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Mom Son Nudist colony

I got the idea for this by watching a video by Jayden James called Nudist colony. Here is some of the video:

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Here's the rough story outline: a mom who is a tv journalist and is asked to visit a local nudist resort to cover a story. At the last moment her cameraman cancels so she asks her son to do the filming. Son has always fancied the mother and was always trying to find ways to see her in compromising situations and so far he's only got a down-blouse here and an up-skirt there. The mom is not aware and thinks the angel of her son.

Mom and son arrive at the resort and they are asked to disrobe as per the resort's rules. Mom agrees knowing that the tv report will not actually show her naked and only film up to her neck. Son sees mother naked for the first time and is incredibly turned on but mom is annoyed at letting her son see her like this. Son fakes embarrassment too. Few moments later while the mother is interviewing someone behind the camera, someone points out that the cameraman has a boner and this is against resort rules. Mom is forced to take the son to a cabin and contemplate solutions.

The sneaky son suggests that he is too nervous to masturbate himself but the boner is at a permanent 90 degrees. Mom feels sorry for the embarrassed boy and as he's already doing her a favour by filling in for the cameraman, she decides to give him a hand. Few moments later, the hand job is not working and so the situation escalates to tit-job and then a blow job. Meanwhile the son musters up all his strength not to cum and prolongs the enjoyment. There is a knock at the cabin door from the interviewee asking if everything was ok. Mother feels rushed and worries that she will loose the opportunity to interview this person. Finally the exhausted mother suggests rubbing his cock on her pussy to stimulate sex. During the rubbing, the son suggests that perhaps it may speed things up if he "just sticks it in a little." The reluctant mother is talked into it by lines like "it's only skin against skin?"

They end up having sex

what do you think?
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nice niche story. too bad you missed thgis year's Nude day contest - could have fit there well.
finally a new story:

Bad Grandpa

my previous perversions are still at:

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overall, I like the idea (and the video link, too).

The only small difference I would make is: the guy seems to be pretty young (around 18, I guess?). I think most people in a nudist camp understand that it is natural that a young guy receives an erection when he sees nude women. So they just ignore it.

However, Mom can't ignore it. She is a little bit embarassed about her son. She hopes the erection will go away alone, but after a few minutes, his dick is still rock hard.
So during a break, she leeds him to a small cabin to talk with him about his feelings/erection ... in the end, she takes care of it ...

Oh, but I just had another idea (inspired by the video):

The whole interview in the camp is over, everything worked flawless, without an erection. Mom and son have some time left, and the camp people invite them into the pool. Mom is laying on a lilo, floating in the pool. Her legs are spread wide. Son wants to talk to Mom and so he is swimming over to her. When he stands up, he is right between her legs, having a great view at her pussy ...
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Good gosh I love that idea. Brilliant. You should write that. If not, let me know and maybe we could collaborate.

If you're writing it and need more ideas, let me know as well and I would be happy to assist.

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This is a pretty good idea, like the idea. If you need help with editing or the structure of the story I am more than willing to help
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I like it

I like this nudist Mother and son. AS a journalist, the mom must be gorgeous. Also with a nice looking quite hairy pussy.

It would be nice if the mom enjoys the feeling that her son gets an erection when she makes it looks like not in purpose or by accident spread her legs and shows her son her parted pussy lips showing him her pink...

The son could be sitting and the mom would casually stand beside him as if doing something but her hairy crotch is just inches from his face. Then he playfully push his nose between her legs and sniffs her pussy...inhaling his gorgeous mom's musky pussy aroma.
The mom would also playfully push his head away laughing as if embarrassed about her scent saying that she gets kind of sweaty under the sun interviewing people. saying..." eeewww...honey....your'e so naughty..smelling your mother's pussy..." she then wrinkled her nose to him and kind of worried and asked..." is it... stinky?

Then the son would say" whatever the smell mom...I adore your odor...

The will be a lot of playing wrestling in the sand or in private and lots of times mom's legs always spread and pussy lips gaping open with the clit winking at him sometimes brushing to son's face
and nose and arms.

Sometimes when when playing her pussy will be impaled on his penis by accident then both of them look at each other wide eyed and surprised. Then the mom would just say...OOOpps!!!. then would casually get up and as if nothing happened but then they both look at the son's hard penis coated with shiny pussy juice. they they both laugh about it.

when they get back home the mom would just laugh about the son sniffing her soiled musky panties.

Sometimes when the son is watching the gorgeous mom on TV doing some reporting. She would look so sexy with her dress...with all the people watching her reporting ...they don't have a clue that the gorgeous reporter is not wearing panties under her skirt.

because before the mom left their home, just before opening the front door, the son kissed his mother goodbye then knelled and slipped his mother string bikini panties down.

The mom just grinned at him and said..." your are so baaaadd...bad boy...

Just as he was watching his mom on tv at home he is holding the crotch of her panties to his nose and sniffing.

When she gets home just at the door the son is waiting and knelling ten raised the skirt up and pushed his nose in her bare hairy pussy and ate her out. The mom with legs apart ...pelvis pushed forward...grinding her pussy to her son's face as she stroking his hair.

The after that both of them standing and hugging lovingly as the son's erect penis is buried deep inside his mother's cunt...you can hear the wet sound of the mother and son genitals as they fornicate and engage in incest.
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