'm a prolific and avid writer with lots of credits behind me. I'm looking forward to exploring SRP.

Oh, one more thing - I'm a firm believer that sex CAN tell a story, that a story can need accurate, hot descriptions of sex and sexuality to exist. You should hopefully believe the same.
My stories.
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Name: TheScarletBlade, TSB, Blade or Tim


Gender: Male Only

Orientation: Heterosexual

Power Exchange: 98% dominant, 2% means I have not found a woman strong enough to turn the tables, who knows what the future holds?

Race: Tend to stick to Caucasian seeing as to that is what I am.

Body type: Athletic, any type from heavily muscular to skinny and lean, its what I can easily identify with, which makes it much easier for me to write.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: Willing to play any sort of fantasy or supernatural race that is more common: vampires/lycans ect ect

Won't be an anime tentacle monster, sorry :P

Settings: I am a highly adaptive writer and a good researcher, so I can work in any setting, if I don't know it intimately I will research it though I am most comfortable in something that has a little bit of action in it, since action writing is my strong suit.

Likes/kinks: Seduction,BDSM, Good Storytelling....can't think of anything else right now?

Hard limits: Scat, Mutilation of myself or others and the other run of the mill things.

Availability: Sporadic because of my military job but since I am working state side for now I have some more time than usual.

Odds and Ends: Many of you know me already, been around here forever and I might not have the best reputation but you can only try to get better.
"Who Dares Wins"

"Fortes Fortuna Adiuvat, Fortune Favors The Bold"

TheScarletBlade aka TSB
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Gender: Female characters only.

Age: 18-50. (There are some pretty hot women out there in their late 40s & early 50s)

Orientation: Bi-sexual, loving both male and female equally!

Power Exchange: D/S (my char being the S of course), submissive the remainder time and I can't see myself as playing the dominant in a male/female relationship.

Race: This is totally open. I can do a lot, so it doesn't really matter to me.

Body type: I can play any shape or size.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: Humanoid and the rest, it would just depend. As long as there are human qualities, I am pretty sure I can do it. (And what the heck is a furry? lol)

Settings: Victorian, Sci-Fi, Post Apocalyptic, Modern, Futuristic, Wild West (Frontier), Fantasy, Romantic

Likes/kinks: Forceful seduction, coercion, abduction, light bondage, biting to the point of marking but not breaking the skin(unless a non human character calls for it), scratching and clawing, spanking (but not for spanking sake alone), sensual torture, hair pulling. Being stalked and then dominated, rough sex, anal, blow jobs but I'm into anything really; hardcore bdsm, incest (anything but mother/son, for some reason I can't get into that), vanilla, forced, coerced, blackmail, drugs and alcohol (being drunk and on drugs), forced drugs and drinking, light BDSM, rape, non-consent and name calling (your character calling my character a skank, whore or slut, etc.), the whole sex scenario as in "Me Tarzan, you Jane" sort of theme (where a man is a man and takes what's his or what he wants, making the female submit to him and making her his.).
Details, details, details!! Please put some thought into your character when we do a story together! This is a HUGE turn on for me when you have good concept of what's going on. You don't have to know EVERYTHING about a certain subject but at least know somethings (i.e. age: You can't be 24 and have been in the military for 10 years prior! That would've made you around 14 years old when you joined)

Hard limits: Minors, urine, blood and what ever this site does not allow. I also don't do stories via Private Message or Email or Chat.

Availability: I have a life, so Lit will always come 2nd, maybe 3rd, but yes, although I like write, my family and real life come first.

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Gender: female (d'uhh)

Age: between 25-45 (I think)

Orientation: Bi-sexual or les

Power Exchange: i probably lean more towards the subbie side

Race: I tend to play Caucasian characters.

Bodytype: I like to play women who have an "petite" build and appearance with long hair

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I don't like to get into non-human characters.

Settings: Present day preferred

Likes/kinks: Iím a pretty flexible here. I like a nice build up to the sex scenes that is filled with a lot of flirting and sexual tension. I will try almost anything once, but some of my favorite kinks are:
Oral, light bondage, public sex, light BDSM, dirty talk, toys, group sex/orgy, voyeurism/exhibitionism

Hard limits: Any type of bathroom play, animals, minors, anything that involves pain.

Availability: I seem to be online about 3x a week, If I am away for longer I let my partner know.

Additional Comments: Here are something that are very important to me. I like my writing partner(s) to be able to do these things ;

- write at least once every few days.
- write at least a two paragraph response (one line responses and lack of detail is boring)
- proper spelling, etc. There is nothing that is more of a turn off than a grammatically incorrect/misspelled post.
- don't rush to the sex. I enjoy the slow build up and good character development, etc.
- and to communicate with me. Let me know if there is a certain direction you'd like to go or if you are going to be away for a long period of time.
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Gender: I will play both male and female characters.

Age: 18-30 (Unless non-human character)

Orientation: Bisexual

Power Exchange: I can play either role though submissive is preferred.

Race: Any

Bodytype: Usually small figured girls but can play bustier.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: Depends on the scenario

Settings: Depends on mood and story plot.

Likes/kinks: The rougher and more twisted the better. I LOVE vore when i can get it.

Hard limits: scat, watersports

Availability: Online most days at some point for a few hours
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