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Sweet submission
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Post The Active Collection of Lil' Miss

Show me with amon_darknight - Shelly has been in love with her stepbrother Jake for as long as she can remeber. She is tired of waiting around but can she make him see that no one would care if they got together?

SOLD with rtucker86- Melissa is sold by her abusive father to one of his close friends who does not approve of the way her father abuses her. David is not all innocent he has his own agenda and reasons for purchasing her.

Saving Her with CarnivalBarker - Bryan is a bouncer at Cat Nights and Melissa is a dancer along with the daughter of the owner. The only thing her father sees her as though is a money and/or punching bag. Bryan knows a bit of what goes on but one day can take it no more and takes Melissa away from the club and her father.

More to come....

lil' miss

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The Active Collection of Lil' Miss


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RP Enjoyment
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I love this collection you got quiet a lot of threads lol
If it is a Saturday and i do not answer your message I'm busy Saturdays are more or less. But i will get back to you later on that saturday to very early sunday.

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IDeas i really want to do.

WOOT OVER 30,000!!!!!!!

Note to all SRPERS:if your willing to write with me you can write as much as i do sometimes i write long and good posts but not on a constant basis i will try for you but i can not always give it

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Wishing for more rps.

Enjoyment and glee
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